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PAUL THE HERMIT, BROTHER (John W. McIntyre) (Died Feb. 26, 1920)

"Made Secretary of Student's Office." Provincial Chapter, 1888.

"Made assistant Master of Novices." Provincial Chapter, 1909.

"Once more I beg leave to trouble you with a request to be permitted to accompany the Missionaries who are about to start for Bengal.... I may not be of much service in India, but I do wish for a trial. At the time of my profession my vows were accepted by my superiors with the full knowledge that I had the desire for this work which I have ever since been craving you to assign me. Do not refuse me, Very Rev. Father, the chance to complete the sacrifice of myself for the greater honor of God and the Good of my own soul. Remember the many times I have besieged you, even at the risk of earning your displeasure."

Letter to Sorin. 1891.

"In the death of Brother Paul the Hermit, at St. Joseph's hospital, last Thursday afternoon, the Congregation of Holy Cross lost one of its most zealous members. For many years past -- since 1906 -- the deceased was an assistant Superior General of the Community. He was born Superior, Wisconsin, 1858 and at the age of 17 entered St. Joseph's Novitiate at Notre Dame. For the 18 years subsequent to his profession he served most ably as secretary of the University and thereafter in order as assistant Master of Novices, promoter at the House of Studies, Watertown, Wisconsin, as business manager of the Ave Maria and for the last two years as superintendent of construction and accommodation work at Notre Dame. His work in all these offices was marked by fidelity, zeal, and efficiency.

"Despite the handicap of ill health during many years, he labored untiringly in the service of religion and education and was often able to attend to his strenuous duties only by the wonderful strength of will for which he was so remarkable. An ideal religious with many great gifts of mind and heart, Brother Paul fulfilled his vocation in a manner worthy of the highest admiration. That he may receive quickly the rich reward for which he lived so consistently is the heartfelt prayer of everyone who knew him. A solemn Mass was celebrated in Sacred Heart Church by the Rev. President of the University, Rev. John Cavanaugh, C.S.C."

-- Scholastic. (1920)

"Secretary of the University; business manager of the Ave Maria; superintendent of Construction at Notre Dame; Assistant Superior General,


-- Scholastic. (1920)

"Brother Paul, the Hermit, better known as Brother Paul the Secretary, was a shrewd business man, a trusty Councillor, a man for any emergency. after a varied, active and most useful career, he died in 1920, mourned not only by his Community, but by various Catholic Sisterhoods whose extraordinary Councillor he had been."

-- Alumnus, 3:112. Brother Gilbert,

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