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PHILIP, BROTHER (Hughes) (Knox) (John Knox Hughes)

"Brother Philip has designed a most convenient desk for the new study halls. The desks will be single, made of seasoned ash, and each will have a receptacle below, in the form of a closet with a door, for books, hat, slippers, and other articles."

-- Scholastic June 21, 1879.

"Brother Philip will go to New Orleans."

-- Local Council, Sept. 1, 1870.

See "Novitiate: Brother Philip to Sorin".

(Bro. Philip (John Knox Hughes) 1913 "... This is less strange however than the conversion to Catholicity some decades ago of the last lineal descendants of Martin Luther and Katherine Von Bora, and of the last descendant of John Knox, father of Scotch Calvinism. This convert, John Knox Hughes, labored for years as a teaching Brother of Holy Cross in the Middle West."

-- The Missionary., Washington, D.C. Nov. 1913

"Brother Philip, one of the early pioneers of education at Notre Dame has in his possession a curious looking snuff box, which at one time belonged to John Knox, founder of the Presbyterian Church. Brother Philip is one of the last lineal descendants of the so-called reformer, and the box has been handed down in his family as an heirloom from generation to generation. It is made of black horn and silver mountings, and bears a plate inscribed with the initials of its first owner. Brother Philip is a convert, and he has taught with marked success at Notre Dame and at other institutions of the Congregation of Holy Cross in the U.S. and Canada."

-- Scholastic. Jan. 17, 1880.

"Brother Philip, the last lineal descendant of the Presbyterian John Knox, leading a useful life and making secret reparation for his deluded ancestor. He was a giant in stature and was well known as a teacher and disciplinarian."

-- Brother Gilbert, Alumnus. 3:112

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