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Brother Aidan's Extracts

PIUS, BROTHER (Bernard Stuttgen)

"Brother Pius fell asleep in the Lord last night at Notre Dame, after having received all the assistance which Holy Church lavishes, as it were, on Religious who die faithful to their solemn engagements.

"He died of consumption after a long illness accompanied with much suffering from which he happily profited, leaving at the same time valuable lessons to the surviving Brothers."

-- Circular Letters. p. 13. Aug. 22, 1869.

"This Brother was a teacher in our school in Cincinnati for some time. a little peevish in his dispositions, he was not always very sociable. But his last sickness redeemed his whole life. He manifested sentiments which had not been expected. Resigned and cheerful in his lingering disease (consumption) he died a pious death, aged 35 or about."

-- Granger Memo.

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