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(Kilroy) "In 1851 the Government gave us a Post Office but the department in true official style concluded that Notre Dame du Lac was too long, so all we have left is Notre Dame" (Kilroy was student number 18)

-- Scholastic, 28:610. 1851.

"For this valuable accommodation we are indebted to our kind neighbors and especially to Colonel Fitzgerald of Niles, to whom we return our most sincere thanks."Catalog. 1851.

(At that time Senator Thomas Fitzgerald, who is listed as a resident of St. Joseph, Michigan, represented the section of the State in the State Senate.)

-- "On its establishment 'Notre Dame du Lac' was changed to Notre Dame. Attempted to open Post Office here in 1850. Failure. Pretext: South Bend too near. Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph invoked. Henry Clay obtained the favor. Meant saving of money besides the great convenience."

-- Sorin Chronicles.

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