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RAPHAEL, BROTHER (Valentine Marczynski) -- died Feb. 11, 1943)

"In the death of Brother Raphael, the Congregation of Holy Cross lost one of its most brilliant younger members. His was the unique distinction of having held four degrees from the University: B.S., M.S., M.A. and Ph.D. He had just completed his thesis for the doctorate, which was awarded him in December, when he was stricken with a fatal malady ('Strep' infection). For the last four years he has been connected with the Department of Biology and since the September of 1942 has been a member of that department.

"Brother Raphael was born in Chicago, 26 years ago. in 1923 he entered the Congregation of Holy Cross. Upon the completion of his year's novitiate, he matriculated here. As a student he showed a decided aptitude for math and science. For a number of years before returning to the University to study for a Ph.D. degree, he had taught in various schools conducted by the Brothers of Holy Cross; Cathedral High School, Indianapolis; Reitz Memorial H.S., Evansville; C.C.H.S. South Bend, and Holy Trinity H.S., Chicago, Illinois, of which he had formerly been a student. He died at St. Joseph's Hospital, South Bend, Feb. 11, 1943" -- Scholastic, 78:101943

See also "A Lamp for a Lampstand" 13:2

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