University of Notre Dame

The Story of Notre Dame
Brother Aidan's Extracts


"6. Those pupils who have rooms pay visits and keep their candles lighted."

-- Council of Professors, March 31, 1848.

"3. The professors complained of the disorders introduced by those who had rooms...." Ibid. April 7, 1848.

"1. The Professors made several complaints about the Boarders who have rooms and the permissions given them."

-- Council of Professors, May 5, 1848.

"We are getting several pupils from South Bend and vicinity, but they all want rooms occupied in which most see great evils." (Forty years later Sorin Hall was built.)

-- Bro. Gatian, March 1848,

"Those who are desirous of having private rooms should make application as soon as possible."

St. Joseph Valley Register, . page 3, Advertisement, Aug. 10, 1848

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