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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"Few schools in the country have a heritage richer in tradition and association than St. Edward's Hall, which was founded at Notre Dame in 1854, as a 'prep' school for minims by Father Sorin and organized by Mother Angela... She had the Brothers lay out a large playground where the minims could play undisturbed by the older boys, with an interested Brother to watch over and encourage the timid ones."

-- Flame in the Wilderness. p. 222, by A. S. McAllister.

(In May, 1929, St.. Ed's became a college unit.)

"A special meeting was convened by the Very Rev. Fr. General to consider the erection of a new Minim Department. It was decided to erect a building east of the Infirmary, 100' X 40', three stories high"

-- Local Council March 21, 1882.

"Father General presiding. Purpose of meeting: to decide upon the location of the new Minim Department. The Council was unanimous in objecting to its erection in the west wing of the College because it would prevent light and ventilation in the Junior Study Hall and also because a new wing may be necessary for an increased number of students in the Junior Department. The Council then proposed to build it in the S. E. corner of the Seniors enclosure, or to erect it east of the Infirmary."

-- Local Council, April 10, 1882.

1866: "Mr. John Doherty, an applicant for St. Francis Home is to be received. He is seventy and will pay $1600 for his maintenance during life."

-- Local Council, Feb. 12, 1866.

1867: "An elderly gentleman requests entrance to St.. Francis Home. He is allowed to come on trial. He has only $450 which is not half the sum required."

-- Local Council, July, 4, 1867.

1871: "Brother Alfred is appointed Director of St. Francis House."

-- Local Council, Feb. 12, 1866.

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