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THOMAS, BROTHER (Daniel Harkins - Died Feb. 17, 1883)

"Tobacco antidote - 1869"

"Be free -- Those of our students who use tobacco on the sly, and thus expose themselves to unpleasant consequences, because tobacco has become their tyrant, would do well to call on Brother Thomas and procure a box of 'Dr. Burton's Tobacco Antidote'. It will enable them to abandon with ease a filthy, expensive, and dangerous habit. It will improve their general health, render their company more acceptable to those who do not use the vile weed, and elevate them in their own estimation. Try it, young men; you will never be sorry for having done so. It enabled me to conquer the tyrant without the least difficulty. It will do the same for you and, make you bless the man who discovered this invaluable remedy."

-- Scholastic, February 6, 1869.

"On Sunday last, the remains of one long and familiarly known to many a student, old and new, of Notre Dame, were consigned to their last resting place. Brother Thomas, whose duties for almost twenty years had brought him into close contact with the students, has passed away to receive, we have every confidence, the reward of years spent in the service of God. Quiet and retired in disposition, he was respected by all who knew him, and we are sure that the old students of N.D., when the sad news reaches them, will say from their hearts: 'May he rest in peace!'"

-- Scholastic, February 24 1883

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