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TOBIAS, BROTHER (Thomas O'Brien -- Died May 22, 1930)

"A teacher also who has 53 years service to his credit, more than any other member of the Holy Cross Order, now is helping to run one of Minnesota's leading colleges.

'He is Brother Tobias, guest master at St. Thomas' College and military academy. No other man in the Holy Cross Order, founder of Notre Dame University, and now in charge of St. Thomas' has so many years in his record of teaching.

As a teacher in Catholic schools of seven states he has been connected with institutions on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and now after four years in new Orleans, he is experiencing a Minnesota winter.

"This is the first snow I've seen in four years,' he said, 'My friends didn't think I could bear the change but I like it.'

"At St. Thomas Brother Tobias is known as one of the boys, although he has been there only since the college was taken over by the Congregation of Holy Cross last semester.

"The only difference between modern youth and those of half a century ago is that the modern generation are 'more free'. But a boy will still listen to reason and will appreciate advice when it is given in a friendly spirit, he declared.'

"'Schools were very strict with the boys when I first taught,' he said. 'Our method is to be with the boys all the time'.

"Education has made great advances since he joined the order 53 years ago, he pointed out. 'Then there were few high schools in the United States And no Catholic High Schools at all. They did not come in until twenty or twenty-five years afterward.'

"Notre Dame University, where Brother Tobias made his novitiate, was a school of 150 boys in 1875 when he entered it as a youth of 17. Today it has 3,000 students.

"But Brother Tobias doesn't like football, even if he is a friend of Knute Rockne."

-- A St. Paul Daily

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