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Brother Aidan's Extracts


" . . . If I had stayed a day or two more it would be needed, for a day or two in each school is nothing unless it is very small. A Visitor is expected to give strength to everything by his visit; to see everything; to hear everybody, and to visit the school, not simply to walk in for a few minutes, but to sit and hear the recitations, to judge of the method and ability of the teacher, etc. Being an impartial witness, the Visitor, moreover can give advice and make suggestions that will be of much use in the school. There are many evils that may be remedied next year. I stayed in each place, therefore, as long as I clearly saw that my presence would be of use to the Community." -- Visit to Houses, 1873, pp. 16-17, Rev. Peter Cooney, c.s.c.

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