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WALTER, BROTHER (John Remlinger) (Died August 16, 1939)

"...This talented young religious was born at Norwalk, Ohio, and entered the Novitiate of the Congregation, December, 1909. After completing his Novitiate he was transferred to Dujarie Institute from which he attended the University of Notre Dame. From this University he received the degree of Bachelor of Letters (Litt.B.) in 1915. The first assignment of the young teacher was to Holy Cross College, New Orleans. Here he taught Latin and English for three years. In 1918 he went to Indianapolis, as a pioneer member of the faculty of Central High School. Since then, and until his request to go to India was granted, Brother Walter taught Latin and History in that school" -- The Bengalese, 1920.

"While I was in India, Brother Walter had at least a dozen sick calls daily. Although Brother confesses that his medical skill covers only the administration of castor oil and iodine, he is looked upon by the grateful native as a wizard." "With Holy Cross in Bengal," Mathis, p. 43, 1924.

"Brother Walter, C.S.C., noted scholar, devoted religious, capable executive, beloved superior, and successful educational pioneer, died on the Feast of the Assumption, August 15."

"With Brother Bernard, present General Steward and Treasurer of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Brother Walter founded the Catholic High School in Indianapolis, in 1918. In 1921 he was assigned to our mission field in Bengal, India. There his already outstanding abilities as an educator, contributed greatly to Holy Cross's present excellent educational program. In 1938, after seven years as Headmaster of St. Gregory's High School, Dacca, Bengal, Brother Walter returned to the United States to represent the Brothers of Holy Cross, at the General Chapter of the Congregation.

"Last summer, while he was making ready to return to India, he was stricken by a most painful illness, in which he displayed such resignation and great-heartedness to the very end that he edified the whole Congregation. When a visitor marveled at the prayerful calm. the absence of fear and impatience, with which Brother was enduring the excruciating and continual pain of his last days, the dying religious murmured cheerfully, 'God gives one a special grace for a time like this'.

"Brother promised to remember the Associates of St. Joseph among the intentions for which he was offering up his sufferings"-- Associate of St. Joseph. October, 1939.

Appointed inspector of schools -- See "Bengalese," Sept. 1933. "Jungle Schools" by Bishop Crowley. See "Bengalese," May 1926, pp. 4-7. Brother Walter in the "Bengalese," March 1934; Also Dec. 1926, p.14.

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