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Brother Aidan's Extracts


"The Board for Parochial Schools met in the Law Room of Sorin Hall, August 14, 1891. Brother Edward presided. Present: Brothers Boniface, Benjamin, Daniel, Urban, Gabriel, Philip Neri, Philemon, Lucian, Oswald, Cyprian, Engelbert, Stanislaus, John and Conrad.

"After some discussion as to the form and nature of the exhibit, it was decided to elect an Executive Board, to which the whole matter under discussion should be entrusted....

"It was also decided that said Board should send to each school a list of the studies necessary for the second grade certificates and furnish certificates to those who passed the examinations of 1891....

"Subjects were chosen and assigned for the Conference of 1892 as follows:

"'Cathechism in Day and Sunday school', Brother Benjamin; 'School Discipline', Brother Boniface; 'School Grading', Brother Gabriel; 'Bookkeeping', Brother Marcellinus; 'Elementary Teaching' (3 lectures) (Bro. Philemon; 'Truants and Absentees', Brother Engelbert; 'Societies', Brother Lucian; 'Penmanship', Brother Phillip Neri; 'Homework and duties', Brother Conrad; 'Grammar as related to Composition', Brother Cyprian; 'emulation', Brother Oswald; 'Drawing': Parochial School Methods", Brother Severin; 'Exams', Brother Theogene; 'Reminiscences', Brother Daniel; 'The Christian Teacher', Rev. Thos. Walsh; 'Philosophy', Rev. S. Fitte; 'Literature', Rev. A. B. O'Neill"--Circular Letter, Rev. W. Corby, Provincial, 1893.

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