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Brother Aidan's Extracts


(St. Thos. Aquinas School; Rev. C. J. Bokel, O.P., to Sorin; July 19, 1858, Provincial Archives) "...and I feel the more anxious to have another of your Brothers, as I am satisfied with the good results of the discipline in the school...."

See also "Foundations -- Zanesville."

"Irish parish of Dominican Friars. Two Brothers at same salary as Columbus -- $150 per year with board and room. Gives great satisfaction. 150 pupils. Bright future"-- Sorin Chronicles.

1861: Bro. Amandus, Director.

"St. Thomas' School for boys, under the direction of Brothers of Holy Cross" -- Catholic Almanac, 1861, p. 86.

1861: Bro. Camillus. (Provincial Archives)

1860: "Bro. Cyril, Bro. Camillus -- July 6; After deducting from the $500 the sum received during the year, the bill of our boarding, we enclose balance of $56/50."

1860: March 28 --"We are going on very successfully. Our Reverend pastors are exceedingly rejoiced on beholding the great progress which our pupils display, both in learning and Christian morality since the beginning of the year."

"Rev. Father Montgomery paid me $100 this afternoon, which I cheerfully forward to you."

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