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Calendar (1797/11/13)

(1797) (Nov. 13)

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Penalver y Cardenas, Luis, Bishop of
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Provisional instructions to be observed in the Cathedral by the two canons and other priests.

D. Copy (Spanish)

1794 Aug. 14

Charles (IV), King
St. Ildefonso, (Spain)

to Bishop Elect (Luis Penalver y Cardenas)
(Havana, Cuba?)

The king, having decided with the Camara de Indias, on October 22, 1792, to establish a new diocese with two canons with an annual revenue of 600 pesos each, they agreed on Father Thomas Hassett, acting pastor of St. Augustine, Florida and on December 18, at another meeting they found Hassett suitable and he is to appear in person to receive the canonship. Antonio Ventura de Taranco, secretary: 180 reales given to Hassett(?); consultors: Marq(ue)s de Bajamar, Bernardo Inaste, Jose de Cistue; authorized by the treasury in Madrid September 10, 1794 by the Treasurer, Eugenio Cachurras; Juan Ang(e)l Cerain, deputy grand chancellor; 22 reales, 12 reales, authorized by the treasury of the Indies, Madrid, October 4, 1794 by the treasurer Lorenzo de Uzos.

D.S. Copy (Spanish)

1796 Nov. 26

(Ibarra), Fran(cis)co de, Bishop of
Guiana, (South America?)

to Bishop Luis de Penalver y Cardenas
(New Orleans), Louisiana

In answer to Penalver's letter of June 12, received November 15, he finds himself in the same situation with only two canons for his cathedral, with 4000 pesos as bishop and 600 for each of the canons all from the royal treasury, without choir masters, acolytes or other ministers and without a church and so he cannot observe the formalities of choir. Neither has he imposed any obligations except: 1. On Sundays and holy days the principal Mass is sung, the priests taking turns, and Solemn Vespers are sung on the principal days. 2. During Lent on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, the principal Mass is sung except in Holy Week when the bishop officiates. 3. When the Bishop pontificates or confirms or ordains, they act as assistants. 4. They must bring his cappa magna to the cathedral and return it to his palace(?). These are the functions the two perform now but it seems that they should also aid the bishop in everything pertaining to his ministry. He has written to the king but has received no answer; when he does he will send a copy and Penalver will do the same if he has any directions before he does.

L.S. Copy (Spanish)

1797 Nov. 13

(Penalver y Cardenas), Bishop Luis
New Orleans, Louisiana

List of the clergy in New Orleans: Fathers Hassett and Fran(cis)co Perez Guerrero, canons; Father Antonio de Sedella, O.M.Cap., pastor of the cathedral; Father Luis Quintanilla, O.M.Cap., assistant; Father Jerome Blace, O.F.M., assistant; Father Ramon Palao, assistant; Father Augustin Lamare, O.M.Cap., chaplain of the 2nd Battalion of the Infantry; Father Ubaldo Delgado, O.F.M.; Father Sebastian Gili, chaplain of the 2nd Battalion of the Mexican Infantry temporarily in the city; Father Isidro Quintero, secretary to the bishop, whom he brought from Havana; Father Juan de Dios Valdes, chaplain to the bishop, also from Havana; Father Patrick Walsh, chaplain of the Royal Hospital; in all 12 priests, one in tonsure who is a member of the Bishop's household. The choir has two cantors and 5 acolytes. The bishop adds that these are copies of documents referred to.

D.S. (Spanish)

V-1-e D., D.S., L.S. Copies (Spanish) 5pp. 4to.