Notre Dame Archives Calendar

Author Index

This index provides a list of authors of letters and other documents included in our calendar. By choosing one of the links from the alphabetical list at the left, you can display a segment of the list and see an individual documents by choosing one of the links associated with dates under the names on the list.

Names that begin with a single letter and an apostrophe (e.g., O' or L') appear in the segments identified with a single letter (e.g., O or L). Names that begin with "Mc" appear in the "Mc" segment, but names that begin with "Mac" appear under "Ma".

The names that appear in the calendar entries vary greatly in format. To simplify them and make them consistent in the list, we have in most cases eliminated titles such as Archbishop, Bishop, Father, Rev., Mother, Sister, and Brother. In the case of a religious sister who gives only her religious name, this simplification may reduce her name to a single word; in other cases, her name may appear followed by a comma and the initial "M." or the name "Marie" or "Mary" because of the widespread tradition by which many sisters put the name of the Blessed Virgin before their more specific religious name. Accented characters also introduced inconsistencies. They have been eliminated from the author list and index, but still appear in the calendar entries themselves.