University of Notre Dame


(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Pages 5 and 6 of notes for a sermon(?).

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Sacred Heart, Confraternity of the: (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Rules for the establishment of a Confraternity of the Sacred Heart.

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Dufour, Father L(ouis): (Lafayette, Louisiana)
 to (Father Stephen Rousselon?: New Orleans, Louisiana)

The weather had made it impossible to go as far as Lafayette; he arrived only today. He found the same person and the same things. He delivered his letters; the one of the Bishop struck the hardest since it was the exact truth although tempered by the wisdom and the temperament acquired by the habit of governing. Dufour tried to get to the bottom of all the complaints. He saw that there was more of man in him than of God. As for the Sisters (of Mount Carmel?) his fancy is, as (Rousselon) feared, to shape them as his own. The man from New Orleans did not help him out of charity and gave him notes. Father (Anthony Desire Megret) Maigret changed them into money. (Dufour explains Megret's business ventures?) Father (Peter) Lucas was here the evening before Dufour left; he asked Dufour to mention his debt. Maigret(?) has not finished paying Mrs. (Dubuclet?) Dubucley nor begun to pay Lucas. Dufour believes it is time to finish with him. Dufour spoke to Mr. Alfred about Father (Giles F.) Martin's accounts. He saw (Adrien Dumartrait?) Dumartrey before; each accuses the other of the same fault. Lucas' health is not better. (P.S.) Mr. Neuville de Clouet died the day Dufour arrived. Lucas was not adept enough to talk to him about the note for 5,000 gourdes on the church at New Iberia but they say Mrs. Declouet has written her sister Mrs. St. Marc that she will relinguish this to the church.

V-5-e - A.L.S. - (French) - 4pp. - 4to. - {12}

Ursulines: (New Orleans, Louisiana)
 to (Bishop Anthony Blanc: New Orleans, Louisiana)

(A list of Sisters giving their positions, their ages and years of profession): Choir Sisters, Mother (St. Seraphine Ray, R.U.?), Sister Ste. Claire, Sister St. Charles, Sister St. Etienne (Morin), Sister Ste. Angele, Sister St. Arséne Blin, Sister Ste. Gertrude, Sister Ste. Marié, Sister St. Stanislas (Truchet), Sister St. Gabriel, Sister St. Michel, Sister Ste. Paule, Sister St. Augustin (de Brousser), Sister Ste. Eulalie, Sister Ste. Hélène, Sister Ste. Thérèse, Sister Ste. Philomène, Sister St. Joseph, Sister Ste. Ursule, Sister St. Louis, Sister Ste. Félicité, Sister Ste. Agnès, Sister Ste. Scholastique. Lay Sisters, Sister St. Jean, Sister Ste. Angélique, Sister Ste. Marie Claire, Sister Ste. Marthe, Sister Ste. Monique, Sister St. Alexis, Sister St. Isidore, Sister Ste. Elizabeth, Sister St. Xavier, Sister St. Ambroise (Bennett?), Sister Ste. Anne. Novices, Sister Ste. Euphrasie, Sister St. Antoine, Sister St. Bruno. Postulants, Thérèse Harrington, Mary Ronke, Anna Balivet, Marguerite Porter, Périne Granjeais, Josephine Boudreaux, Marie Deleanne.

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K(elly), P(atrick):
 to (Orestes A. Brownson): (Boston, Massachusetts)

P.S. J(ame)s Fullerton of New York said Brownson wished to receive the whole unbound set of the Lives of the Saints. If Brownson returns the bound volumes they will send the set to him. The edition is now complete and may be seen at Mr. Mooney's Book Store in Boston. Father (Charles I.) White has resigned the charge of St. Vincent's Church and retired to Ellicott's Mills. The gentlemen in the seminary are well.

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