University of Notre Dame


1849 May
Dehessele, Nicholas Joseph, Bp. Namur: Namur, Belgium
 to Bishop John Baptist Purcell: of Cincinnati, Ohio

He wishes to use the occasion of Sister Louis de Gonzague's visit to thank Purcell for his letter of last Nov. 8. That letter pleased him with the report that the Sisters of Notre Dame (de Namur) had done so much good in Purcell's diocese. That is why they are endeavoring to send Purcell more of them. He recommends them again to Purcell's paternal care.

II-4-k - A.L.S. - 1p. - 8vo. - (French) - {3}

1849 May 2
McMaster, James A.: New York, New York
 to (Orestes A.) Brownson: (Boston, Massachusetts)

He takes a moment to write a line to accompany the enclosed. He asks to have this attended to promptly. He is going to Baltimore to look on for a day or two, and to transact some business for the (Freeman's) Journal". The prospects for the latter are brightening up greatly. He thinks that next July it will flare out a little larger than the (Boston) "Pilot" itself - about three lines longer and an inch wider, just to say it is the largest paper. He is getting enough advertisements to warrant it. He asks how the "(Catholic) Observer" is coming along. He is afraid it will accumulate debts, as there is not enough care in the editorial department. He has not written to Brownson since the latter's recent affliction in which he need not say that Brownson had his sympathy.

I-3-i - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 12mo. - {4}

1849 May 2
Perché, Father N(apoleon) J(oseph): (New Orleans, Louisiana)
 to Father (Stephen) Rousselon: New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Perché sends the letter by which the Archbishop of Paris organizes the Peter's Pence for his diocese. Perché learned that the Monday meeting was not large but things must be organized in time to put the circular in Saturday's Propagateur. Rousselon is to see Father Mullon to see which Irish he should take the names of; that of (Philip) Rochfort is to be added. The Archbishop of Paris adopted the method for collection in the churches and a subscription or collection in the different parishes.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 3pp. - 12mo. - {2}

1849 May 3
Rogalle, Father J(ohn): Pointe Coupée, (Louisiana)
 to Father (Stephen Rousselon: New Orleans, Louisiana)

He will have much to say about the ill will which has appeared in the last two weeks. He thanks Rousselon for sending the holy oils. He hoped to send the 30 piastres from the collection but he was obliged to pay Father (Victor) Jamey for a sale whose remembrance is painful. He will come down next week if he can.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 8vo. - {2}

1849 May 4
(Blanc), Bishop Ant(hony): Baltimore, (Maryland)
 to Father E(tienne) Rousselon: New Orleans, L(ouisian)a

They arrived day before yesterday. They left Father (Adrien) Rouquette and Bishop (Michael) Portier at Washington to give them time to see that city. They came this evening. All the priests at the seminary and college were delighted to see the first Creole priest from Louisiana. With the exception of 3 or 4, all the bishops of the Province have already arrived. The first edition of the catechism was stereotyped but it has to be done over. In the copy Father (Gilbert) Raymond kept for the use of the French of Baltimore, it was found that it lacked 14 pages. If they do not find a complete copy Rousselon will have to send these 14 pages to Raymond. Two French Sulpicians came with Bishop (John Joseph) Chanche to visit their confreres. One asked for news of Rousselon; he was Rousselon's theology professor. The other is Father Guibert whom (Blanc) met in Rome in 1836. The deplorable affair of (Pierce) Connelly is all too true. He pleaded before the English tribunal to see his wife again but she refuses to return to him. (May?) 8. Raymond said Mrs. Dreux had brought a copy of the catechism so Rousselon will not have to send the pages. Rain marred the opening of the (7th Provincial) Council. All Bishops were present except the Bishop of Arkansas who arrived this morning. They had 4 hours of meetings in the mornings and 2 in the afternoon. The question of erecting new metropolitan sees was passed. That of New Orleans did not suffer any difficulty. Cincinnati and New York came after. That makes 5 provinces. Now they must wait for the approval of the Holy See. (Blanc) will leave here the day after Ascension, to be in Cincinnati or Louisville for Pentecost.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 4pp. - 4to. - {9}

1849 May 4
Dumartrait, A(drien): St. Martinville, (Louisiana)
 to Father E(tienne) Rousselon: New Orleans, (Louisiana)

On the 28th Dumartrait received Rousselon's letter delivered by a sister from Lafayette. Judge Ed. Liaw(?) has been back in New Orleans for a month and Rousselon could get in touch with him to receive the $950 he received from the purchaser of Father (Louis) Dufour's servant. The judge lives on Esplanade Street at Dauphin and if he is not at home, his office is on Royal Street in the same building as that of Jules Mossy. On (April) 20, Dumartrait received a letter from Dufour, dated Paris, March 22. He said he had written to Rousselon on January 13. Dumartrait intends to go to New Orleans on the 15th or 18th and will reply to Dufour then. Dumartrait has been commissioned to receive collections from Valsin Veasey and Alfred Bienvenu. Valsin brought only $23 of the $240 and promised to see that the rest was paid soon. Dufour's notes amount to $427 and Dumartrait has received only $54. So he has only $77 to send to Dufour. But he believes Rousselon would do well to advance the $950 received from the Judge.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 3pp. - 4to. - {6}

1849 May 4
Masnou, C.M., Father J. (M.): St. Vincent Seminary, (Louisiana)
 to Father E(tienne) Rousselon: New Orleans, Louisiana

Mr. O'Reilly, who brings this, is one of their seminarians who for some time has had a sore leg which their doctor does not seem able to cure. Masnou is sending him to New Orleans to consult someone. Nothing new at the seminary; all are well.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 8vo. - {2}

1849 May 5
Fernandez, Manuel: Ascension, (Louisiana)
 to Father (Stephen Rousselon): New Orleans, (Louisiana)

The undersigned represent all the Spanish living in this parish. They need a Spanish priest as they do not know French. They have learned that the superiors of the Lazarists wish to take away Father John Francis Llebaria, (C.M.) who is the only one who has shown interest. They ask (Rousselon) to intercede with the Bishop to leave Llebaria here. (28 sign with) Fernandez.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (Spanish) - 4pp. - 4to. - {2}

1849 May 6
(Eccleston, Archbishop Samuel): Baltimore, (Maryland)

23 topics to be considered at the 7th Council of Baltimore.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (Latin) - 4pp. - 4to. - {1}

1849 May 8
Blin, Father J.E.: Carenton, (Louisiana)
 to Father (Stephen) Rousselon: New Orleans, L(ouisian)a

In the last letter he wrote the Bishop, Blin asked for a dispensation for Lucien Verret and Rosalie Verret. The Bishop sent faculties he had not asked for and did not send the dispensation. The Bishop renewed his entreaties to give Blin an assistant knowing English and French especially for Franklin and Patterson. To accept would be a great pleasure if the confrere was a true priest and if Blin could procure payment for his trouble but resources are so minimal that Blin has never made enough to live decently. He would gladly give half of the income from Franklin to the end of the parish on condition that he did not have to make these trips. For Pat(t)erson an ordinary priest would suit but for Franklin if he is not extraordinary, Blin fears it would not succeed as he would have a formidable rival there.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 3pp. - 12mo. - {5}

1849 May 8
Chambost, Father (Charles): Jackson, (Louisiana)
 to Father (Anthony) Rousselon: New Orleans, Louisiana

These three months have gone fast. He does not doubt that if they have a church the people will be converted in a minute. They could at least have the Sisters of Charity; it is a pity to see these poor insane in the hands of the Protestants. Father (John M.) Delcros, (C.M.) started a subscription in January but Chambost would be satisfied to have him make his own collections. Chambost visited Father (J.) Rogalle at Pointe Coupée and assisted during the last days of Holy Week. Easter Monday they went to the mission at Mr. Wederstrand(t)'s home at St. Francisville. Instead of inviting the Catholics to fulfill their Easter duty, Wederstrand(t) assembled a group of Jews and Protestants for a ball. After the Mass Chambost's horse ran away. Finally he got an old horse to take him 12 miles but Chambost got lost in the woods and almost died. He has recovered now, thanks to Mr. Crenan. The Irish girl of whom Chambost spoke in his last letter is a cousin of Crenan who lives with Crenan and edifies them by her virtues. She is 30. Receiving her as a Sister of Charity would be a service to religion. Chambost has not found an opportunity to visit Father Martin at Baton Rouge. Chambost is learning English; in a few months he will be able to say with Mr. Rahaut "la courant du fleuve," etc.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 4pp. - 4to. - {5}

(1849) May 8
Mrak, Father (Ignatius): (La Croix, Michigan)
 to (Bishop Peter Paul Lefevere) of: (Detroit, Michigan)

He received Lefevere's letter and the money. He sent the requested names Eniwechki and Fimis (?) of Lacroix, and J.B. Echkibagawa of Manistie whom he had requested as a teacher last autumn. In Amikwagenda, on Beaver Island there are 57 Indians who belong to the priests together with some Canadian fishermen who are Catholic. In the town of Havre there is one Protestant woman married to a Catholic whom he has invited to Sunday Mass but who has not come. As to the status animarum it is almost the refuge of sinners. Almost without exception they are drinkers, living in adultery and apostates, living like dogs. The Canadians are worse than the Indians. They need a priest but it is difficult for one to live there because they live in wigwams with a fire in the middle.

III-2-h - A.L.S. - (Latin) - 2pp. - 8vo. - {1}

1849 May 9
Stokes, Will A.: St. Mary's, Pennsylvania
 to O(restes) A. Brownson: (Boston, Massachusetts)

It having been such a long time since they had any intercourse and he having been out of the world, he fears Brownson has forgotten him, but renews the correspondence to ask a favor, but one which shows his reliance on their ancient friendship. His brother, visiting St. Mary's, has written a letter to the "Freeman's Journal", signed "Philo" describing the place, and he asks Brownson to have it published when it appears in the "Catholic Observer". He asks that Brownson vouch for the authenticity of the facts in the letter. Brownson would be delighted with the place, there being no more Catholic place in the world of equal extent. Every Catholic who knows about it must feel a personal interest in diffusing a knowledge of its advantages. If Brownson would become a gentleman agent he would give him six per cent on any sales made to persons whom he might send. He has been deeply affected by the death of his only child, and her loss almost killed him. He has sought and found here a calm retreat and will devote the rest of his days to this country. He has now a second daughter, but she is not, nor does her to be like his other daughter. His place, and a church under construction where her body will repose, are named after her, and he wishes Brownson to visit him in the summer and to worship in the church.

I-3-i - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 8vo. - {2}

1849 May 10
St. Aubin, Father F. C(harles) Boutelou de: Avranches, (France)
 to Father (Stephen) Rousselon: New Orleans, Louisiana

St. Aubin has just sent a draft for 400 piastres to Victor Hullin(?), banker at Avranches which will be presented to Rousselon for the coupon due the first of the month, 1849. He has written to Vigor to notify him to give Rousselon the $400. Poverty is great in France. They are anxiously awaiting a change. They vote tomorrow. The Bishop of Coutances gave him an assistant's place, saying he would give him a parish at the next vacancy in the country. St. Aubin's health is restored. He has not received Father Perché's Propagateur. Bishop (John Mary) Odin has just written. He told of the blessing of his cathedral at which Bishop Blanc assisted. St. Aubin's heart is with the clergy of Louisiana. He wrote also to Mother Thérèse but has not received a reply.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 3pp. - 8vo. - {3}

1849 May 10
Dubuis, Father (Claude Marie): Castroville, (Texas)
 to Father (Stephen) Rousselon: New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Several weeks ago, they met on the road to California a young man who was exiling himself from society to go to live with the Oridores. From his manners and education they thought he should do something better. They are sending him back with Father (Emmanuel) Domenech who is to bring him for music in their church when it is built. Mr. Mat(t)on gave them hope that Rousselon would indicate what doors would open for a charitable work. Part of their chapel fell so if they cannot better things before winter they will have to discontinue services. Matton has bought two fine lots in the Medina basin. He will have a small house finished on his return and could, with a little store, do well. Next winter he will begin a little farm. If he wished to begin fur trading with the Indians he could accompany Dubuis to Fredericksburg and Llano where there are tribes with 500 warriors. The surest way to succeed here is by cultivating the land or raising cattle. P.S. Several months ago Dubuis wrote about a child confided to the care of an uncle, who died. The father and mother want him with them, or to have news of him.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 3pp. - 4to. - {4}

1849 May 12
Smith, Hamilton: Louisville, K(entuck)y
 to Bishop (Anthony) Blanc: New Orleans, L(ouisian)a

A company of gentlemen of the West and South west are making an effort to establish manufactures at Cannelton, Ind(iana). The country is near a market and offers greater attractions to foreign emigrants. The facts are set forth in the printed papers he sends (no enclosure). Smith calls the attention of the Catholic clergy to this movement and asks them to express their opinion to such emigrants as may seek their advice about locating. Their hills, overlaying the coal, are peculiarly adapted to the cultivation of the vine. And they desire a few hundred families to engage in this culture.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 4to. - {2}

1849 May 12
Wood, Father James F.: (Cincinnati, Ohio)
 to Bishop John Baptist Purcell: of Cincinnati, Ohio

Wood tried in vain to see Purcell on business which the enclosed notice, note and check will explain. The note to be paid is $1400 due the 20th, and the new note is $1200. Wood has no way of procuring the money and the interest, about $220 which must be paid. Will Purcell sign the check and endorse the note? Wood will send them to Edward O'Hara who will attend to the business for him. Purcell should leave them at Mr. Frank Elder's.

II-4-k - A.L.S. - 1p. - 8vo. - {2}

(1849 May 13)
Mazzuchelli, Father M. F(rancis): (Alexandria, Louisiana)
 to Father (Stephen) Rousselon: New Orleans, Louisiana

It is almost 2 weeks since his arrival here. It is truly a good fortune to live with Father (J.P.) Bellier who treats his as a brother. He hopes to fulfill all his duties. He will never forget the great charity with which he was treated at the Bishop's house. If he knew French he could write more.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 4to. - {2}

1849 May 13
Fontbonne, Father James: St. Martinville, (Louisiana)
 to Father (Stephen) Rousselon: N(ew) Orleans, L(ouisian)a

Fontbonne has given (A.) Robert on his way through St. Martin, a hundred piastres to give to Rousselon. He knew that his sister could not have them sent. Rousselon is to give them to the Bishop for: 1848, August 14, a dispensation for Charles St. Germain and Aurelie Gaultier; September 5, for Sévère Wiltz and Marie Louise Delahoussaye; October 9, for Richard Eastine and Marie Octavie Fontenelle; October 12, for Thelesphore Castille and Aurelie Berard. For 1849, January 8, for Auguste Guirard and Catherine Labaletrier; January 30 for David Aristide Guidry and Félicia Mouton; from the Easter and Christmas collections: $19 and $6; from Father (Louis) Dufour for catechisms; the balance from a collection for the seminary. He will do all he can to collect for the Pope at Pentecost. Old Mr. Dumartrait will come to see Rousselon on his return from the meeting at Baton Rouge. (Folded with the letter is a receipt signed by Robert).

V-5-h - A.L.S. - (French) - 4pp. - 4to. - {16}

1849 May 13
Blenkinsop, (S.J.) Peter J.:
Holy Cross College, (Worcester, Massachusetts)
 to Orestes A. Brownson: Boston, Massachusetts

He sends the bill for John and William Brownson as corrected by their absentminded Br. Finnegan. How so many mistakes have crept into Brownson's bills, he is at a loss to understand.

1849 May 13
Kenrick, Bishop Francis Patrick: Baltimore, Maryland
 to O(restes) A. Brownson: (Boston, Massachusetts)

At the close of their (Provincial) Council (1849) he suggested to the Venerable Metropolitan that they encourage Brownson to continue his literary labors in defence of the faith. He approved the suggestion, and the bishop communicates the statement as a mark of his sincere esteem and the deep interest he feels in the "Review", (Note: There follows the signatures of all the bishops.)

I-3-i - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 8vo. - {2}

1849 May 13
(Raess, Andre), Bp. of Strasbourg: Strasbourg, France
 to Bishop John Baptist Purcell: of Cincinnati, Ohio

Father (Leo) Meyer superior of the Brothers of Christian Doctrine (Brothers of Mary?) of Strasbourg has set out for Purcell's diocese, and (Raess) says he cannot recommend a better man. The bishop has also advanced to (Joseph A.) Stephen 500 francs which he asks Stephan's brother to pay to Father Meyer for a debt which he owes Meyer. Stephan he says is a pious young man who will be an excellent acquisition. He has been taken aware and has just time to express his respects to Purcell.

II-4-k - A.L. - 2pp. - 12mo. - (French) - {5}

1849 May 14
Graveraet, Sophie: Mackinac, (Michigan)
 to Bishop P(eter) P(aul) Lefevere: (Detroit, Michigan)

Mrs. Graveraet acknowledges the receipt of Lefevere's letter of April 24 enclosing a certificate of deposit for $72 in full for her services as teacher up to April 1, past. The reason for the delay in replying is that she does not come over often. The school is doing very well.

III-2-h - L.S. - 1p. - 8vo. - {2}

(18)49 May 14
Martin, Father Aug(uste): Baton Rouge, (Louisiana)
 to Father E(tienne) Rousselon: New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Last week Martin received Rousselon's letter and the box. He will take care of the 10 intentions. He planned to leave today; he counted on Father (Charles) Chambost to come to replace him. He will not arrive until Friday. Cholera has broken out. One of the oldest families, De la Noué, has lost the father and two sons.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 4to. - {3}

1849 May 15
Boué Father: Lyons, (France)
 to Bishop (Anthony Blanc: New Orleans, Louisiana)

After Easter, Boué went to Sury to rest. The Crowds were more numerous than in last year's sad events. Boué has at Sury only a young nephew, married to a Miss Styre; he is a draper. Boué's brother's widow is still living. (Blanc)'s brother Pierre is well; his oldest son lives at Sury as a tin maker. Victor (Blanc) will probably be ordained at Trinity.

(Blanc)'s young godson wishes to begin his studies; he promises to be more talented than Victor. His family counts on (Blanc)'s help. In passing through St. Etienne Boué saw (Blanc)'s older brother and his family. Blanc still has charge of the direction of the railroad; Jules works with his father. He was about to make a good marriage but the future is so uncertain(?). Boué saw, at Sury, (Blanc)'s sister-in-law, Mrs. Blanc Goutard. (Blanc)'s brothers complain that he has forgotten them; they have received no letters since those brought by Father Rousselon. Boué went up to Clermont; there are several remarkable churches there. He was not gone more than 12 days. Everywhere he saw agitation over the coming elections. If the majority is red and Socialist, it is impossible to calculate the evils on poor France. (Boué gives the results of the elections and his views of the future situation). It was the fall of the Catholic league in Switzerland which was the first triumph of the Socialist party. The Bishop of Fribourg is still in exile; the Pope still at Gaete. The Cardinal published an encyclical of the Pope last Sunday asking for prayers to enlighten(?) him on the question of the Immaculate Conception. Father (Stephen) Rousselon's sister is as well as circumstances permit. Boué regrets not having followed Rousselon two years ago. (Blanc) will find this letter on his return from the Council.

V-5-k - A.L.S. and Envelope - (French) - 5pp. - 4to. - {5}

1849 May 15
Lesne, Father J(ames): New Orleans, (Louisiana)
 to Father (Stephen) Rousselon: (New Orleans, Louisiana)

He asks for the faculty to bless a marriage contracted before a judge. The parties have several children and wish to be married secretly.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1849 May 17
Casset, F(ran)cois: Fort Royal, (Martinique)
 to Bishop (Anthony Blanc: New Orleans, Louisiana)

Casset makes a request which he also made three months ago. He stated his desire of following a career to which he is fully devoted although it seems in the eyes of the public that he has been turned aside for a moment. Two years have passed since he left France and it seems two centuries since he left the seminary. It is too late to go back there. This is the reason he gave to the pastor of Fort-de-France and the reason he is seeking to be admitted among (Blanc)'s seminarians. He studied theology, having studied philosophy for a year. (Blanc) can see the rest by his certificates. (Casset signs himself as) Professor at Mr. Alivon's boarding school. (On the same paper are) copies of a certificate from G., director of the little seminary at Dinan, certifying that Casset followed the course of philosophy and physics for one year; his conduct being always exemplary and his work very satisfactory. This young man wishes to enter the ecclesiastical state. He merits the greatest interest by reason of his family and his own qualities. B. would like to see him received in a major seminary. Dated January 14, 1847.

V-5-k - A.L.S. and copies - (French) - 3pp. - 4to. - {2}

1849 May 17
Migne, Father L.: Petit-Montrouge, (France)
 to Father (Stephen) Rousselon: New Orleans, Louisiana

Rousselon owes 36 francs for a subscription to La Voix de la Verité. His request is justified not only by Rousselon's subscription but also by the fact that subscriptions are payable in advance, that times are hard, expenses must be met, etc. (The stationery on which this letter is written gives the subscription prices and conditions.)

V-5-k - L.S. - (French) - 4pp. - 12mo. - {2}

1849 May 17
Pierz, Father Francois: Arbre Croche, Michigan
 to Bishop (Peter Paul) Lefevere: of Detroit, Michigan

Pierz received Lefevere's letter of April 25, inclosing a $150 check and was able to pay the teachers and also the considerable debts of the mission. He thanks Lefevere. He is happy that Lefevere has decided to pay a visit to the mission next spring. The savages began building a church at Little Traverse and would be better for Lefevere to defer the visit until next July so that he will be able to give the confirmation to the new church. Pierz does not know if he should bless the church or wait for Lefevere to come to Little Traverse. He also asks Lefevere when and how the savages should send the title to him, since by a decree of the council in Baltimore nothing should be told to the savages until the church is completed. The savages are worrying about the cholera, since there is the news that the cholera is at Klioland and Chicago. At Mackinac and the island of Manito there are some cases of smallpox. Pierz is busy vaccinating the savages against the smallpox. A chief at Grand Traverse asks Pierz to go there for the same purpose. Pierz sends Lefevere the receipts of the school teachers. It would be a good idea to have some Indians scientists is Margaret Kabegijigohive. 4 boys left the mission after having been persuaded by a Protestant minister to join a Protestant school in Ohio. Pierz believes that the new agent is a Protestant minister and tries to get the young boys in their school. It would be useful to send some savages to a Catholic university to receive a good education. Pierz knows 2 or 3 boys with talent in English and the sciences. In Chicago there is a good Catholic college, but the poor savages are not able to pay the expenses. Pierz advises Lefevere to send a letter to the Bishop in Chicago and ask him to accept at least one or two boys. The most able for this would be Michel Wasson, 13 years old, able to read and write well in Indian. He is also able to read French and English. He speaks French well and a little English. Another boy of talent is Luis Iawankawar of the same age, but he knows only the Indian language.

III-2-h - A.L.S. - (French) - 3pp. - 8vo. - {1}

1849 May 18
Hynes, Mary: Gart, Ireland
 to Bishop Anthony Blanc: New Orleans, Louisiana

Hynes is a widow sorely beset with difficulties, having a large family to support. Two of her sons went about 2 years ago to America. She received a letter from one of them a year ago in March promising to send 10 pounds within a month and desiring her to get ready to go to him. She heard nothing direct from either of them since last May. Her son's letter was from New Orleans. She fears the money, if sent, may have been intercepted in the postofffice here. Her sons' names are Denis and Martin Hynes. She asks Blanc to employ some one to find where they live and to beg them to write. P.S. Her sons were carpenters by trade. (On the same paper) the parish priest Father Mich(ae)l Nagle(?) adds on May 21, that this widow is a parishioner of his and adds his request for Blanc's aid.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - 4pp. - folio - {4}

1849 May 18
(Odin), Bishop J(ohn) M(ary): Baltimore, (Maryland)
 to Father E(tienne) Rousselon: New Orleans, L(ouisian)a

Yesterday Bishop (Anthony) Blanc set out for New Orleans. To his regret (Odin) could not accompany him. The debts of Texas force him to remain here longer. Several bishops have invited him to make an appeal to their people; he will spend the summer collecting alms. Two novices are to make their profession at Galveston. Will Rousselon make this trip and admit there two? He is to notify Madame St. Arsène (Blin, R.U.) of the day he could arrive.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 4to. - {4}

1849 May 19
McMaster, J(ames) A.: New York (City), (New York)
 to (Orestes A.) Brownson: (Boston, Massachusetts)(?)

McMaster returned Thursday from a 2 weeks time in Baltimore. The account of the trip will be related to Brownson when McMaster sees him. Since Dr. Cummings has returned, Brownson will visit soon. He believes Brownson wrote under depression of spirit. Bishop (John B.) Fitzpatrick of Boston will tell Brownson what the Bishops said and did. McMaster has no idea the Review will fail. Brownson wanted McMaster to write for the Review but the latter claims he can not write anything worth reading beyond the squibs for the Journal. The day is not far off when McMaster shall publish anything. There are persons better trained than he, to write for the Review. The few subjects for articles, McMaster would like to keep at least until he can correct them of crudities. At present McMaster is pressed with business which has accumulated while he was gone.

I-3-i - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 10mo. - {2}

1849 May 19
Mina, Father Ve. M(odest)e: St. John Baptist (German Coast, Louisiana)
 to Father E(tienne), Rousselon: New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Florian Berthelot wishes to marry Amelia Berthelot; they ask for a dispensation. Manuel Bacas wishes to marry Marie Sélima Fregre and asks for a dispensation. He is not sure whether he asked for a dispensation for Drausin Séverin Loup and Marie Fervina Berthelot. As he has not been able to give the "pro mensa episcopale" as much as he promised, for two years, he will try to supply it by Mass intentions. He will send the stipends for 25. P.S. Another dispensation is asked by Jean Baptiste Jacob and Euphémie Jacob.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 4to. - {9}

1849 May 20
Randall, W.C.: Donaldsonville, (Louisiana)
 to Father Stephen Rousselon: New Orleans, (Louisiana)

The Catholics of Ascension parish are in mourning and sorrow on learning that their curate Father (John) Boul(l)ier, (C.M.) and his vicar Father J(ohn) F(rancis) Llebaria, (C.M.) were to be removed. For Boul(l)ier, he fears the mandate is irrevocable. Therefore Randall addresses Rousselon in favor of Llebaria who has by his zeal attached himself to a large majority besides the considerable Spanish population on Bayou Lafourche. They implore Rousselon's intercession with the Superior and the Bishop.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 4to. - {3}

1849 May 22
Antoinette, (S.C.), Sister M(ary): Donaldsonville, (Louisiana)
 to Father E(tienne) Rousselon: New Orleans, (Louisiana)

It is true she did not reply to Rousselon's letter. She asks his indulgence so as not to add to what she already has enough of: disgust, sorrow and tears. And why? Her mother, her sister! Last Sunday she had to decide to leave. Two months without knowing if they were dead or alive was too much. She asked God to enlighten her. She loves the Community and would leave it with great regret. She asks Rousselon's prayers and help. P.S. Rousselon is to give this little note to her mother and console her as well as Hermina. May. 28: The storm has calmed a little. It was a misunderstanding between her and her Mother Superior about that unfortunate laugh. (P.P.S.) Rousselon is to prepare her mother for it is her intention to bring her orphan here. It would be so good for her to learn English here.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 4pp. - 4to. - {1}

1849 May 22
Purcell, Father William: Camolin, Co. Wexford, Ireland
 to Bishop John Baptist Purcell: of Cincinnati, Ohio

It is not five months since Father William Purcell send Bishop Purcell the power of attorney given by the Widow Archbold to George H. Hilton. As he has received no answer, he thinks the letter may not have reached the Bishop. The Widow is still full of hope that the Bishop will be the means of saving her from the poor-house. From a letter written to a friend by Lawrence O'Toole, the young man whom Father Purcell introduced to the Bishop, it is evident that his real character was not known before he left for America. He was very young when Father Purcell knew him but appeared to be a promising character. He was highly recommended by the clergy having a testimonial from Bishop Keating. His mother and entire family have set out for America. Father William Purcell entreats the Bishop not to take notice of any member of the family. It appears as though God wishes all men to leave Ireland. Father William Purcell is thinking of emigrating with them. He is 47 years old and in good health. Does Bishop Purcell think he would be fit for an American Mission? Many of the clergy of Leinster have announced their intention of goind to the United States.

II-4-k - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 8vo. - {2}

1849 May 22
(Proust, O.C.S.O., Father Marie Eutrope): Gethsemani, (Kentucky)
 to Father (Stephen) Rousselon: New Orleans, Louisiana

He has just received a letter from Father (Anthony Désiré) Mégret, pastor of Vermillionville saying that he had sent Rousselon on May 1, $132 owed to them (Trappists) and of which Eutropius spoke to Bishop Blanc on his way through New Orleans. Rousselon is to send this money to Louisville to Father (Peter) Lavial(l)e, secretary to Bishop Flaget. He will thus oblige a poor solitary at Gethsemani who is beginning to experience how great are the sacrifices of a new foundation.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 4to. - {4}

1849 May 23
Mina, Father Ve. M(odest)e: St. John Baptist (German Coast, Louisiana)
 to Father E(tienne) Rousselon: New Orleans, (Louisiana)

The bearer of this letter is Louis Tassin who wishes to marry his sister-in-law, Marie Adèle Bossié. There are three children of whom the aunt could take care better than a stranger. Tassin is a good man. P.S. He encloses $30 for the 25 Mass intentions; Rousselon is to add 5 others.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 4to. - {3}

1849 May 24
Abbadie, S.J., Father J(ohn) F(rancis): St. Michael, (Louisiana)
 to Bishop Ant(hony) Blanc: New Orleans, L(ouisian)a

If Abbadie had not received the Propagateur in time, he would not have read what Blanc recommends. Next Sunday, Pentecost, they will take up the collection. When does Blanc think he can come here for Confirmation? The Ladies must prepare their pupils and Abbadie must prepare his people. They had their First Communion on May 3 and he had his on the 13th. His chapel below is begun.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 4to. - {1}

1849 May 24
Noguès, P(eter) C(heri): Cincinnati, (Ohio)
 to Bishop (Anthony Blanc: New Orleans, Louisiana)

He is only waiting for an order from (Blanc) to begin the printing of the catechism. On receipt of (Blanc)'s letter, Mr. Morgan is to print 3000 copies. It could be delivered about June 15 or Noguès could bring them July 15. Noguès corrected the proofs. But the Cincinnati edition will not be without mistakes and (Blanc) may prefer the Baltimore edition. Noguès begins his retreat on June 12 and believes he will come out of it still (Blanc)'s subject.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 4to. - {2}

1849 May 24
Parody, (C.M.), Father Louis: Paincourtville, (Louisiana)
 to Father S(tephen) Rousselon: New Orleans, L(ouisian)a

Father (J.M.) Masnou, (C.M.) had told Parody that his intention was to send to New Orleans, the seminarians in need of a doctor when there was reason for not consulting the one of the house. Two ask permission to go to Donaldsonville. Parody is opposed to this. The two, Peter McMahan and Michael Reilly, propose to write to Rousselon to obtain permission. Parody asks that Rousselon not give this permission so that Parody may carry out his Superior's wishes.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 4to. - {4}

1849 May 24
Guillot: Lyons, (France)
 to Father (Stephen) Rousselon: New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Guillot thanks Rousselon for the death certificate enclosed in his letter. Adme Sirbeau, nephew of the deceased of New Orleans, asks Guillot to tell Rousselon of their eternal thanks.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 12mo. - {2}

1849 May 24
Drouelle, Father V.: Basse Terre, Guadeloupe
 to Father (Stephen) Rousselon: (New Orleans, Louisiana)

He expresses his thanks for the service Rousselon did for him. He also asks him to use his influence for Father Pitrat who will himself inform Rousselon of the circumstances.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 1p. - 4to. - {2}

1849 May 24
Synnott, Thomas S.: Dublin, (Ireland)
 to Bishop Ant(h)ony Blanc: New Orleans, (Louisiana)

The General Central Relief Committee for all Ireland in their last report accounted for the disboursement of the fund committed to their care during 1846 and 1847. In consequence of the failure of the potato crop of 1848, little more than one fourth of the money lent was recovered by the Committee. They have been requested to resume their labors to alleviate the wretchedness that prevails. If others will entrust them with funds, they will distribute them. (On this printed circular appear the names of the trustees, committee, and other officers).

V-5-k - Printed L.S. - 2pp. - 4to. - {2}

1849 May 25
Phew, Father Mich(ae)l: Thrule, Ireland
 to Bishop (Anthony) Blanc: New Orleans, Louisiana

He appeals to Blanc in favor of the starving poor of this district, beyond doubt the most distressed. A great number of the poor are daily dying of hunger. If Blanc has no objection he could publish these lines in the newspapers of his diocese. Phew's bishop is Dr. O'Donnell of Galway to whom Blanc can refer.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 4to. - {1}

(18)49 May 26
Lavialle, Father Peter J.: Louisville, K(entuck)y
 to Father (Stephen) Rousselon: New Orleans, L(ouisian)a

In a letter just received, Bishop (Guy Ignatius) Chabrat told Lavialle to write to Rousselon to ask a service for a lady in France who wrote Chabrat. This lady's son died at New Orleans in November or December, leaving 250 francs in debts at a hotel where he died. He left with the owner his bachelor's and lawyer's diplomas which he had received in France about 6 years ago. She wishes to have some details of his illness and death. (Rousselon has written here in pencil): At the hospital, Dr. Gilbert. She also wants a death certificate and assurance of the debts so that she may pay them. She also wants the diplomas. The lady's name is Widow Rigal; her son was Eugène Rigal, about 26 or 27, who came from France about 5 years ago. Lavialle does not know his business. He died at the home of Azig(?) Prichot who wrote Mrs. Rigal on December 15 but the letter was vague. It will no doubt be necessary to go to this restaurant keeper to find out all. Rousselon can send Lavialle the diplomas, death certificate, and information desired.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 4pp. - 4to. - {6}

1849 May 28
Geraghty, Pat(ric)k: New Orleans, (Louisiana)
 to St. Patrick's Church: New Orleans, Louisiana

A receipted bill for $69.40 for paving ordered by J. Devereux(?).

V-5-k - Bill S. - 1p. - 8vo. - {2}

1849 May 28
Chambost, Father (Charles): Baton Rouge, (Louisiana)
 to Father (Stephen) Rousselon: (New Orleans, Louisiana)

A few days ago he went to see Father (Auguste) Martin to make a little retreat with him and to replace him during his absence. Martin said he would speak of the building of a Catholic church at Jackson. Martin knows these people and could give information about it. If he stays some time at Jackson will Rousselon send him a vestment and he will pay with Masses; also an old alb and cassock. He needs a compendium of St. Liguori and Gahan's sermons. He has given Martin the little money hd had to buy some things.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - (French) - 4pp. - 4to. - {3}

1849 May 29
(McCloskey), John, Bishop of: Albany, (New York)
 to Father F(rancis P.) McFarland: (Watertown, New York)

McCloskey acknowledges McFarland's letter suggesting the building of a new church in Watertown. The question is one of procedure and that suggested by McFarland seems better and wiser. The monthly subscription when in operation will give an accurate idea of the cooperation to be expected. The sooner he begins the collection the better. The work on his cathedral is progressing. He will be happy to dedicate the churches that have been erected in that portion of the diocese. He is disinclined to use legal means to collect the two subscriptions mentioned by McFarland, unless there is urgent reasons and the promise was freely given and the like. He would avoid litigation unless there is assurance of success. He sends his greetings to Father (Michael) Power and to Mr. and Mrs. Binsse.

I-1-a - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 8vo. - {2}

1849 May 30
Reynolds, Bishop Ig(nat)ius Al(oysius): Charleston, S(outh) C(arolina)
 to Father (Stephen Rousselon: New Orleans, Louisiana)

Bishop Blanc has authorized Reynolds to draw $64 or whatever Rousselon has on hand for Dr. (John) England's works which are rapidly going through the press. He cannot at this time negotiate or sell his draft on Rousselon or the Bishop and asks Rousselon to purchase a check payable to his order.

V-5-k - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 16mo. - {2}