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Bayley, James R(oosevelt), and James B. Nicholson: New York, (New York)

A printed receipt form for Bayley and Nicholson, new trustees appointed by the Supreme Court, assignees of St. Peter's Church in New York City.

II-2-n - Printed Receipt Form - 1p. - 32mo. - {2}

(Cincinnati, Ohio), Notes of Synod of

Oct. 23. Clergy present: Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell), Fathers Jo(seph) Ferneding, E(ward) T. Collins. Midnight masses forbidden--public processions discouraged--petitions for changes of clergymen discouraged. Public exposition of the Blessed Sacrament by permission of the Ordinary, and according to the Roman Rite. Clergy exhorted to dissuade from anti-Catholic readings, Father (James Frederick) Wood proposed limits to be established between English and German Parishes. Father (William) Unterthiner objected because the Germans were floating congregation. On the English congregations Father Wood refused to give any opinion, Father (Charles) Driscoll (S.J.), Father Collins insisted on an understanding. Father J(oseph) O'Mealy agreed with him. Two rules. All who have pews to receive all sacraments from the pastor; the floating population at the nearest church. General observation. Those having family and domicile on this side may be married here even though detained on the other side by occupation. In Indiana the Catholics are bound by the Council of Trent, even though they come from a place where there is no pastor. This was the opinion of (Purcell) and Fathers (John Henry) Luers, Driscoll, and (Michael) Hallinan.2nd. Salary of priests and relation of more pastors to same church. Unterthiner wanted fixed salary and in the country more than in city. On expending of money collected for pious works. On salary the Germans receive $300 a year besides house rent and coal. (Purcell) expressed his intention of demanding an account of income besides perquisites. Father (Peter) Perry gets $280. Father (Michael) Forde thought it impossible to fix uniform salaries. The principle salaries to be fixed but to be determined by the Archbishop. The revenues of the church are pew rents, assessments, Sunday collections. Perquisites, intentions fees in administering sacraments and gifts. The oldest priest is chief. The vicar shall do nothing without his knowledge and consent. Works that are connected with the government of the parish are not for the junior. The difference in salary not determined. (Purcell) wants donations on confirmation tours for his support. The amount to be determined by the clergy. Unterthiner asked about trustees in mixed congregations. (Purcell) said that in such there would be no trustees. He proposed the institution of monthly conferences at which bishop or dean presides. This was referred to the Archbishop. (Purcell) requested Father Thomas Boulger to refer the Dayton church affairs to Wood and Driscoll. What about a priest who is asked to form a will for a dying person? Perry said the Sulpicians thought a priest should not meddle. Since it cannot be avoided, there should be collateral witnesses especially if they are pious legacies. Whether a statute ought to be made forbidding clergymen to go security for a lay person? It was thought better to strongly disapprove.

II-4-k - D. - 8pp. - 8vo. - {15}

Kuhn, Joseph, Anton Pulte and Anton Schulte:
for the St. Joseph Beneficiary Society of St. Mary's Parish (Detroit, Michigan)
 to Bishop (Peter Paul Lefevere: Detroit, Michigan)

A committee of three, A. Pulte, A. Werthman and Casp(ar) Wurzburg, were sent to the pastor of St. Mary's but the pastor Father (Albert) S(c)h(o)effler refused to see them but was willing to speak to the Society in the school building. The Society leaders appointed a committee of three to inform the Bishop. In this resolution they say they have been treated like black dragoons. Schoeffler refused to say a mass for them on St. Joseph's day and said they could not return their banner to the church. Schoeffler insists that they accept the role of the other parish societies which is nothing. They ask the opinion of the Bishop on these affairs.

III-2-h - D.S. - 4pp. - 4to. - {6}

Weninger, Father Francis Xavier: (Cincinnati, Ohio)
 to (Archbishop John Baptist Purcell): (Cincinnati, Ohio)

This is a memorandum prepared by Father Weninger in which he exposes the reasons why money should be expended for the completion of the Church of St. Philomena in Cincinnati, although the original debt has not yet been paid. He goes into detail to show how the church was needed and how it was constructed and how the people were satisfied and how necessary it is that the church be completed. (Purcell notes that it is a tissue of dereasonings.)

II-4-k - A.L. - (Latin) - 4pp. - 8vo. - {1}


Dispensation granted April 30 to Jean Baptiste Broussard, son of Edouard Broussard and Pelagie Dubois; and Julienne Mallard, daughter of Lenfroy Mallard and Marguerite Landry. Dispensation granted September 9 to Belisaire Toups, son of Paul Toups and Suzette Carner; and Octavine Carner, daughter of Francois Carner and Virginie Marceaux. Dispensation granted September 18 to Antoine Reaux(?), son of Jean Reaux(?) and Constance Leblanc; and Scolastie(?) Leblanc, daughter of Norbert Leblanc and Euphémie Leblanc.

V-5-m - D. - French) - 1p. - 12mo. - {18}

Ardois, Father C(?): (Baltimore, Maryland)
 to Father (Stephen Rousselon: New Orleans, Louisiana)

Ardois thanks (Rousselon) for taking care of his business. Father (Francis L'homme) will negotiate the draft. He is also to send to their destination the numbers of the Propagation of the Faith (Rouselon) sent Ardois.

V-5-m - A.L.S. - (French) - 1p. - 8vo. - {2}

(Blin, Father J.E.: Charenton, Louisiana)
 to (Archbishop Anthony Blanc: New Orleans, Louisiana

Accounts: Received from the marguilliers $768 in good and bad bills and accounts. Nearly $200 has been considered as bad money. Paid to Louis Roule, $339. Of the two parties, (Blin) thinks he has the best bargain and thus the church is free until March 7, 1851. There will be perhaps $150 in accounts. (Blin) will leave this amount for the one here in his absence.

V-5-m - A.Note - 2pp. - 12mo. - {3}

(Eccleston,) Sam(ue)l, Archbishop of: Balt(imore, Maryland)
 to (Bishop Peter Paul Lefevere): Detroit, Michigan

He sends a copy of a documents which is not intended for publication. (On the same sheet)

- L.S. - 1p. - 8vo. -

Franzoni, J(ames) P(hilip) Cardinal: (Rome, Italy)
 to (Archbishop Samuel Eccleston): Baltimore, Maryland

The solicitude of the recent assembly that the faithful be supplied with clergymen of their own language, has come to the attention of the Sacred Congregation which thinks this is of great importance for the bishops. The bishops must have particular care for the Germans since priests speaking that language are not available frequently. Although there should be no favoritism the bishops should keep this problem before them in filling vacancies. The Sacred Congregation also wishes that it be borne in mind also in recommending priests for bishops that they be able to speak the languages used in the region. However no occasion should be given for the charge that foriegn priests are preferred over American priests. Al(exander) Bernabo signs as secretary.

III-2-h - A.L.S. - (Latin) - 1p. - 8vo. - {2}

Jordain, Father Ph(ilibert): (Thibodaux, Louisiana)
 to Father (Stephen Rousselon: New Orleans, Louisiana)

He takes the opportunity, through Father (Hyacinthe) Tumoine, to express his regrets for not being able to see (Rousselon) before leaving the bishop's house to thank him for his many kindnesses. (P.S.) He would be much obliged if (Rousselon) would send him an ordo.

V-5-m - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 4to. - {2}

Maenhaut, Father C(onstantine): (New Orleans, Louisiana)
 to Father (Stephen) Rousselon: (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Maenhaut has taken Rousselon's advice; he talked to Father Gaultier who said he would accept the assistantship of the parish if Bishop Blanc consents. Maenhaut counts on talking to Blanc tomorrow but for a good reason, which Rousselon knows, Maenhaut wants Rousselon to speak to Blanc first. There are two vacancies here, one of which must be filled as soon as possible. It is still the beginning of the month, and they are to have a meeting tomorrow, Maenhaut would like to take Gaultier as assistant at the Cathedral.

V-5-m - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 16mo. - {2}

Seton, Robert:
(Mount Saint Mary's College) (Emmitsburg, Maryland)
 to Mrs. Emily Prime Seton: New York, New York

The greeting is "dear old lady". Robert's father requested him to write a few lines. They arrived at Philadelphia late and slept there. But before going to bed their father took them and bought him a bow and arrows and Willie a compass. After a long carriage ride they arrived at Baltimore. They slept at Barnum's, then went to Mr. Chatard's. Chatard and his son Pierre went with them up the Washington Monument. Coming down he counted 225 steps. They had a beautiful ride and saw tobacco growing between Baltimore and Fredrickstown. There they met Mrs. Ferdinand Chatard. They slept at the college. Note: Writing in 1901, Robert Seton says this is the earliest letter of his preserved or possibly the first ever written away from home. He says it is horribly written for a boy of ten or eleven. (Upper right hand corner of letter is torn.

II-1-a - A.L.S. - 1p. - royal, 8vo. - {2}

Robillard, J.C.: N(ew) Y(ork, New York)

Robillard announces the establishments of an agency to facilitate relations with the clergy of New Orleans. It will be convenient to examine the articles Robillard will send to Thomas O'Donnell and he hopes relations will be satisfactory. (P.S.) The attached circular is an abstract from his New York assortment. (With this are folded five more printed advertisements of Robillard's church goods).

V-5-m - Copy - (French) - 10pp. - 4to.etc. - {1}

Villars, Father J.M.: Keokuk, (Iowa)
 to Father (Stephen) Rousselon: New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Villars wishes that by the $32 enclosed he could send a mark of his gratitude. But he is poor and without credit in this desert. The ostensorium, statue of the Blessed Virgin, and the stations of the cross arrived in good shape.

V-5-m - A.L.S. - (French) - 1p. - 12mo. - {2}