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Bellier, Father J(ohn) P(eter): (New Orleans, Louisiana)
 to Archbishop (Anthony) Blanc: N(ew) Orleans, (Louisiana)

A conversation with the bearer, Mathurine Bonniot(?) has not given Bellier a favoragle impression; there must have been something at Natchez. Not wanting to prejudge, Bellier thought it best to send her to Blalnc to see for himself. If he wishes to have Bellier take her on trial, he will do so. Sister Irene, (S.C.) does not need her and said she was almost certain that Sister Regina (Smith, S.C.) would not take her. Bellier has a bad premonition. He would prefer a house a little less proper, with peace, than one year proper materially, and troubled.

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(Blanc, Archbishop, Anthony: New Orleans, Louisiana)
 to Father (Jose Maria de Jesus Gonzalez Rubio, O.S.F.: Santa Barbara, California)

Conforming to the desire expressed in (Gonzalez)'s letter of October 14, it would be a great pleasure to admit to ordination the subjects of the diocese of Monterey whom (Gonzalez) has presented. Before as well as after their ordination, their conduct has been a subject of edification. While praying that God will put an end to the necessity which has obliged (Gonzalez) to have recourse to him for this service, Blanc assures (Gonzalez) that he is always ready to renew it whenever (Gonzalez) judges it necessary.

- A. Draft(?) -

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(1851) (Jan. 1)
Van Paemel, Father A(ngelus): (L'Anse, Michigan)?
 to Bishop (Peter Paul Lefevere: Detroit, Michigan)

Van Paemel is very grateful to have the news that his brother has arrived at Lefevere's residence. His health has become really burdensome to him. He had hoped that the climate and food here would help him. The last few days he has spent the greatest part of the afternoon in chopping wood and obtained through Father (Frederic) Baraga other food as meat, which agree with him much better than fish. But he does not think that he can always obtain meet there and he would undoubtedly be able to chop wood only as long perhaps as he would be studying the language there. Therefore he begs Lefevere to recall him soon. He thought he did so with the consent of Baraga but several days later Baraga, an Indian missionary soul and body, came and told him that it was perhaps not right before God to act that way. Van Paemel's daily occupation now is to keep school two hours a day: the rest of his leisure time he spends in the study of theology and the English language.

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Bellier, Father J.P.: (New Orleans, Louisiana)
 to Archbishop (Anthony) Blanc: N(ew) Orl(eans, Louisiana)

Sister Irene, (S.C.) has asked Bellier to tell Blanc that she needs to see him in the morning. Mr. Moran remained only an hour at the hospital where Bellier consented to have him go, upon Father Rousselon's advice. He returned in another carriage with a load of London porter and Scotch ale. Bellier talked to Mr. Coffy who brought him and who had bought all these things for him and he does not think they will drink anymore. His head is decidedly weak and sometimes entirely bewildered.

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(Blanc, Archbishop Anthony: New Orleans, Louisiana)

Memorandum on the "dossiers" of Father (C.) Mouret. A deed drawn up in Wayne County, Michigan, releasing Mouret from an annual rent to the couple, Laurent and Marguerite Chartier, then living in Detroit, for a piece of property the Chartiers had sold to Mouret. The deed bears the date of January 21, 1847. 2. A plan of a holographic will lacking only the signature of the deceased to validate it, written in his hand at Lyons, January 5, 1842, having as its object the disposal of property at Abeilhan and occupied then by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Lyons. 3. A letter from Dominique Langevin, of St. Polycarp parish to Mouret about some property. 4. A registered deed for the property sold by the Chartiers to Mouret. 5. An agreement between Mouret and a J(ean?) B(aptis)te Fournier, October, 1843.

- A. Memorandum -

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Hecker, (Father) I(saac) T.: (New York City, New York)
 to (Orestes A. Brownson): (Chelsea, Massachusetts)

Hecker will be unable to visit Brownson because of the mission at St. Joseph's. He had already received permission to visit when the mission is over, but the Rt. Reverend Bishop (John Neumann) of Pennsylvania had asked for him to give several missions in his diocese, and having accepted them, he will be in Pittsburgh the Friday following Easter Sunday. When Father Hecker's free, he shall visit Brownson. The present mission was very successful. The work is plentiful because many pastors in the city give a mission. There has been a good attendance. There is no reason why the Church and the missions should not react as expected. It would be asking too much of Brownson to come and visit him, so Father says "should you come this way, I should be most happy to see you."

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Louisiana, State of: (New Orleans, Louisiana)
 to Archbishop Anthony Blanc: (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Receipt for 21 cents for 1850 taxes on property in Bouligny. Signed by E. Landun(?), Collector.

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Miles, Geo. H.:
 to O(restes) A. Brownson: (Chelsea, Massachusetts)

Miles asks Brownson for a letter of recommendation to Daniel Webster. He wants a job as Secretary of the Legation to Russia, or as special agent to Italy. Miles says he contributes largely to the support of his mother and her children. As a reward to Brownson he offers literary descriptions of the lands he wants to visit.

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Reggio, Nicholas:
 to Orestes A. Brownson: Chelsea, (Massachusetts)

Reggio thanks the Bishop (d 51jang) and Brownson for the note. He sent the note to (A.) Calderon de la Barca, who wrote in answer. Calderon and Reggie fell under obligation to Brownson for his compliance to Calderon's request. The present letter will be given Brownson by a Mr. Williams.

I-3-j - A.L.S. - 1p. - 8vo. - {2}

Zichy, Countess Francisca: (Salzburg)
 to Archbishop John Baptist Purcell: of Cincinnati, Ohio

She sends the Blessed Virgin Mary as a token of remembrance for the Orphan House at Cincinnati. She recommends herself and grand-daughter Paulina to Purcell's prayers.

II-4-l - A.L.S. - 1p. - 16to. - {1}