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Blanc, Archbishop (Anthony): New Orleans, (Louisiana)

(Notebook): Allocations of the Association of the Propagation of the Faith in favor of the diocese of New Orleans. (Entries begin with) 1837, 15,000 franc (Names included are): Father Boué, Mr. Choiselat, Bishop (Michael) Portier, Messrs. Gaume, Messrs. Perisse Father (Louis) Moni, Father (Matthew Bernard) Anduze, Father (Stephen) Rousselon, Louis Montraviale(?), Mr. Jeanjean, Sr.(?), Cardinal (James Philip) Fransoni, Father (Flavius?) Rossi estate, Mrs. Guerin and Son, Messrs. Fochau(?), Father (Angelo) Mascaroni, Father (Bonaventure) Armengol, Reynaud and Fallon, Father (Hercule) Brassac, Father (Anthony Thèves, D(idier) Petit, J(osep)h Chapuis, Bishop (John Mary) Odin, Father Armand, Felix Dicharry, J.H. Snowden, Father Aug(uste) Martin, Father Ad(rien) Rouquette, F(rancis) S(ylvester) Poidebord, Father (Charles de Boutelou de) St. Aubin, Father (Edward) D'Hauw. (The last entry is dated) 1853. (Starting at the back of the notebook are entries for the diocese of Natchez (beginning with 1839. (Names mentioned are): Mr. Martinet, Miss Anseline(?), Moni, Choiselat, Kohn Daron and Company, J.A. Bordier(?), J.A. Bernard, Ursulines, Bishop (John Joseph) Chanche, Father (M.D.) O'Reily. (Folded in this notebook): A bill from Didier Petit and Company for 7550 f(rancs) for vestments, some for St. Francis Church of Natchitoches, for Moni, for the Archbishopric, and for St. Martin Church, Attakapas; a printed notice of change of address for Mr. Choiselat-Gallien; (a medallion from a letterhead? of) Rocquet, watch maker.

VI-1-e - A. Notebook and Enclosures - (French) - - 12mo. - {45}

Charbonnel, Armandus de Bishop of Toronto: Toronto, (Canada)
 to Archbishop J(ohn) B(aptist) Purcell: of Cincinnati, Ohio

Charbonel sends Purcell a copy of the faculties and decrees of the diocese of Toronto which also includes a questionaire on the condition of the recipient's mission and a statement of fees for services rendered by priests. On the back Charbonnel says that he sends this in answer of a letter from Purcell on the 12th Inst. which was the result of the deliberations of their retreat and synod, and asks Purcell's comments. If Purcell should come to Toronto and see what he calls wonderful achievements Purcell could no help laughing. Father (John M.) Bruyere has gone again to Louisville to settle his decision to remain in Toronto. Charbonnel has given him the direction of the cathedral and he has already shown tact, regularity and zeal. MacKenzie, is a member of their parliament. His article of Purcell's address was not a bitter one, he wanted to know what Charbonnel had told him in the enclosed extract. Charbonnel was pleased with Purcell's address on matrimony.

II-4-l - A.L.S. - (Faculties in Latin) - 4pp. - 4to. - {4}

Legendre, Father (Edward E.): (St. John Baptist, Louisiana)
 to Archbishop (Anthony Blanc: New Orleans, Louisiana)

Legendre has just received (Blanc)'s reply. The first thing he remarked was that it had been opened by the pastor without giving Legendre a reason for doing so. Legendre agrees to remain at St. John Baptist. He has adopted the policy that he is here more for the parishioners than for the pastor. But it seems to him that he could do more good in a permanent place. The outbursts of Father (Ve. Modeste) Mina are only a pretext. Last Sunday the trustees met. Counting on his influence with them and aided by Mina, Legendre led them to favor the building of a new church. It was the time to speak of the interests of the other bank. The representatives of this side were delighted to see Legendre's independence and courage. They each promised him 500 piastres and one promised to build a chapel himself. The president of the trustees is for Legendre; he finds it just. Only the treasurer, the Freemason, was scandalised at Legendre's boldness. The whole parish disapproves of the corporation and complains of the wasting of money. Mina is not in the good graces of everyone. The most religious among the Creoles do not want to compromise themselves by dining at his house. At a baptism at the home of Antoine Boudousquié, Legendre sounded him out on the question. To satisfy a wish of his mother-in-law, Boudousquié wants to have a chapel built within three months for the use of that side, but to have it remain the property of the family. Legendre told him that (Blanc) would not accept this. However Legendre knows that Boudousquié will contribute with the others. They no longer see his family at the church(?), except the Deslandes, Andrys, etc.(?) Legendre has said that three fourths of their parish are not only indifferent but Protestant; they say they would rather hang than change the religion of their parents. They blaspheme against Confession and the real presence. There are even fathers of families who send their children and wives to church and place their sons with minister teachers. Today Mina settled with Legendre for 20 piastres a month. Mina has all the fees, contrary to the laws of the corporation; it is immense. He would not want to see Legendre at the head of a subscription in favor of a chapel, and if the chapel were built, he would not consent to the revenue(?) of the pews nor for Legendre to say Mass there on Sundays. Mina has the responsibility for the ignorance and indifference of his parishioners. The people on the other side are in full agreement but they have no priest to bring it about; Legendre regrets not having full power. If he remains here, it is not because of the consideration that (Blanc) has nothing better to offer him. He can count on Legendre if (Blanc) has a difficult post.

VI-1-e - A.L.S. - (French) - 4pp. - 4to. - {6}

Louisiana, Jefferson Parish: ()
 to Archbishop Anthony Blanc: (New Orleans, Louisiana)

A tax receipt for 21 cents for state taxes for 1852 on 1/2 a lot in Bouligny valued at $100. Signed by C. Landau, collector.

VI-1-e - Receipt S. - 1p. - 32mo. - {2}

Louisiana, New Orleans

Corrected proof sheets for the Catholic Almanac for the dioceses of New Orleans and Natchez.

VI-1-e - Printed pages - 10pp. - 16mo. - {2}

O'Hara, Father Bernard: ()
 to Archbishop (Anthony) Blanc: New Orleans, (Louisiana)

As the only atonement in his power to offer for the uneasiness he caused Blanc, O'Hara submits this proposal. The present unhappy state of both dioceses may render the offer more acceptable. After 15 days of retreat, O'Hara tenders his services; he will serve on any mission of Louisiana or Natchez to which Blanc appoints him. He is still in a house of penance, he promises obedience and fidelity. P.S. A reply will find him at Father Creden's, Lockport, New York.

VI-1-e - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 4to. - {2}

(Mudd), S.C., Sister M(ary) Austin: (Donaldsonville, Louisiana)
 to (Archbishop Anthony Blanc: New Orleans, Louisiana)

(Blanc)'s kind letter came to hand; they thankfully receive the donation reserved for this house. Sister has engaged Mr. Barrett to draw on Father Rousselon for it. It will procure blankets for the children's winter covering. They have heard of the great number of orphans in N(ew) Orleans; their Sisters (of Charity) and children continue well. But there are still severe cases in the ward.

VI-1-e - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 12mo. - {3}

Robert, A.: (New Orleans, Louisiana)
 to Father Etienne Rousselon: (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Enclosed (no enclosure) are two letters with declarations addressed to Recorded Genois concerning the properties of the Sisters of (Mount) Carmel and Miss Henriette. Rousselon is to sign the letters and the declarations and go tomorrow to the Recorder's for attestation. He is also to fill out the blank for the name of Henriette's family. He will find Mr. Boyer at the recorder's for such business. Being out of town on business until Sunday. Robert cannot accompany Rousselon tomorrow. Or Rousselon can put it off until Monday and Robert can accompany him. (On the back of the letter in Rousselon's hand) S(iste(r(?) Augustin Henriette, taxes.

VI-1-e - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 12mo. - {6}