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(Blanc, Archbishop Anthony: New Orleans, Louisiana

(Notes?) 1. In like manner is devised and bequeathed to the person who is or may be appointed to the newly erected see of Quincy, Illinois, all the immovable property possessed in that part of Illinois now the diocese of Quincy. January 12, 1854. July 26, 1854, date of the donation of a piece of land by (Anne Lucas) Hunt to Bishop (James Oliver) Vandevelde. October 12, (18)55 Father Rene Toussain(t) Courjault died in Vicksburg aged 47. 2. All interests and titles, either in fee simple or in trust, in that part of Illinois now the diocese of Chicago, is bequeathed and conveyed to the lawful successor in the see of Chicago as soon as he has been canonically constituted Bishop of Chicago. (The names of) James Daughourty(?) and B.G. Caulfield of Chicago (are written at the bottom of this paper; the paper is addressed to Blanc in another hand).

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Adrean, Pearson: Baltimore, M(arylan)d
 to Archbishop Anthony Blanc: New Orleans, L(ouisian)a

Adrean has just published at the instance of the Baltimore Bar, an engraved portrait of Roger B. Taney, chief justice of the Supreme Court. It was drawn by F.B. Mayer. (On the next page are) certificates from prominent members of the bar, J. Mason Campbell, son-in-law of Taney, Reverdy Johnson; Thomas Sully, the distinguished artist; and James Dunlop. F.B. Mayer is the son of Cha(rle)s F. Mayer, Esq. The engraving is by Sartain.

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Irene, (S.C.), Sister Mary: (New Orleans, Louisiana)
 to Archbishop Ant(hony) Blanc: (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Sister (Francis) Regis (Barret, S.C.) is much better this evening. The doctor said he thought they w(oul)d all have a similar attack. Irene hopes Regis will recover before another is taken.

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(McCloskey, Bishop John): (Albany, New York)

Subscriptions of the Bishop and the clergy of the diocese of Albany for the Cathedral (of the Immaculate Conception, Albany, New York), altar and sanctuary. Also included are the Cathedraticums for 1853, 1854, and up to August 1855.

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