University of Notre Dame


(1855?) (Mar. ?)
Guesdon, (C.S.C.), Father I(sidore): (New Orleans, Louisiana)
 to Archbishop (Anthony Blanc: New Orleans, Louisiana)

Guesdon is ashamed of the conduct of ex-Brother Firmin, (C.S.C.?). He no longer had the religious habit when Father Noir came to the Asylum last night and Guesdon is only waiting for an occasion to send him away, which would already have been done if Noir had not prevented him. To replace this unfortunate man, Providence sent a postulant yesterday who can teach an even more advanced class. He showed a desire to live with them; his appearance is in his favor. He is to come back Sunday to bring his certificate and receive a definite replay. Will (Blanc) authorize Guesdon to admit him? Peter Dunn(?) has definitely decided to go to Le Lac. (On the letter in pencil): André-Marie Carveth(?) or Carvetti(?).

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1855 March 1
Vandevelde, James Oliver Bp. Natchez: Natchez, Mississippi
 to Archbishop John Baptist Purcell: of Cincinnati, Ohio

Vandevelde was informed that Father (Michael) Ford collected through the city for the building of a college in Purcell's diocese. Ford did not apply to Vandevelde for permission to collect and to exercise the functions of the Holy Ministry. He is acting without his consent. Things of this kind should not be permitted. The number os suspended priests around demands that they permit no one to ramble about without special permission of the Bishop of the diocese.

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1855 (Mar. 1)
Mullon, Father J(ames) I(gnatius): (New Orleans, Louisiana)
 to (Archbishop Anthony Blanc: New Orleans, Louisiana)

A statement of returns from (St. Patrick's Church) for the month of February, 1855. $587 remitted to Father Rousselon March 1.

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1855 Mar. 1
Lamy, John, Bishop of Santa Fe: Santa Fe, (New Mexico)
 to Archbishop John Baptist Purcell: of Cincinnati, Ohio

Father (Joseph) Machebeuf is going to the States to bring some Sisters of Charity to Santa Fe. He will also settle the amount Purcell's brother loaned Lamy. Lamy would like to have the young man who is in Purcell's seminary.

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1855 Mar. 2
(Martin), Bishop Aug(uste) M(ar)ie: Natchitoches, (Louisiana)
 to Father (Stephen Rousselon: New Orleans, Louisiana)

(Martin) received the letter of February 15 announcing the Archbishop's intention of calling suffragans to a first Provincial Council the 3rd Sunday after Easter. As the last Bishop in the Province, (Martin) leaves to his elders in the episcopacy, the choice of material to be treated, only too happy to profit by their experience.

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1855 Mar. 2
Kenrick, Archbishop Francis Patrick: Baltimore, (Maryland)
 to Archbishop (Anthony Blanc): New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Presuming that (Blanc) has reached home, Kenrick informs him that Kenrick and the Bishop of Richmond have recommended for Charleston, Fathers P(atrick) N(eeson) Lynch, Hippolyte Deluynes, S.J., and John McCaffrey and for Savannah, Fathers W(illia)m H(enry) Elder, W(illia)m F. Clarke, S.J., and James McGarahan, v(icar) g(eneral) of Mobile. As no action had taken place on the recommendations of the late Bishop, they thought it proper to make new lists. As Kenrick has little knowledge of McG(arahan), in case (Blanc) thinks him unqualified, he is to communicate his views to the S(acred) Cong(regatio)n. Kenrick fears that (Blanc) has had a long and rough passage. P.S. A letter addressed to Bishop (Thaddeus) Amat with a N(ew) O(rleans) Postmark is lying here some time.

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1855 March 3
Young, Josue M. Bp. Erie: Erie, Pennsylvania
 to Archbishop John Baptist Purcell: of Cincinnati, Ohio

Young was setting forth for a visit to (Notre Dame) South Bend, Indiana, when he received Purcell's letter. The good Father (Edward) Sorin, C.S.C. kept him so busy that he could not answer it from that point. He is sorry that he could not return to Cincinnati to bring home the valuable testimony of Purcell's kindness which Mr. McArdle was preparing. The Superior (of the Cong. of Holy Cross) at South Bend having resumed a cordial understanding with the parent house at Mans, everything seems to be going well. A few notes concerning the various establishments under his direction might be useful for the Catholic Telegraph. The title deeds of almost all church property in Pennsylvania make the Bishop only trustee for the congregation. The law before the legislature will make it possible for bad Catholics to govern Bishops and priests by assuming themselves this trust. Similar law has already been enacted for trustees in Michigan. Young finds a general spirit of distrust of episcopal authority to prevail more especailly among the German. An ex-Redemptorist, Father Louis Carteryvels as he calls himself, is on his way to Cincinnati. He leads about two women neither perhaps his sister and was involved in a lawsuit involving the seduction of another of the sex. Young had almost employed him. Young was pleased with the abstract of Purcell's Russian lecture.

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1855 Mar. 5
Dupuy, Father Enn(emond): Iberville, (Louisiana)
 to Father E(tienne) Rousselon: N(ew) Orleans, (Louisiana)

Dupuy has just learned that (Assumption) Seminary, La Fourche had been destroyed by fire. When the Bishop arrives, he is to take $100 of the money Dupuy has there for the support of the seminarians, and to use the $600 which remain for whatever he needs it. In May last year, Dupuy left $50 which went for the vestment he took at the retreat. Rousselon is to take what is left over to pay for the Propagateur for 1855 and send Dupuy the receipt.

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