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(Charbonnel), Bishop A(rmand) F(rancois) M(arie de): Toronto, (Canada)
 to Archbishop (Anthony Blanc: New Orleans, Louisiana)

As the impediment of clandestinity does not exist in Upper Canada (Blanc)'s person is very legitimately married with the divorcée and cannot take another while she is living. Their Canadians, are very immoral and ignorant. Many come here from Lower Canada to become their disgrace. Upper Canada consists of four counties in the Diocese of Bytown on the right bank of the Ottowa in the dioceses of Kingston and Toronto. The latter has finally been subdivided into two new dioceses, Hamilton and London. Bishop (John) Farrell, Irish, of Hamilton, will be consecrated at Kingston on Pentecost; Bishop (Pierre Adolphe) Pinsoneault, French Canadian, at Montreal before the end of May. In the absence of the bishop of Montreal, (Charbonnel) may be the consecrator. After their installation (Charbonnel) plans to leave for Europe; this is what prevents him from responding at (Blanc's) invitation to a place of retreat(?). To form priests is their greatest work; this is why in his opinion he places the Sulpicians above everyone and makes him wish that the planned American College in Rome would be confided to them or to men with their spirit and experience. (Charbonnel) sends his seminarians to Montreal, Baltimore, or even to Paris. He already has 7 or 8 which the Sulpicians have formed; what a difference! He speaks thus because (Blanc) belongs to the same school; Lyons gave him his apostolic vocation. If Ireland had their seminaries, it would give the Church the best priests. He counts on asking students from there(?) whom he will send to be formed at St. Sulpice.

VI-1-j - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 12mo. - {5}

(1856?) Friday
Aubert, Father Henry: (St. James, Louisiana?)
 to Archbishop (Anthony Blanc: New Orleans, Louisiana)

Father (Paul Emile) Lecuru became ill yesterday during a little trip which they made to Father (Jean?) Martin's. This morning he is a little better but Aubert cannot leave him. Aubert does not believe that he is acting contrary to (Blanc)'s intentions nor overburdening Father Rousselon by staying here until Monday or Tuesday to satisfy the wishes of a sick person at death's door yesterday and by being helpful to many others. (P.S.) Yesterday Aubert heard confessions for 5 hours and has given two instructions in English.

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Conway, Patrick: Notre Dame du Lac, (Indiana)
 to Archbishop (Anthony Blanc: New Orleans, Louisiana)

As this is the day appointed by their professor to write letters, Conway lets (Blanc) know how he is getting along. The big boys went to Mishawalkey(!) yesterday, a little town five miles from here and the smaller ones to the banks of the St. Joseph river. Conway wishes (Blanc) would let him stay at school all the time he will be here. He is in need of clothes and wishes (Blanc) would tell his uncle to send him some. The boys go to town the first Wednesday of every month and buy what they want.

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Aubert, Father Henry: (New Orleans, Louisiana)

(Signatures only): Gustave Laloire, Lorenza(?) Dreux, Armand Rosier, Fra(n)cis Patin, Joseph Faveole(?).

VI-1-j - A.D.S. - 2pp. - folio - {5}

Raymond, Father G(ilbert): Opelousas, (Louisiana)
 to Archbishop (Anthony Blanc: New Orleans, Louisiana)

Raymond wrote yesterday that he thought that Father (Réné) Pineau would end by leaving them; he was far from suspecting that several hours later he would leave secretly. Pineau had said he would go to Bois Mallett yesterday and return today. Instead, he returned yesterday and while they were all in the church for spiritual reading, he said goodbye to the servants, workmen, and some of the servants at the convent, took his belongings to a farrier's and waited there for the stage at 10 o'clock. One thing that hurts Raymond is that Pineau told some of his troubles to lay people. One of them said that Raymond's brother (Father J. Francois Raymond) was one of the causes of his leaving. P.S. Raymond cited two things about Pineau in his last letter which he must correct. 1. Raymond said that a gallon of whisky had disappeared in three days. Father (H.) Picherit told Raymond that no one else drank it. But Raymond never saw Pineau in a state to indicate that he had drank to excess. 2. Raymond had said that Pineau was to spend Sunday evening at the home of a friend and return to his room at 10 o'clock. They saw nothing of him, although he may have gone to some corner to smoke. This is the end for him with them.

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St. John Baptist Congregation Bonnet Carre, (Louisiana)
 to Archbishop A(nthony) Blanc: New Orleans, Louisiana

They ask Blanc to give them a pastor; Father (Ve. Modeste) Mina has not officiated there for some time. Several days ago they made the acquaintance of Father (Henry) Aubert who is willing to bring their letter. Blanc sent Aubert to rest but he has spent almost all his time in showing his devotion to them. They hope they may keep him.

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Seton, S(amuel) W(addington): (New York, New York)
 to William (Seton 3):

Seton offers his affectionate remembrances by hand of William's son, Robert Seton. May Robert have a safe voyage to their temporary home. They have found him a very pleasant and engaging young man and he commends him for his conduct which has afforded them pride and pleasure in claiming him for the house of Seton and Winton. Seton would like to be with Robert for a peep at Europe but duty and necessity compel him to be a fixture in his native city. He may yet see William settled again in the State.

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