University of Notre Dame


 to (Archbishop John Mary Odin, C.M.: New Orleans, Louisiana)

(A list of names): Aglaé Cantrelle, Carqline Tricou, Mathilde Mioton, Mary Foley, Michael Gaudet, Honorine Ballivet, Angéla Gelpi, Julia Benit, Alice Desforges, Louise Ménard, Susan Griffith, Mary Connelly, Stephanie Bougère, Emilie Nepven, Jeanne Communy, Alice Brady, Laure Labarthe, Lucrèce Payré, Louisiana Troxeler, Mary McGowan, Anna Pell, renewed, Rosa Lebeau, Gabrielle Eaton, Jeanne Robelot, Athalide Spear, and Henriette Ganthreaux.

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(Brownson, Orestes A.: Elizabeth, New Jersey)
 to Mr. Editor: (New York, New York)

(Entitled): "Reconstruction, No. 2." In his first letter (Brownson) point out the constitutional principles that govern reconstruction. He wishes to add a few words on the question of policy. He is aware that the editor agrees with the Executive (Andrew Johnson) in rejecting the policy foreshadowed in General (William) T. Sherman's memoranda, but it would have secured without further trouble the total extinction of slavery, the return of the whole Southern people to their allegiance, the full supremacy of the Union, and the restoration, of internal peace and good will. The Southern people felt that their cause was lost and were prepared to submit. Now their hearts are filled with bitterness and they would renew the struggle tomorrow if able. The editor has seen the first fruits of the blunder in the recent elections in Virginia. The attempt to reconstruct a single state with the men who adhered to the Union, even if reinforced with the votes of the recently emancipated slaves, is sure to fail. Add to these the class who have been rebels and whose taxable property is under twenty thousand dollars and still the policy will fail.

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(Demers), Mod(este), Bishop of Vancouver Island: N(ew) Y(ork, New York)
 to J(ohn) Gilmary Shea: (Elizabeth, New Jersey)

To his great surprise, he discovered an error in the Decree, J.C. which he does not think is the proof. He without delay wrote to Baltimore, and very luckily it had not yet been sent to Paris, and so it will be corrected for the publication in Rome, where he hopes to be himself as he has made up his mind to go to Europe for various purposes. He proposes leaving early next week from Providence and Boston, from there taking the steamer to Halifax thence to St. John, N(ew) F(oundland) and finally to Ireland, to the danger of being arrested by the Fenians!

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Englefield, Joseph A.: Grottamare, Italy
 to Father ( ):

Englefield writes Father () that he met Mrs. Englefield in London. He describes his journey with their to Italy. He thanks Father () for all the courtesies shown Mrs. Englefield. Because of Englefield's limited financial resources, which he explains, Father () is requested to find some American newspaper that would employ an Italian correspondent. Englefield feels that he is qualified since he formerly wrote for the London Times and because of his wide knowledge and acquaintances in Italy. (In the James Alphonsus McMaster papers)

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Holy Cross, Sisters Marianites of: Le Mans, (France)
 to Archbishop (John Mary Odin, C.M.: New Orleans, Louisiana)

A calling card.

VI-2-m - Card - (French) - 1p. - 32mo. - {1}

Kenby, Jos(eph): Bouligny, (Louisiana)
 to Archbishop (John Mary Odin, C.M.: New Orleans, Louisiana)

Kenby would propose that (Odin) send him somewhere else to study as he feels he will hardly get his health at Bouligny. He could have gone to Europe free of expense and still has a hope he could go. Should (Odin) prefer to send him he will refund whatever expenses are incurred. P.S. He received his exeat a few days ago. It would be a double advantage to he away from distractions and from boys whom he taught in Jesuit schools. He awaits (Odin)'s decision.

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(Navarron, Father Louis):
(St. Philomena Church, Clermont County, Ohio)
 to (Archbishop John Baptist Purcell): of (Cincinnati, Ohio)

(Apparently an enclosure of a missing letter) This is an addition to the memorandum during the 4 past years, 1863, '64, '65, '66: there were 75 baptisms, 6 marriages, 22 deaths; 52 Catholic families, 4 mixed families, 8 widows or widowers, all together 64. Catechism was taught to the children each year. 8 made their first communion last year.

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