University of Notre Dame


1867 May 1
Hecker, C.S.P., Father I(saac) T(homas): N(ew) Y(ork), (New York)
 to Bishop F(rancis) P. McFarland of: Hartford, (Connecticut)

He thanks McFarland for his contribution to the Catholic Publication Society. Today they enter their Publication House with bright prospects with the sympathy and cooperation of the episcopate, the surest guarantee of God's blessing.

I-1-c - A.L.S. - 1p. - 8vo. - {2}

1867 May 2
Agnès de Jésus, (R.G.S.), Sister Marie: N(ew) O(rleans, Louisiana)
 to Archbishop (John Mary Odin, C.M.: New Orleans, Louisiana)

She thanks (Odin) for the exemption from payment granted to Mr. Bermudez. They are very happy to know this excellent man and to have the opportunity to thank him for such kind action in their behalf. They hope (Odin) will visit them on Sunday. Their Magdalens who are to make their religious profession that day desire very much to have him hear their vows.

VI-2-m - A.L.S. - (French) - 3pp. - 12mo. - {2}

1867 May 2
Mittelbronn, Father F(rancis): (New Orleans, Louisiana)
 to Archbishop (John Mary) Odin, (C.M.: New Orleans, Louisiana)

Mittelbronn's former doctor and friend, Dr. J.H. Wiendahl of Pointe Coupée, where he has successfully practiced for 14 years, wishes to settle in New Orleans. With (Odin)'s support and that of his friends he is convinced he will soon have a fine clientele. He merits it as a good doctor and a fervent Catholic.

VI-2-m - A.L.S. - (French) - 1p. - 12mo. - {2}

1867 May 2
Vallée, Father R(éné): Ville Plate, (Louisiana)
 to Archbishop (John Mary Odin, C.M.: New Orleans, Louisiana)

He will leave here 3 or four days before Easter to come to New Orleans and then go to Europe. If (Odin) leaves before Vallée arrives he asks him to put aside all the papers he will need for his trip. He will have First Communion on Easter Sunday. The school continues to do much good.

VI-2-m - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1867 May 3
McFarland, J(ohn) A.: Tiffin, Ohio
 to (Bishop Francis P. McFarland of: Hartford, Connecticut)

John is not sure he answered the Bishop's last letter because they have been waiting from week to week for him to come to Tiffin. They continue to be blessed with their share of health. In many places they are preparing against cholera and other diseases that are increased by uncleanness. Tiffin is just beginning to do this. He quotes Ward Beecher on the need of cleansing. Pillars, a lawyer, has been baptized by Father (J. Behn) Bean. He was a Methodist Swedenborgian and Episcopalian. He read with satisfaction Judge (Peter) Burnett's book which John is happy to see is being republished. He has just read the "Memoir and Sermons" of Father Baker. He liked also the life of Catherine McAuley. He asks if the Bishop has made up his mind to go to Europe. Bishop (Amadeus) Rappe is going, he has been told. Last night they had a pretty hard freeze. The brothers are all well.

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1867 May 5
Barjac, C., C. Chaland and A. Allain: New Orleans, Louisiana
 to Archbishop (John Mary Odin, C.M.: New Orleans, Louisiana)

Last year (Odin) promised the Ladies of Providence to help them in securing the Little Sisters of the Poor. The extent of the Asylum and the number of residents demand an internal administration and watchfulness. The zeal of their president no longer suffices for the many duties. Barjac signs as president and Allain as secretary. (P.S.) The Ladies put $600 at (Odin)'s disposal for the trip.

VI-2-m - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 12mo. - {5}

1867 May 5
Elder, William Henry, Bishop of Natchez: Bay St. Louis, (Mississippi)
 to Archbishop J(ohn) M(ary) Odin, (C.M.): N(ew) Orleans, (Louisiana)

Elder reached here last night. His letter had not been received and they were not expecting him. Consequently he will not return tonight as intended. He will give Confirmation here and at Pass Christian tomorrow and then to Regales to take the mail boat and reach New Orleans Sunday morning. The ticket office told Elder that from the 6th there will be two trains north and the time will be three days and 9 hours to New York. This would give Elder time to stop a little in Baltimore. An Italian woman called to see Elder at Odin's house. If she comes again Odin is to recommend her case to some one who will take an interest in her. Elder directed her to the Redemptorists; Father Alexander said he could send her to the Good Shepherd. But the Mother Superior told Elder they could not receive her until after her confinement, probably 4 or 5 months.

VI-2-m - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1867 May 7
Rosecrans, S(ylvester) H. Aux. Bp of Cincinnati: Columbus, Ohio
 to Archbishop J(ohn) B(aptist) Purcell: of Cincinnati, Ohio

Purcell's kind offer of Father (William) Carey came when a letter reached him from Father (John F.) McSweeney telling of his venture in McArthur and begging not to be changed until his enterprises were carried into effect. Father (Francis C.) Mallon is sure to be a failure there. Father (J.) Curley who is teaching philosophy in the college at Wheeling has applied to Rosecrans for admission into the diocese. Rosecrans likes him very much. He wrote Curley that he awaits Purcell's approval. He would like to keep Mallon there as he has many converts. Mallon could keep St. Patrick's when Father Carey goes to St. Joseph's. He must commence the retreat of the children in Brown County on Monday.

II-5-c - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 12mo. - {3}

1867 May 7
Rousselon, Father (Henry): Lyons, (France)
 to Archbishop (John Mary Odin, C.M.: New Orleans, Louisiana)

The vague rumor of the death of his brother (Father Stephen Rousselon) had reached Lyons. The statement of facts and kind words of (Odin)'s letter were like a solace. The regrets shown by the clergy and faithful of New Orleans softened their sorrow. There were also numerous expressions of sympathy in Lyons. He gave out the details of (Odin)'s letter and Father Perché's paper to satisfy all the requests. P.S. When his brother left Lyons, a goung working girl named Julie Sellier, whom he had accepted for the community of Mount Carmel in New Orleans, followed him to Havre and was part of the group who were to embark with him on the Peyrève. An order came to oppose her going. Her trunk was already on board so it was agreed that it would be sent back from New York on the return of the Peyrève. The manager of the shop where Julie now works has informed Rousselon that the trunk has not arrived. No doubt Father (Jeremiah?) Martin knows what steps were taken in New York. Father Mignot and Miss Maurice who were in the group could give some information. They need copies of his brother's will and death certificate. His brother subscribed to Analecta Juris Pontificii of which he had a complete collection to date. His subscription ran out with 1866 but the editor sent the first part of the current year. If (Odin) wishes to continue it he can correspond with the editor, Victor Palmé and Rousselon will send (Odin) this first part.

VI-2-m - A.L.S. - (French) - 3pp. - 4to. - {8}

1867 May 8
Finegan, I. Adelia: Newark, (New Jersey)
 to Bishop (James Roosevelt) Bayley: (Paris, France)

Father (George H.) Doane was in his glory on Sunday announcing the anticipated arrival of the Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis in Newark. Their advent was certainly an important event but cannot compare to the one 13 or 14 years ago when Providence sent them a captain. Finegan was pained to learn from Bayley's letter announcing his arrival in Paris, of the unimproved state of his eyesight. St. Patrick's wears a desolate appearance since Bayley's departure. Finegan sends two shamrocks and a violet from St. Patrick's yard.

II-2-n - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 12mo. - {3}

1867 May 8
Hecker, (C.S.P.), Father I(saac) T(homas): New York, (New York)
 to Bishop Francis P. McFarland of: Hartford, (Connecticut)

The accompanying circular (not present) shows what has been done by the Catholic Publication Society. No work of this kind has received more encouragement. A building has been leased and plans are for buying equipment. Success will follow further encouragement of the episcopate. The episcopate is solicited for aid. In addition to the funds on hand it will require $40,000 or $50,000 to purchase the presses, etc. With proper cooperation by the episcopate the funds can be raised without too great a burden on any one.

I-1-c - L.S. - 2pp. - 4to. - {2}

1867 May 8
St. Augustin, (R.U.), Sister: New Orleans, (Louisiana)
 to Archbishop (John Mary Odin, C.M.: New Orleans, Louisiana)

(Odin) will find enclosed $280 which they (Ursulines) wish to present to the Pope. Sister St. Michel, (R.U.) sends $82 left with her by A. Rignar. P.S. They also send the Peter's pence, $158. Details are on another paper with the money.

VI-2-m - A.L.S. - (French) - 1p. - 12mo. - {4}

1867 May 10
Hutchins, Father J. B.: St. Mary's, K(entuck)y
 to Archbishop (John Baptist) Purcell: of (Cincinnati, Ohio)

He was to have gone to Europe with his Bishop (Peter J. Lavialle) but the Bishop is going to his God instead of to Rome. As Hutchins has made every arrangement, he would like to go with Purcell. He asks what time he should be in Cincinnati to join Purcell.

II-5-c - A.L.S. - 1p. - 8vo. - {2}

1867 May 10
(Lipp), Bishop Josephus (de): Rottenburg, Wurttemburg
 to Bishop P(eter) P(aul) Lefevere: Detroit, Michigan

(A copy of his letter written January 15, 1867, about) Father John Nepomucene Widmaier, who was ordained by Bishops Henni and Lefevere but who has eloped with the wife of a Doctor Francis Heil. He has returned to Germany, a priest who does not exercise his priestly functions. The Bishop wishes advice on this case.

III-2-l - A.L.S. Copy - (Latin) - 9pp. - 4to. - {3}

1867 May 12,
(Brownson, Sally, H.: Elizabeth, (New Jersey)
 to Henry (F. Brownson): (Detroit, Michigan)

(Mrs. Brownson) tells Henry that she is sorry to hear that he has not been well. She had hoped that the climate in Detroit would agree with him better than the East. Brownson is relieved of his lameness, but the Dr. who calls to see him each week thinks that the nail of his toe will have to be taken out. He walked to church on the previous Sunday, walks in the garden a good deal, and plans on going to the city in the following week. . Mr. and Mrs. Sadlier have just been over to express their pleasure over Brownson's two articles which were that very day written for the Tablet. Sarah has been quite sick for about 4 weeks with headaches and fever. The quinine seemed to break the fever and she is getting a little better each day. Sarah has had a great deal to try her in the past six months. Elizabeth has not changed such since Henry last saw it. The old hotel which stood at the corner of Broad and Water Streets, which burned last winter, is having its rubbish removed. Many buildings have been improved on Broad St. Nature has done its best for the humble Brownson home, since everything looks remarkably fresh and green, and in addition the landlord has put up a strong garden fence. A pear tree laden with blossoms, blew down a few evenings ago and Mrs. Brownson is glad of it since the tree was badly decayed. She has been thinking of her son's suffering in the past and what he will suffer in the future because of his hand. He should be consoled however, by the fact that he was doing his duty and his own individual efforts have done more to preserve law and order than he is perhaps aware of or can be in this life. His mother hopes that he can bear his many troubles patiently.

III-3-a - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 12mo. - {2}

1867 May 16
Luers, J(ohn) H. Bishop of Fort Wayne: Louisville, (Kentucky)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist) Purcell: of Cincinnati, (Ohio)

He learns from reliable authority that Father (John) Bekkers is not well calculated for the see of Louisville. It is difficult to get along with him. Prejudice against the Irish in this diocese is not on account of nationality but because the Irish clergy indulge too freely in liquor. There will be no objection to Father (Stephen V.)Ryan's appointment if he is free from this. He thinks Father (William) McCloskey would be the most acceptable.

II-5-c - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 12mo. - {3}

1867 May 20
Healy, Father James A.: (Boston, Massachusetts)
 to Bishop F(rancis) P. McFarland of: Hartford, (Connecticut)

Healy asks McFarland if he will confirm on July 25, the patronal feast of the church, since his Bishop (John J. Williams) sails for Europe next Wednesday.

I-1-c - A.L.S. - 1p. - 12mo. - {2}

1867 May 22
Kiddoo, Lieut. Col. J. B.: Fort Wayne, Mich(igan)
 to Major H(enry) F. Brownson: Fort Wayne, Mich(igan)

Permission has been obtained to form a regimental band; he lists assessments on the officers according to rank, and describes steps taken to form the band. If the assessment cannot be paid, Brownson is to inform headquarters so that other means may be employed.

III-3-h - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 8vo. - {1}

1867 May 22
Machebeuf, Father J(oseph) P.: (Columbus, Ohio)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell: of Cincinnati, Ohio)

On his return to Cincinnati, he was disappointed not to find Purcell at home. He leaves in the morning for Baltimore. According to Purcell's direction he communicated to the seminarians (of Mt. St. Mary's) the generous offer Purcell had made to allow any to volunteer to go to Colorado. The only one who could be of any great assistance before long is Henry Loweg. He found Bishop (Sylvester H.) Rosecrans engaged in preaching a retreat to the Catholic girls.

II-5-e - A.L.S. (Part missing) - 3pp. - 8vo. - {2}

1867 May 23
Auffray, Guillaume: Paris, (France)
 to Father (Leon F. Denis, S.M.?: Lyons, France)

About 5 years ago Auffray received a letter from (Denis?); he was then a student in the sixth form but as a Breton and as a Pontifical Zouave, he aspired to a higher sphere. On hearing that Archbishop (John Mary) Odin, (C.M.) was to be at St. Brieuc he offered himself as one of his coworkers and his letter was delivered to Odin at Lyons. Then Auffray received a letter from (Denis?), dated December 2, 1862 and one from Odin dated the 16th advising him to defer his going as he was too young; he was 18. Since then he has been at the seminary and made part of his theology. While waiting another occasion to devote himself to the American missions, he has been in the world. He has been a teacher and now is Assistant Director of a preparatory school. He asks (Denis?) to speak either to Bishop (Claude Marie Dubuis) Dupuis of Galveston or to Odin who is to be at Lyons June 10.

VI-2-m - A.L.S. - (French) - 4pp. - 12mo. - {3}

1867 May 27
Hurd, Frank H.: Mount Vernon, Ohio
 to James A(lphonsus) McMaster: New York, New York

He writes to McMaster, though he has never met him personally, to thank him for his exceedingly complimentary notice in the Freeman's Journal. He says that he not only agrees with McMaster's politics, but with his religious views, and feels that McMaster, more than any other human instrumentality has been responsible for this. He will in a short time make a public profession of his faith. For five years, since college he has been trying to settle the religious question and the Freeman's Journal has helped him incalculably in answering objections and removing doubt. He feels that as McMaster was himself a convert, he can appreciate the writer's feelings in discovering the true church. He mentions that two friends are interested in the Church. He encloses a picture of himself in exchange for one of McMaster.

I-1-n - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 8vo. - {1}

1867 May 27
Rodriguez, (M.S.C.), Sister M(arie) de: St. Alphonse Detroit, (Michigan)
 to Father (Napoleon Joseph Perché?: New Orleans, Louisiana)

When she wrote on the 20th she was far from thinking that before long she would have such news as this. She supposes their Mother General has left for France; this is why she writes (Perché). She returned to St. Mary's at the request of several Sisters (Marianites of Holy Gross?) who feared trouble when they saw that from the moment the news from Rome was known all was sadness and agitation. Bishop (John Henry) Luers came three weeks ago; he dropped a hint that the separation would take place if the General Chapter did not satisfy the Sisters of St. Mary's, etc. She thought she ought to warn the F(ather) S(uperior?) who says he has already told them to remain calm. On the 25th, Luers accused her of a host of things, among them that she had opened the desk of a Sister to read what she was writing to him. She told him that all were lies. He replied that he was still Apostolic Delegate and that if she did not keep quiet he would use his authority. She replied that she had nothing to fear, adding that if she was troublesome she could very well leave St. Mary's but she would not act against her conscience. He replied that it would be as Bishop (Charles John) Fillion had said, there must be a separation. Luers said that in the Chapter two Sisters from here could do nothing against 8 or 10 others. St. Alphonse went out of the parlor leaving there. Mother (Mary) of the Ascension, (M.S.C.) and two or three others. That evening the Community assembled again. Luers read extracts from a letter from Cardinal Barn(abo) which said that many points of the Constitution arranged in the Chapter du Lac were approved but this Chapter not being General the acts were annulled. And as the first act was the election of Mother Alphonse as provincial, the decree annuls her election. But the other officers were to remain, etc. She encloses a copy of Luers' circular. There was nothing for her to do but leave St. Mary's the next day. She will go to their Sisters in Canada until their Mother General arrives. She is now in Detroit to take the train for Montreal. Luers will no doubt remain at St. Mary's to continue to obey Father (Edward F.) Sorin, (C.S.C.) for he is the leader in all this. Sister is at peace amid all these calumnies and false inventions. Luers also said he would leave the Fathers of Holy Cross as confessors and directors. She is persuaded that lies and calumnies have been written to the Archbishop of New York. Sister does not want to go to New York until their Mother General tells her to. She fears measures will be taken to close the houses at Washington and Baltimore. If (Perché) sees fit he is to inform Father Charles (Chambost?) and Father (Patrick F.) Sheil, (C.S.C.). (P.S.) The circular is dated the 21st. Luers was at Notre Dame the 22nd and the Sisters and the Brothers knew for some weeks that this was going to be done.

- A.L.S. - (French) - 6pp.


1867 May 21
(Luers), John Henry, Bishop of Fort Wayne: St. Mary's (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Circular to the Sisters of Holy Cross comprising the Province of St. Mary, Notre Dame, and all its dependent houses. The Holy See has annulled the acts of the last Chapter held at St. Mary's because several affecting the entire Congregation belong by right to a General Chapter. Among these acts the first was the election of a Provincial. This decree annuls her election. The other officers will remain in charge. Their election is not absolutely reserved to the General Chapter and Luers has the authority to make any temporary arrangements until dismissed by the Holy See from the charge delegated to him overall the Sisters in America.

- D. Copy - (French) - 2pp.

VI-2-m - A.L.S., D. Copy - (French) - 8pp. - 12mo. - {9}