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1868 Sept.
(Rappe), A(madeus) Bishop of Cleveland: Cleveland, Ohio
 to Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell): of Cincinnati, (Ohio)

W. Sidley has asked Rappe to give him his dismissorial letters so he can be ordained for the diocese of Cincinnati, Rappe sends them.

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1868 Sep. 1
Raymond, Father G(ilbert): New Orleans, (Louisiana)
 to Archbishop (John Mary Odin, C.M. of New Orleans.:

He has received a dispensation from the three vows for Ferret. The dispensation was requested by his brother Father (J. Francis Raymond) during his visit to Rome. Yesterday Raymond was visited by an ex-brother of the Society of Mary of Bordeaux, Brother Silvanus. He had agreed to act as guaranty for sum of $20,000 to help out a friend in financial trouble, and the friend was unable to pay back the money. Silvanus left with permission of his superiors, and he now offers his services to New Orleans. Raymond received a certificate of deposit for $300 from Benziger Brothers in New York. (Odin) will have to sign a receipt when he returns to New Orleans. P.S. A young Irishman has asked for a dispensation to marry his sister-in-law, offering no other reason than that he wants to. Almost all the priests in New Orleans dined yesterday at Father (J.B.) Jobert's to celebrate the feast of St. Augustine. Everyone had a good time. The colored Sisters from Baltimore (the Oblate Sisters of Providence) visited him today and told him the property in question would cost $14,000 rather than the $10,000 which was originally quoted. They reject it. Two Irishmen, poor in appearance asked him to receive $700 on deposit and he could not refuse them. The money is in (Odin)'s room.

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(1868) Sep. 2
Kane, Father R(ichard): Franklin, (Louisiana)
 to Archbishop (John Mary Odin, C.M.: New Iberia, Louisiana)

He received (Odin)'s letter of the 29th; he is not worry about the land sale at Pattersonville. While there both Mr. Charpantier and Mr. Brossard spoke to him on the subject and agreed that one of them would attend the sale. The lot is not the one on which the church is built. It was bought before the war from a Mr. Nash. Two of the three notes given Nash have been paid but the inhabitants could not pay the third. On the strength of (Odin's) letter, Kane will attend the sale himself. (Odin) will be happy to know that Charpantier has severed all connections with freemasonry. Kane promises (Odin) accommodations at the hotel during his visit. Father (Claude Favre) Faivre of Thibodaux has also promised to come. He could not get the children at Pattersonville ready in time for their first Communion.

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1868 Sep. 3
Elder, William Henry, Bishop of Natchez: Hamilton, (Ohio)
 to Archbishop John B(aptist) Purcell: Cincinnati, (Ohio)

If any more letters arrive for Elder, Purcell is to send them to Father (Francis J.) Goetz, Dayton who will know his address. Elder presumes that the appointment to give the retreat conveyed faculties to hear confessions without particular limitation. If they were not included, he asks for them now.

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1868 Sept. 5
Conway, Father John: London, (Ohio)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell: of Cincinnati, Ohio)

He enclosed a receipt for the amount of money he got from James Ryan, administrator of the estate of Patrick Connors, for John Connors on whose behalf Father Burke has written. (Note: the receipt is attached. )

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1868 Sept. 6,
(Brownson, Mrs. Sarah H.): Elizabeth, (New Jersey)
 to Henry, (F. Brownson): (Atlanta, Georgia)

(Mrs. Brownson) has been informed by Henry that his mother-in-law, Mrs. Van Dyke, has passed away Because of the vindicxtive spirit of the Southerners, Henry's mother hopes that he and Fifine will leave the South by Christmas. (Brownson) is too sick to express anxiety over others and is now unable to walk a step. For the past few days he has suffered greatly and his appetite has become very poor. Dr. Hewit is the only one left to attend him since Dr. Grier has given up his practice. Brownson being his last patient. On the advice of Dr. Hewit, (Mrs. Brownson) has been giving her husband some Gettysburg water, which is said to have effected many cures. She is very discouraged with the effects of strichnine, laudanum, quinine, etc. and fears that if this particular water does not help, then nothing will. Brownson asks his wife to tell Henry that his recent relapse was almost as bad as his first. Henry was sent the paper with Wilson's speech since his father wanted him to see it. (Mrs. Brownson) sends her love to Henry and Fifine.

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1868 Sept. 8
Young, (Father) N(icholas) R( ): Kenton, O(hio)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell): of Cincinnati, Ohio)

Young has sold the house and lot that was purchased last spring, and is ready to start building a new pastoral residence adjoining the church. He will send Purcell the deed as soon as it is made out for Purcell to sign. He reports that Kenton shows signs of discontent, revealing. itself in scandalous and wicked talk. As there has been no harm done to Young's character, only attempted, he will not bother Purcell with it. He told his parish that he wished to live in peace, and since then, there has been a lull in the irreverence and looseness. The communions in West Liberty have been more per month than those in Kenton. He is faced with a debt of $2800 in West Liberty, $900 of which must be paid before the first of next year. He asks Purcell's permission to collect the money. Young's sister will go to visit their family in Washington until the middle of November, when his house will be ready for occupancy. Young would like to visit his family in November, but will treat the subject at a later date.

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1868 Sep. 9.
Cappon, Father John: Niles, (Michigan)
 to Bishop (Peter Paul Lefevere): (Detroit, Michigan)

The walls of their church are rising. The people are well disposed as reflected in their offerings. Cappon wishes to mortgage the church for two or three thousand dollars, on which, if Lefevere will procure the money, Cappon himself will pay the yearly interest. If Lefevere does not wish to send the money, he asks him to send the papers necessary to raise the amount elsewhere.

III-2-l - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 12mo. - {2}

1868 Sept. 10,
B(rownson), Sarah H.: (Elizabeth, New Jersey)
 to Henry (F. Brownson): (Atlanta, Georgia)

(Mrs. Brownson) is writing to Henry in order to relieve his anxiety about his father. The Dr. found Brownson not so well on the previous evening but hopes to get him on his feet again. He was decidedly opposed to the castor oil, laudanum and spirits of turpentine which Brownson has hurt himself by taking, and has changed the medicines. Dr. Grier came to see Brownson on the previous afternoon after not having stopped by for two or three weeks. He lost his wife last summer and has not been worth much since, according to (Mr. Brownson) who intends dismissing him entirely. Dr. Brown, who also lost his wife, stopped in last week. As a result of a more sensible care of himself (Brownson) has slept comfortably for the past few nights and (Mrs. Brownson) is much more encouraged. The rheumatic pains are less acute, and at times he feels wonderfully restless which aggravates the rheumatism and vice versa. P.S. His father received his letter and paper.

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1868 Sept. 10
(Langalerie), Peter Henry, (Girald de) Bishop of Belley: Bourg, (France)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell: of Cincinnati, Ohio)

Father ( ) Pollow? of the diocese of Belley left for America without the consent of the Bishop. He is now at the monastery of Gethsemani learning English. The Bishop does not like to render Pollow's position embarrassing by refusing all recommendation. He has a good character and does not lack zeal; but he needs to be watched over.

II-5-d - A.L.S. - (French) - 2pp. - 12mo. - {2}

1868 Sept. 11
Spalding, M(artin) J. Archbp. of Baltimore: Baltimore, (Maryland)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell): of Cincinnati, Ohio

He will be in Cincinnati, on Friday on his way to Louisville. It is a sad visit but necessary. He may be accompanied by Father (Michael) O'Connor (S.J.), ex-Bishop of Pittsburg.

II-5-d - A.L.S. - 1p. - 8vo. - {2}

1868 Sept. 16
Luddington, D(aphne) A. B(rownson): Bay City, (Michigan)
 to Orestes A. Brownson: (Elizabeth, New Jersey)

Brownson's twin sister (the writer) is grateful for the letter from Brownson. She is sorry to hear of his illness and prays he will regain his health. Even though her health is poor, she is grateful that she can work. It has been 14 years since Brownson has written to her and had almost given up hope of hearing from him again. Berry makes a good home for her and has not seen Ellen for some weeks. Brownson's letter stated that Ellen had written him. She feels grieved about sister's conditions and would send her money if she could, but all of hers comes from Berry. Sister has received a letter from Oran's widow. Mrs. Luddington wants Brownson to write again and will feel anxious until she hears again from him.

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1868 Sept. 17
Brann, (Father) H.A.: Wheeling, West Virginia
 to O(restes) A. Brownson: (Elizabeth, New Jersey)

Brann wrote a Catechism of Logic for use of high schools, and asks Brownson if he will read it over because it is the intention of the writer to dedicate the same to Brownson. P.S.—If Father Brann can do anything in the way of his profession Brownson should not hesitate to ask him.

I-4-d - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1868 Sept. 17
V(an) Gennip, Father J(ohn): Dexter,(Michigan)
 to Bishop (Peter Paul Lefevere): (Detroit, Michigan)

He asks for a priest to take care of Sylvan or Pinckey or Dexter; Sylvan and Bunkerhill can go together. He lists the many missions to which he is about to attend, causing him to be away from the 11th to the 21st. Besides, there is the triduum in October at Kalamazoo and Marshall, and now he is preparing the children for First Communion and Confirmation in Dexter and Sylvan.

III-2-l - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 12mo. - {4}

1868 Sept. 18
Weikamp, Father John B(ernard): Cross Village, Michigan
 to (Bishop Peter Paul Lefevere: Detroit, (Michigan)

Father (N. L.) Sifferath is still living in the rectory and saying Mass there; he is building a house near the church. The Indians pay little attention, but Protestants, infidels and nominal Catholics are his friends. He asks permission to list those who have failed to make their Easter Duty, and to keep a record of the Indians' support of the priest.

III-2-l - A.D.S. - 2pp. - 8vo. - {3}

1868 Sept. 18
Young, Father N(icholas) R( ): Kenton, O(hio)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell): (of Cincinnati, Ohio)

Young thanks Purcell for the latter's permission to collect funds. He asks Purcell to send him the bundle of deeds that Young forwarded in May. The lawyer wishes to examine them, and Young is to give them over the first of October.

II-5-d - A.L.S. - 1p. - 12mo. - {1}

1868 Sept. 21
Sadlier, J(ames): New York (City), (New York)
 to O(restes) A. Brownson: (Elizabeth, New Jersey)

Sadlier was sorry to hear from Brownson's daughter of Brownson's illness. He and his wife have both been ill but are now recovering. He sends $150.00 which he believes will pay Brownson up to date.

I-4-d - A.L.S. - 1pg. - 12mo. - {1}

1868 Sept. 22
Coveney, Father J(Ohn): Bellefontaine, (Ohio)
 to Archbishop J(ohn) B(aptist) Purcell: of Cincinnati, Ohio

There are about 50 children in St. Patrick's who have made their first communion and have not yet been confirmed. The people continue to send their children to the godless schools. Even some of the children who made their first communion last month are sent there by their parents.

II-5-d - A.L.S. - 1p. - 12mo. - {2}

1868 Sept. 22
Spalding, Martin J. Archbishop of Baltimore: Louisville, (Kentucky)
 to Archbishop John Baptist Purcell: Cincinnati, Ohio

Spalding has thrown all the light he could on his brother's (Father Benjamin Spalding) diocesan and personal accounts, and with this information Father (H.) Brady will be able to give an account to the new bishop with the aid of Mr. Benedict Webb will be able to see the accounts settled and the proceeds applied to the diocesan charities. All goes to the diocese and nothing to his relatives. The enclosed statment represents the condition of the diocese financially, which is better than Spalding supposed. The amount of real estate, besides churches etc., is $287,082, and the estimated debt is $71, 500 with a clear balance of $215,582. A lot of 8 acres bought 12 years ago for $8,000 is now worth $100,000. Only a small portion of the debt is pressing and with good management can be paid. Most of the debt was contracted by Bishop (Peter) Lavialle in buying a new graveyard for $30,000. and a lot for a new church for $18,000. The graveyard will pay for itself and the lot is still on hand. Purcell should keep this copy, and a copy is to be given by Brady to Bishop (William) McCloskey. Spalding asks when (McCloskey) is coming. He has been two weeks in New York. Father Benjamin Spalding heard from him only twice, both times asking for money, and refusing to take any steps in Rome where the matter could have been settled in a few minutes with the General of the Jesuits, for the reopening of St. Joseph's College. The people are restive and have misgivings. P.S. He fears that he will be so busy that he will have to leave at the last minute and pass through Cincinnati without seeing (Purcell). The fracas in Chicago is distressing. He asks Purcell to inform Rome of Archbishop (Peter Richard) Kenrick's collecting money at the doors of the church despite Rome's commands. He is asking Father (Thomas) Foley to send Purcell a copy of the libellus of the Council. (Enclosed in the hand of Webb) is the statement of the diocesan property with estimates of value, and of the debts. Webb notes also that the dioces owes Father B(enjamin) Spalding $5,600 back salary which Spalding notes is not to be called for.

II-5-d - A.L.S. - 7pp.3pp- - 12mo. - 4pp.- - 16to - {9}

1868 Sep. 24
Purcell, Archbishop J(ohn) B(aptist): Cincinnati, (Ohio)
 to Bishop P(eter) P(aul) Lefevere: Detroit, (Michigan)

For many years dissatisfied members of Catholic congregations in Lefevere's diocese have been sending complaints to Rome. In a letter of Aug. 13, Cardinal (Alexander Barnabo) writes to Purcell: "Referring to the Bishop of Detroit whom Barnabo knows very well, a priest is concerned who attributes the fault of all the misfortune of the diocese, not to the bishop but to his councillors. Whatever is the cause, still the injuries exist. While Barnabo does not recommend the aforesaid bishop to remove such councillors, he would desire to have exact account from which he can plainly perceive how affairs of this diocese proceed." Purcell can make no report such as the Cardinal demands; perhaps Lefevere can do so, either to His Eminence or to him, stating difficulties, if any; their causes, remedies, and the offences of those who are the authors of them. No news of an appointment for Marquette. He sent Lefevere's and Bishop (John M.) Henni's letter to the Cardinal and Father (Edward) Jacker's. Rome is displeased at Father (A.) Ravoux's refusal and at the council for stating in its notula that his health is good when he complains that it is bad. Archbishop (Martin John) Spalding, who was there last week, says Father (James N.?) Lancaster for unbecoming conduct, will not do for Covington. Bishop (George Aloysius) Carrell is non compos mentis vel corporis. Bishop (Henry Damian) Juncker, whom Purcell visited, will never get well. What scandals in Chicago! Purcell does not like to answer such letters from the Propaganda and yet it was written in the same strain of Cleveland and Vincennes.

III-2-l - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 8vo. - {12}

1868 Sep. 24
Seton, W(illiam 4): Rye Beach, N(ew) H(ampshire)
 to Aunt (Sister Catharine Seton: New York, New York)

They are in great sorrow. Emily (Seton) died at half past one this afternoon. He has telegraphed Mt. St. Mary's, Emmitsburg for permission to take the body there. (On the other side of the paper is a notation in Monsignor Seton's hand).

II-1-a - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 16mo. - {2}

1868 Sept. 25
Young, Father N(icholas) R.: Kenton, O(hio)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell: of Cincinnati, Ohio)

He is inclined to be despondent, therefore he accepts Purcell's action as the voice of God and will try to get along with things as they are. Non-Catholics now stay away from the church and disregard Catholic action and influence. They have been witnesses of the mutterings of Catholics in regard to their pastor and Bishop. The pastoral residence will not be ready before spring so he will have to take up winter quarters in the residence in West Liberty.

II-5-d - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 12mo. - {2}

1868 Sept. 27
Jacker, Father Edw(ar)d: Calvary, Wisconsin
 to Archbishop John Baptist Purcell: Cincinnati, (Ohio)

In conformity with Purcell's letter Jacker says that he will return the next day to the Diocese of Marquette, the condition of which is not as bad as depicted by Father (Honoratus) Bourion. The removal of two or three priests including Bourion himself would remedy matters, but since they have given no great scandal, and since there is no prospect for relief in the person of disinterested missionaries, he will have to leave things in existing conditions, with one exception. The changes he made were beneficial to priests and congregations. In financial matters, thanks to Purcell's help sent last spring, they have scarcely ever been better. The debts of the diocese are paid, of the cathedral nearly, and $18,000 from a fair, held shortly after the fire, speaks well for the congregation of about 2,000 laborers and mechanics mostly. The Ursulines in Marquette are a peaceful and edifying community. The scandal referred to by Bourion occured at Ontagon, (Michigan), 18 months ago and terminated four weeks later with the return of the half-crazy superioress and her associates to Canada. Jacker wished that the accusations of Bourion would have produced the intended effect of enabling him to fulfill a long-felt desire, but he knew that Purcell would be upset by these accusations and that he would desire to know that things were well. He could appeal to all the priests of the diocese except this ambitious one. As to his being chosen as administrator, Bishop (Frederick Baraga) made public in a letter his choice and gave him a document to dispell any doubts. Purcell had confirmed Baraga's choice, only Bourion did not accept him, announcing that Jacker had been deposed for bad administration. Having failed in his visit to Cincinnati, Bourion, announces that he will sell his property and leave the diocese. Jacker asks Purcell's forgiveness for taking his time.

II-5-d - A.L.S. - 6pp. - 12mo. - {6}

1868 Sep. 29
Barnabo, Cardinal Al(exander) C.:
Prefect of C(ongregatio) de P(ropogando) F(ide) Rome, (Italy)
 to Bishop (Peter Paul Lefevere): Detroit, (Michigan)

In other days, business with the Holy See was conducted only in Latin or Italian. But now the Sacred Congregation receives letters in French, German, Dutch, etc. They wish hereafter that these documents be written in Latin or Italian. And since the use of Latin has declined, they urge the bishops to promote the study of that language as the bond of unity in the Church. Signed by Barnabo and Archbishop John Simeone as secretary.

III-2-l - Printed L.S. - (Latin) - 1p. - 4to. - {1}

1868 Sept. 29
Barnabo, Al(exander) Cardinal Prefect: Rome, (Papal States)
 to Archbishop John Baptist Purcell: Cincinnati, Ohio

Since it has been customary for ages to conduct all business with the Apostolic See, except with the oriental rites, in Latin or at least Italian, it is thought that there should be no departure at the present time because it is impossible for the officials of the Holy See to understand the large numbers of languages in which business is conducted. The fact that business with the Sacred Congregation of the Propaganda has been conducted in these other languages has caused considerable delay. Consequently, (Purcell) is to do what he can to see that any business from his diocese, especially that conducted by the clergy, be conducted in Latin or Italian. As to Latin the Holy See calls attention to the neglect of that language throughout the world from which the difficulty, of communication arises, and by which the church is losing this bond of unity. Consequnetly, the archbishop is to do all he can to promote the study of Latin in his diocese. John Simeoni signs as Secretary.

II-5-d - Printed letter signed. - (Latin) - 1pg. - 8vo. - {1}

1868 Sept. 30
Spalding, M(artin) J. Archbp. of Baltimore: Nazareth, (Kentucky)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell: of Cincinnati, Ohio)

Enclosed is the statement of Father F(rancis) Chambige who begs Purcell not to use his name as it would create unpleasantness with the person concerned and his numerous family. It was thought better not to speak to Mother Columba. The new bishop (William McCloskey) at length writes that he will be there on the 6th of Oct.

Chambige, Father F(rancis): Nazareth, (Kentucky)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist) Purcell: of Cincinnati, (Ohio)

In obedience to Purcell's request, he states that the council of the (Sisters of Charity of ) Nazareth has recalled its members from the city of Frankfort, (Kentucky) for the reason that the gentleman in question has taken improper liberties with several of them.

II-5-d - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 12mo. - {6}

1868 Sept. 30
Young, Father N(icholas) R( ): Kenton, O(hio)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell): (of Cincinnati, Ohio)

Young has sold the house and lot for $1200, having paid only $1175 for it. The sale leaves him with debts paid, and $150, to which will be applied to his new house. He asks Purcell to sign the deed and return it to him within a week. The west Liberty property deed is waiting its turn in the Recorder's office in Bellefontaine to be transferred to Purcell.

II-5-d - A.L.S. - 1p. - 12mO. - {2}