University of Notre Dame


1868 Dec. 3
O'Flynn, C. J.: (Detroit, Michigan)
 to Bishop (Peter Paul Lefevere): (Detroit, Michigan)

Father (Isaac Thomas) Hecker's (C.S.P.) lecture will take place at 8 P.M. Friday in Young Men's Hall, Admission 30 cents. O'Flynn is making every effort to pack the hall and requests Lefevere to announce the lecture in the cathedral and other churches. Every Catholic ought to attend since Martin Luther is to be skinned by a Catholic priest not simply on the invitation of a Protestant Society but at the expense of that society.

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1868 Dec. 4
Dwenger (C.PP.S.), Father Jos(eph): St. Mary's, (Ohio)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell: of Cincinnati, Ohio)

At a meeting of the consultors at Mariastein, Dwenger was appointed to be one of the consultors and secretary of the Precious Blood Fathers. Father Bernard Austermann (C.PP.S.) procurator relieving Father (Andrew) Kunkler of all care for the temproalities. Father Christian French wishes to leave Wapak(oneta). Father (Xavier) Griessmayer will replace him. Father Anthony Guggenberger will live at Carthagena to watch over the seminary. He will attend to the people of Newport.

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1868 Dec. 6
Brady, Sister: St. Vincent's Asylum, Toledo, Ohio
 to James F. Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Sister Superior says that $15 will cover the cost of the Infant Jesus. It is so fragile it would not be safe to send it by express.

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1868 Dec. 7
(Gerretsen), I.H.M., Sister M. Gertrude: Monroe, Michigan
 to Bishop (Peter Paul Lefevere): (Detroit, Michigan)

She explains some misunderstandings as regards the sending back to Marshall of some of her Sisters, (Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary), to resume teaching in its schools. Scarcity of Sisters, their particular work in the community, the lack of cooperation of Father (C ) Frain and Father D(esiderius) Callaert of Marshall, explain her lack of action, which in no way was meant as disrespect to Lefevere. Their Father (Edward Joos), as their Director, has cooperated in their favor.

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1868 Dec. 9
Rohan, Ellen D.: Norfolk, V(irgini)a
 to James A(lphonsus) McMaster: (New York, New York)

Rohan sends McMaster a copy of the Arkansas State Gazette, containing an article on the Council, written by Rohan's cousin, Colonel Harrell, late of the Confederate Army. He is a High Churchman, and though an excellent man, knows little of the subject he writes about. She asks that McMaster comment on the article in some future edition of the Freeman's Journal, so that she can send the comment to her cousin. She encloses $3 for a subscription to the paper to be sent to Rev. Stanislaus Buteux, of Boston College.

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1868 Dec. 12
Cullen, Paul Cardinal: Dublin, (Ireland)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell: of Cincinnati, Ohio)

A royal commission is sitting in Ireland examining the state of national education. He intends to give his views and is anxious to know Purcell's experience with regard to similar schools in the United States. Their schools must be open to children of every denomination and nothing must be taught that might clash with the religion of any child. He has been suffering since the beginning of last July.

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1868 Dec. 12
Jacker, Father Edward: Calumet, Mich(igan)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist)Purcell: of Cincinnati, (Ohio)

Today he received the letter of Purcell with the news of Bishop (Ignatus) Mrak's appointment. He hopes he will accept and make no delay in taking possession of his see. Jacker will be unable to attend the consecration because of difficulty and expense of travelling in winter. He cannot leave his missions unattended. The 1868 allocation of 1,600 francs arrived from Paris but not the balance for 1867. He fears that the draft was sent and went into the wrong hands.

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1868 Dec. 14
Mrak, Ign(atius), Bishop-elect of Marquette: Eagletwon, Mich(igan)
 to Archbishop J(ohn) B(aptist) Purcell: of Cincinnati, O(hio)

He received Purcell's letter notifying him of his appointment by the Holy Father as the successor of Bishop (Frederick) Baraga. He submits to the decision of the Holy Father and will come down as soon as the roads are settled and the stage begins to run, perhaps after Christmas or New Year's. P.S.—(Dated Dec. 24) A sudden sick call 35 miles away made him forget to post the letter and found Purcell's second letter of Dec. 3 upon his return.

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1868 Dec. 15
McCloskey, W(illiam) Bishopof Louisville: Louisville, (Kentucky)
 to Archbishop John Baptist Purcell: Cincinnati, (Ohio)

McCloskey acknowledges Purcell's kind letter but says that he must decline the invitation. He also thanks Purcell for the Chrism. As regards Covington he regarded the thing as settled and has done nothing. He presumes that in Rome they will not turn aside from the regular nomination. He asks Purcell certain questions about the power of a bishop to absolve priests in cases reserved to the Apolstolic See. He asks whether a priest with ordinary power can absolve in these cases since a confessor at Gethsemani has asked him. He will be most happy to see Mother Joseph that things may be settled permanently. Archbishop (Martin J. Spalding) will have a tartar on his hands. McCloskey is glad she did not come there as he would have astonished her.

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1868 Dec. 15
Odin, Archbishop J(ohn) M. of New Orleans: New Orleans, (Louisiana)
 to Archbishop J(ohn) B(aptist) Purcell: of Cincinnati, (Ohio)

Odin informs Purcell that on the first of December he submitted to the Bishops of New Orleans Province his desire to have a Coadjutor. Since Odin is 68 years of age and in feeble health, the duties of the archdiocese are above his strength. Odin has sent the following names to Rome: Very Rev. Napoleon Joseph Perche, V.G., who has done a great deal to promote religion in this diocese by preaching and writing, and who is esteemed and respected by clergy and laity. Rev. Francis Lespes, S.J., of Spring Hill College, New Orleans, is well acquainted with the French, English, and Spanish languages, and a man of talents, prudence and judgment. Rev. Charles Menard, Parish priest for 25 years of his 51 years, and one of Odin's most efficient clergymen. Odin requests Purcell to send his own views to the Holy See and to assist Odin to obtain the request. He wishes Purcell a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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1868 Dec. 16

Sadlier, D.J. and Co. by (William) Denman: New York (City), (New York)
 to O(restes) A. Brownson: (Elizabeth, New Jersey)

The $8.00 bill was a mistake and has been straightened out, hence she was not to be charged with it. The remittance of 50 cents is returned and is to be given to Mrs. Brownson who sent for some copies of the Tablet which contained articles on Lempke. If she wants more, they will be pleased to supply them. They are sending copies of works which will soon be published. A volume of Banim's works has already been forwarded. It should not be published but Denman wants Brownson to give his opinion and to return the book.

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1868 Dec. 17
Audran, Father Ernest: Jeffersonville, Clark County, Indiana
 to (James Alphonsus) McMaster: (New York, New York)

Audran asks that McMaster send the Journal in the future to Jeffersonville. He is no longer Pastor of the Cathedral of Vincennes. After more than 22 years of hard and faithful service, without one reproach on his character or one complaint against him, he has been sent to this Parish. The reason is that Bishop (Maurice de) St. Palais, in a fit of unjust jealousy, because he wrongly thinks that the people of Vincennes have more regard for the writer than for the Bishop, tells him that in the future he wants to fulfil the functions of pastor of his own Cathedral himself, personally, and as it could not be so long as the writer was in Vincennes, he was forced to go. He has left without telling anybody. He asks McMaster to keep this information to himself. It will help enlighten him a little on the arbitrary doings of some of our good Bishops and on the apropos of McMaster's recent articles on this subject. Again, he asks that this be kept secret by McMaster.

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1868 Dec. 17
Kehoe, L(awrence): New York (City), (New York)
 to (Orestes A. Brownson): (Elizabeth, New Jersey)

Kehoe s ends enclosed a check for $54.00 for Brownson's article on Ewer. Remittance will be sent for the other article when it "is up".

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1868 Dec. 17
Spalding, M(artin) J. Abp. of Baltimore: Baltimore, (Maryland)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell: of Cincinnati, Ohio)

He sent a copy of the Letters of Convocation of their Provincial Council merely for Purcell's information. He is glad that Purcell was pleased with the plan for endowing the American College (at Rome). Dr. (Silas M.) Chartard places the annual deficit at $6,000. Philadelphia has not come up to Baltimore in the amount of contributions, falling short $6,000.

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1868 Dec. 18
Hennessy, John, Bishop of: Dubuque, (Iowa)
 to Bishop (Francis P.) McFarland of: (Hartford, Connecticut)

Hennessy will accept Father (H.T.) Brady back. Hennessy is grateful for the consideration and will write to Brady. If Brady or his cousin have any contrary wishes he will respect them.

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1868 Dec. 20
Dwenger, (C.PP.S.) Father Joseph: Carthagena, O(hio)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell): (of Cincinnati, Ohio)

He tells (Purcell) of the success of his missions near Toledo. In the last place, Metamora, the Sacraments were received by some who had not been to them for as long as 25 years. One was baptized, and 8 more are receiving instructions. Dwenger thinks Purcell overestimates the latter's ability, but he will be very happy to come to preach a retreat at the Cathedral. It will be 2 weeks before he can get there, and suggests that Purcell appoint a time during Lent. Dwenger relates events of the society (Precious Blood) and tells Purcell where the various missionaries are now preaching. Father (A ) Kunkler joins Dwenger in wishing Purcell a Merry Christmas.

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1868 Dec. 21
(Kenrick), Peter Richard, Archbishop: St. Louis (Missouri)
 to Archbishop (John Mary Odin, C.M.: New Orleans, Louisiana)

He has written Cardinal (Alexander) Barnabo concerning (Odin)'s request for a coadjutor, and has listed the names in the order (Odin) prepared. He regrets that ill health forces (Odin) to seek this alternative, and he hopes that (Odin) may now be able to bestow on his health that care it needs.

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1868 Dec. 23
Bourion, Father H(onoratus): Negaunee, Mich(igan)
 to Bishop (Peter Paul Lefevere) Lefebvre: Detroit, (Michigan)

For a long time now the appointment of Monsignor (Ignatius) Mrak has been expected as successor to Bishop (Frederic) Baraga who wished a less burdensome see. Bourion thinks the delay has hurt the diocese. He asks for the time and place of consecration as he wishes to assist at it, and later to guide Mrak through his new diocese.

III-2-l - A.L.S. - (French) - 4pp. - 4to. - {3}

1868 Dec. 25
Remcun, J.: Detroit, Mich.
 to James F. Edwards: (Toledo, Ohio)

He arrived Tuesday and neglected to write. He broke his promise by going to the Varieties the night after he arrived and by missing Communion this morning, but he will try to be better in the future.

XI-1-a - A.L.S. - 1p. - 8vo. - {1}

1868 Dec. 27
Lemonnier, C.S.C., Father A(ugustus): Notre Dame, Indiana
 to James F. Edwards: (Toledo, Ohio)

He will start tomorrow for St. Louis. He sends Christmas greetings.

XI-1-a - A.L.S. - 1p. - 12mo. - {1}

1868 Dec. 28
Spalding, M(artin) J. Abp. of Baltimore: Baltimore, (Maryland)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell): of Cincinnati, (Ohio)

He agrees with Purcell that the second on the list for Coadjutor of New Orleans, being a Jesuit, is not available. As to the first, his thirty years of faithful service in New Orleans may well atone for any indiscretions of youth. F. Doane is doing better in New York where in two days he secured $26,000.

II-5-d - A.L.S. - 1p. - 12mo. - {3}

1868 Dec. 29
Elizabeth of St. Ignatius, (R.U.), Sister Mary: (New Orleans, Louisiana)

The final profession of her vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience as a member of the Ursulines. (In the papers of Archbishop John Mary Odin.)

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1868 Dec. 29
(Lipp), Bishop Joseph (von): Rottenberg, (Germany)
 to Bishop P(eter) P(aul) Lefevere: Detroit, Michigan

As soon as he received Lefevere's letter of September 16, 1867, granting to Father John Nep(pomucene) Widmaier of the Detroit Diocese permission to leave after he was accepted by another bishop, Lipp accepted him into his diocese. He entreats Lefevere to send him dimissional letters for Widmaier.

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