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Clipping dealing with Archbishop John B. Purcell's visit to Washington, Ohio, and describing the church and community. Another tells of address by Purcell at St. Xavier's College, Cincinnati, on June 27, 1872. Visit by Purcell to Hamilton, Ohio. Notice by Purcell to clergy, desiring their attendance at the Ecclesiastical Conferences. Article dealing with statement by the Catholic Telegraph on the character of Catholicism in America. Article on Monte Cassino, Naples, and a letter by Purcell from Rome to his clergy recommending Father D. Bonifacio Krug of Monte Cassino.

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(1872?) ( )
Garvey, (Father) Eugene A.: Williamsport, P(ennsylvani)a
 to James (Alphonsus) McMaster: (New York, New York)

Garvey asks that his copy of the Freeman be sent to Williamsport. He supposes McMaster has heard of the troubles in Williamsport, Bishop (William O'Hara) of Scranton removed (Father) M(ichael) Stack from his parish in Williamsport, whereupon Stack took the matter to the civil court. He claimed he was removed without sufficient cause, and asked the court to condemn the Bishop's action. He engaged as council Messrs. Price of Phil(adelphia) and Armstrong of W(illiams)P(ort); the Bishop is represented by Judge Maynard. The court closed yesterday, but the Judge has not yet handed down a decision. Father Stack's council tried to show he was fighting for his rights "in" the Church and according to Church law, and much time was spent in trying to prove that America in not a missionary country, but is under canon law. Stack has the sympathy of all the Protestants and a few Catholics, but a decision in his favor would be disastrous, and the case would go to the Supreme Court. Carvey will not speak regarding Stack's character, and does not know if the Bishop made a charge of immorality, but it he did, it was not used. Stack intended to publish in the city papers a letter from a back number of the Freeman relating to the authority of Bishops. Garvey's letter is confdential, but may be used.

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Glynn, Father L.: Galveston, Texas
 to (Archbishop Napoleon Joseph Perché?: New Orleans, Louisiana)

The first efforts having been frustrated by a hurricane and the edifice destroyed, they propose to erect a more spacious St. Patrick's Church. They offer to all contributors of $10 participation in a weekly mass for 50 years. All letters should be addressed to Glynn or Father L(ouis) C.M. Chambodut. Approved by Bishop C(laude) M(arie) Dubuis.

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New York Archdiocese: (New York, New York)

Archbishop (John) McCloskey has selected Father John M. Farrelly as successor to succeed Bishop (Francis) McNeirnyin the post as secretary.

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(New York Herald): (New York, New York)

Pontifical high mass celebrated by Archbishop (John) McCloskey - the Holy Ghost the Soul of the Church - the perfection of nature a figure of the Church - sermon by Father (John) McNamee.

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1872( )
Peter, Sarah: New York, (New York)
 to (James Alphonsus) McMaster: (New York, New York)

Since she has left Newport, she asks that the Freeman's Journal be sent to her in Cincinnati. If McMaster has time she would like for him to call on her during her short visit in New York. She thanks him for the attention shown her request. P.S.—She has just heard of the death of Miss Julie Beers in Belgium. This is the name of a friend of hers who wrote on July 18 that she intended remaining in Rome for the summer. The coincidence of names worries her and she asks if McMaster has heard anything. Miss Beers sent her the paper on the Roman Schools which was forwarded to McMaster some weeks ago.

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Williams, Nicholas M.: New York, (New York)

Portrait of Bishop Luke Concanen.

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1872( )
Sadlier, M(ary) A.: New York, New York
 to O(restes) A. Brownson: (Elizabeth, New Jersey)

Sadlier was away from home and it was only recently that she heard of the death of Brownson's wife (Sarah H. Brownson). She extends her and her family's most sincere condolences.

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Young, Father N(icholas) D., O.P.: (Somerset, Ohio)
 to Orestes A. Brownson: (Elizabeth, New Jersey)

Father Young hopes Brownson remembers him. Now Father Young is preparing himself for the next life and is in good health. News of the revival has reached Father Young. He prayed that God would give Brownson many years to continue it. By the last mail, Father Young sent a publication to Brownson which was authored by one of the priests and he hopes Brownson will write a short criticism of it, which criticism will encourage the author to do more in defense of our Holy Religion. Two subscriptions have been forwarded and Father Young hopes to obtain more from his friends when he visits them in Ohio and in Washington.

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Purcell, Archbishop John B.:

Clipping concerning new home of Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. Another describes Purcell's visits to various congregations of the Diocese. Open letter of Purcell warning Catholics against three fallen priests; return to Cincinnati from Louisville where Purcell ordained six priests. Report from the Freeman's Journal concerning a prediction made by Purcell thirty years before. Article concerning St. Aloysius Society in Cincinnati. Notice of closing of a mission at Holy Angels' Church, Cincinnati.

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