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(1872) (Jun.)
The Pilot: (Boston, Massachusetts)

Collection for Pope Pius IXto be taken up in his hour of affliction.

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1872 Jun. 3
Pax, Father Geo(rge): Williamsville, N(ew) Y(ork)
 to Rich(ard) H(enry) Clarke: New York, (New York)

When Pax wrote that he was sending his scrap book away this summer, he was not asking Clarke to return his manuscripts. Pax is thinking of cutting the Moosmuller article from his scrap books and presenting it to Clarke. Pax speaks of variations in the proper names in the Moosmuller translation. He could send also Moosmuller's story about the discovery of Iceland. He will soon send a translation of his uncle's letter about Bishop (John Nepomucene) Neumann. Pax speaks of additional photographs about the "Tholus of Newport". Father (Oswald) Moosmuller, (O.S.B.) had only those pictures for "American Antiquities" at his disposal. Clarke might perhaps find 1 or 2 more of church ruins in Greenland in "Antiquitatis Am(ericana)". Clarke can find runic writing in many books but no one in America understands runic writing. All this is in Pax's manuscripts. He speaks of another article by a German priests on Indian writing similar to runic. He sends the lectures of the French priest Brasseur. It would do better at the end of a Mormon book. Protestants as well as Catholics will be astonished by Clarke's suggested work published in a way accessible to all. Pax is sure after all of Clarke's investigations he will confine himself to Moosmuller alone. He speaks of other strange findings on America.

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1872 June 5
Denman, W(illia)m: New York (City), (New York)
 to Orestes A. Brownson (Elizabeth, New Jersey):

Denman would like Brownson to write an article on the Methodist Conference. No paper as yet has touched upon it. Regards are extended to Brownson and family.

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1872 June 8
Allard, Father J B.: Key West, Fl(orid)a
 to (James Alphonsus McMaster): (New York, New York)

He encloses $6.00 for his subscription to the Journal for 1871, 1872, and to April of 1873. He is sending the Key West Guardian in which there are a few words against the diabolical "Journal of Civilization." He asks that McMaster give him a good blow. The Journal was confiscated here during the War, but is circulated now. The editor of the Key West Guardian used to be bitterly opposed to the Chatholic Church, but is soon to become a Catholic. Forgive him for going for Greeley. P.S. He does not interfere in politics.

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1872 June 8
Parke, Father H(enry) F.: Parkersburg, West V(irgini)a
 to Archbishop (John Baptist) Purcell: of Cincinnati, (Ohio)

A few weeks ago he had the honor to enjoy the hospitality of Purcell's and Bishop (Richard V.) Whelan's friendship. The Archbishop and Vicar General of Rennes, France, Bishop St. Marc and Father Rene Combs sent their warmest greeting to Purcell and also a package of rolics for him. He writes for instructions. Purcell and Father Edward (Purcell) will be glad to know that Parke is in good health. Last November his health seemed lost but in February he knelt for twenty-one days before the Grotto at Lourdes and was heard and helped. On the fifth day the pain in his breast left him and since then not the slightest uneasiness has been experienced. He saw Bernadette, the Voyante of Lourdes. At Pont-Main, he found the old Cure Michel Guerin. He also saw Josephine Prudhomme, said to have had five apparitions of our Lady last Ash Wednesday. The latter facts have not been passed on by Episcopal authority. He encloses for Father Edward a copy of an account of a recent miracle in Paris. The account was sent to the Superior of the Grand Seminary, Nantes, from St. Sulpice, Paris.

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1872 June 9
Seton, W(illia)m: Munich, Bavaria
 to Orestes A. Brownson: (Elizabeth, New Jersey)

Seton writes to express his sorrow to Brownson caused by the loss of his wife. Such a loss can not be made up. Brownson's only hope is to pray they will be united in another world. Seton's sisters too express their sorrow.

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1872 Jun. 10
Dubuis, C(laude) M(ary), Bishop (of Galveston): San Antonio, (Texas)
 to Archbishop (Napoleon Joseph Perché,: New Orleans, Louisiana)

Dubuis, before his departure for Victoria, hastens to thank (Perché) for his prudent and wise conduct in the Hearn affair. As for the arrangements regarding the land, he is in complete accord with (Perché's) proposals regarding both price and time. They had a terrible flood yesterday.

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1872 Jun. 10
Lutton, Am.: New Orleans, (Louisiana)

Received from Archbishop (Napoleon Joseph) Perché 300 piastres for advances on the Book of the Missions. This sum will be reimbursed by the Redemptorists. Lutton signs for the Catholic Propagator.

VI-2-o - A.D.S. - (French) - 1p. - 8vo. - {3}

1872 June 12
Leake, A G.: New Haven, K(entuck)y
 to J(ames) A(lphonsus) McMaster: (New York, New York)

He encloses $15 for six subscriptions to the Journal, giving the names of the subscribers. He was formerly a subscriber to the Journal, but he lost all of his cherished associations during the late War. A few days ago Mr. G W. Hagan gave Leake a copy of the Journal, and all the old familiarity returned. He is determined to do all he can to promote its circulation in New Haven and hopes to add to the small club of 6 already subscribing. He asks McMaster's advice concerning an article sent to a state paper. He included sufficient postage for the return of the article in case it was not used, and has asked for its return twice, as it has not appeared in print. The editor evidently refuses to return the manuscript, and Leake wishes to know what obligation, if any, the editor is under. His refusal to publish is due to prejudice, because the article was of benefit to a religious order and the paper is edited by a clerical gentleman. He does not write this for publication, but merely asks that McMaster reply through the Journal, he asks that he does not mention the location or name of the inquiry, for it would only cause hard feelings, something Leake wishes to avoid with the clergyman.

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1872 June 12
Young, Father N(icholas) R.: Bellefontaine, Ohio
 to Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell): (of Cincinnati, Ohio)

He has been informed by friends and relatives in Washington that his uncle is in danger of death. He wishes his uncle to bless him once again before he dies, and therefore writes to Purcell asking for permission to hasten to his uncle's bedside if he receives a letter or telegram warning him of the approaching end. It will be a sad visit for him and he will not delay or tarry longer than necessary. He hopes and prays that such a call may be yet far distant. He has received notice from the authorities of the Dominicans that his presence inter fratres is a thing not desired now nor at any time to come. He accepts his rejection as an argument for salvation and will hold faithfully to the assignment given him. He tried to meet Purcell when the Archbishop passed through Bellefontaine recently but missed the train. He is trying to set up a total abstinence society. It is much needed here, but he is not having much success. The men, and some women too, all love their dram. His sister is well and joins him in praying for Purcell.

II-5-e - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 12mo. - {2}

1872 June 13
Borgess, C(aspar) H. Bishop of Detroit: Detroit, (Michigan)
 to Archbishop J(ohn) B(aptist) Purcell: (Cincinnati, Ohio)

He is delighted with Purcell's proposition and shall be ready for the trip on July 18. Bishop (Ignatius) Mrak shall be informed by the first mail from Detroit and he will also try to prevent the impositions of preparing work instead of a recreation. He is glad that (Father Edward Purcell) was pleased with his visit. It was too bad that he could not remain a few days. Some persons from St. Ann's, the French congregation, thought well to express to the Probate Judge that they believed the will of Bishop(Frederic)Rese a forgery. This necessitated the bringing of Mrs. Van Dyke to court as a witness, and the opposing party induced a Mr. La Croix to testify. But to their surprise, La Croix gave unqualified testimony to all the signatures as genuine. It is too bad that it became necessary for them to accuse Borgess of presenting a forged instrument to the court, with so many honorable persons swearing to it.

II-5-e - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 12mo. - {5}

1872 Jun. 15
Keller, S.J., Father Jos(eph) E.: Balt(imore), M(arylan)d
 to Bishop F(rancis) P. McFarland of: Hartford, (Connecticut)

Just returned from their country missions, he finds McFarland's letter waiting. He does not fore-see any thing that will prevent the proposed retreat. If an obstacle comes it will he made known in time. As to New Haven they are in no hurry.Father (Michael) O'Connor, (S.J.) is going home slowly but receives Holy Communion daily. The new Sisters (of Mercy) of Middletown have applied to him for a Father to give them a retreat. He will try to comply with their request.

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1872 June 17
Jean, Father F(rederick) C.: Montauban, (France)
 to (James Alphonsus McMaster): (New York, New York)

He arrived in France last Monday after travelling through England, Scotland and Ireland. He has not seen Father (A.M.) Pelamourgues yet, but shall meet him tomorrow, when they will both proceed to Rome. Pelamourgues wanted to return to Dubuque, but his services were not needed and the Bishop did not answer his letter. He does not realize how times have changed since he left Iowa. He has a question which he would like to put in the Journal if McMaster think it should be inserted. It is in regard to the cathedraticum, or contribution of each priest or parish to the Bishop that has been demanded for the past 10 years. He would like to know whether it is a tax or merely an alms. If a tax, it should be apportioned according to population or some other representation. If it is for the support of the Bishop, the Bishop should be in need of support, but since each Bishop holds title to the Church property of the diocese, it is difficult to allege that they are in need of support. It is common knowledge that one of the western Bishops was the owner of a banking house besides owning all the Church property. Why should support be demanded then? Is not the Church in the U. S. a missionary Church, relying on contributions and donations of the faithful for its support. Then the idea of taxing them for the support of the Bishops seems repugnant to the religious hearts. Is not the cathedraticum an alms, a voluntary donation from the rich to the poor? And if it is an alms, is it obligatory and when and how is it so? He would be grateful if some one more able and more impartial would throw some light on the question. How do McMaster's clerical readers feel about it?

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1872 Jun. 17
N(ew) Y(ork) Herald: (New York, New York)

Eloquent sermon by the Archbishop (John) McCloskey. Arraignment of the Sins of the Age - the Holy See; its past glories, present condition, and future triumphs.

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1872 June 17
Zimmer, C.SS.R., Father Pet(er): Chicago, (Illinois)
 to (James Alphonsus McMaster): (New York, New York)

He thanks McMaster for publishing his call for aid in rebuilding St.Michael's and asks that this be repeated. He sends a sample of the tickets that have been prepared and asks that they be sold in McMaster's office and that a list of their special benefactors be published. He asks God to reward McMaster for the kindness shown to the Redemptorists. McMaster is numbered among the special benefactors for whom they will not cease to pray and to offer the Holy Sacrifice.

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1872 Jun. 18
Basilide, (S.P.), Sister: St. Mary-of-the-Woods, (Indiana)
 to Archbishop (Napoleon Joseph Perché: New Orleans, Louisiana)

It will soon be 31 years ago that (Perché) stopped off at the convent (of the Sisters of Providence) on his way to New Orleans. During that time many changes have occurred. Mother Theodore (Anne-Thérèse Guerin, S.P.), whom the Lord gave for the establishment and consolidation of His work among them, is no more. However they have had another guide (Mother Anastasia Jane Brown, S.P.) who worked with Mother Theodore for many years. Their affliction is similar to that of Bishop (Maurice) de St. Palais who recently lost his vicar-general. (P.S.) Father J(ohn) Corbe just died. He celebrated his last Mass on Trinity Sunday, the 40th anniversary of his ordination and died on Monday, June 5.

VI-2-o - A.L.S. - (French) - 3pp. - 4to. - {7}

1872 June 18

Benziger Brothers Publishers Cincinnati, (Ohio)
 to James A(lphonsus) McMaster: (New York, New York)

Father (Francis X.) Weninger has not received either a letter or the $4 from McMaster which he understands McMaster returned to him.

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1872 Jun. 18
Early, S.J., Father John:
Georgetown College, (District of Columbia)
 to Richard H. Clarke: (New York, New York)

Early proposed Clarke for the degree of LL.D. at their Commencement on the 27th and the faculty concurred. Early hopes Clarke will be present. The same degree was conferred on (Thomas William) Marshall before his return to England, and will be conferred on Senator (Charles) Casserly and Justice (Samuel F.) Miller of the Supreme Court. Mr. & Mrs. Casserly were there that day. He sends his regards to Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Ives and Fitzgerald.

I-2-n - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 8vo. - {4}

1872 June 20
Chatard, Father S(ilas) M.: Rome, (Italy)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist) Purcell: Cincinnati, (Ohio)

When Bishop (James F.Wood) of Philadelphia transmitted to Chatard the proceeds of the Burses for the latter half of 1871, he requested that the receipt of them be acknowledged to the individual contributors. He therefore gives receipt for $300, proceeds of two Burses belonging to the Diocese of Cincinnati. Father (Engelbert) Stehle has paid them a visit and will likely tell of his vicissitudes in getting his audience. He enjoyed Rome, as did his companions. The Holy Father is well. By the time this letter gets to Purcell, he will have read the Pope's letter to cardinal Antonelli.

II-5-e - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 12mo. - {3}

1872 June 21
Gambosville, Father L: Boonton, (New Jersey)
 to (James Alphonsus) McMaster: (New York, New York)

He corrects McMaster's statement in the last Journal that the infidel Malt-Brun was born in France. He was born in Jutland, not France. Also, McMaster refers to Murillo as the greatest painter of the Christian world. All the competent men since 1520 will challenge this. Murillo's degree of glory is high enough for McMaster's thesis and for Spain.

I-1-o - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1872 Jun. 22
Robert, A(lexander): New Orleans, (Louisiana)
 to Archbishop Napoleon Joseph Perché: (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Robert has received from Perché 3960 piastres due on a debt of 6000 piastres owed to Eugene Paret; 3000 toward the capital and 960 for two years' interest.

VI-2-o - A.D.S. - (French) - 1p. - 12mo. - {2}

1872 June 25
Lyons, Father John A.:
St. Peter's Church, Wilmington, M(arylan)d
 to Ja(me)s A(lphonsus) McMaster: (New York, New York)

Mr. M F. Valletter, formerly connected with the Philadelphia Cath(olic) Standard has published a new paper called the Catholic Herald. He was necessitated to do this for several reasons, upon the advice of Bishop (James F.) Wood (of Philadelphia). The paper is on the joint stock plan, and its share-holders are clergymen. The paper will be under very editorial management in a short time. Bishop (Thomas A.) Becker (of Wilmington) will take an active interest in it. Vallette is anxious to receive a favorable notice from the Freeman, and by doing so McMaster will be performing an act of charity. P. S. Bishop Becker will start from Baltimore on July 3 for a tour of Europe and Rome.

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1872 Jun. 25

New York Archdiocese (New York, New York)

The new church of St. John the Baptist was dedicated by Archbishop (John) MCloskey.

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1872 June 27
Power, Father M.: Louisville, (Kentucky)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist) Purcell: (Cincinnati, Ohio)

He thanks Purcell for his cordial invitation. The fifty dollars pinned to Purcell's Breviary and the twenty-five enclosed in the envelope were given to be spent as Purcell pleased as a token of their affection towards him.

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1872 Jun. 29
The Pilot: (Boston, Massachusetts)

Eloquent sermon by Archbishop (John) McCloskey - arraignment of the Sins of the Age; the Holy See, its past glories, present condition, and future triumphs.

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(18)72 Jun. 29
The Pilot: (Boston, Massachusetts)

Article on the temperance movement. A public meeting held under the direction of P.J. Galvin of the Cathedral Temperance Society.

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