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(18)72 Dec. 6
Dodson, W.B.: (New Orleans, Louisiana)
 to Archbishop (Napoleon Joseph) Perché: (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Receipt for $75.

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1872 Dec. 6
Pax, Father Geo(rge): Williamsville, (New York)
 to Rich(ard) H(enry) Clarke: New York, (New York)

Enclosed is a curious article about St. Brendan which proves that a "Precolumbian History" will be very acceptable to all. Pax also tells what Moosmuller said about St. Brendan. More information on St. Brendan can be found in Honorius Philipson and in Venerab(le) Bede's Hist. Gent. Anglican. Majoli. The island of St. Brendan is found in most of the maps of Columbus's time. All this is found in Moosmuller. Pax wants returned soon the manuscript containing his uncle's letters.

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1872 Dec. 6
Young, Father N(icholas) R.: Bellefontaine, Ohio
 to Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell): (of Cincinnati, Ohio)

He is sorry that the church property in West Liberty (Ohio) has been a bother to Purcell, and he will settle it as best he can so that it will no longer disturb Purcell. He failed to collect enough to pay the debt, but erased his personal obligation through the liberality of Mr. John Nash. He proposed that the property be transferred to Nash who in turn would turn over that portion occupied by church property to Purcell. Purcell sanctioned this deal and Nash agreed. Young suggested prompt action by Nash, who agreed to give the matter his attention. However, he is a busy man with much care upon him. Young wrote to him today enclosing Purcell's letter as a prompter and trusts there will be no more delay. He has had some sickness and death among his people and has not been as well as usual himself. His sister is well and joins in Young's request for Purcell's blessing.

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1872 Dec. 10
(Reismann), John Valentine, Bishop of: Wurzburg, (Germany)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell): of (Cincinnati, Ohio)

(Reismann) hastened to answer (Purcell's) telegram. Father Joseph Hilbert, born Nov. 10, 1842, was ordained Aug. 8, 1868 is by nature irritable and irritating. For this cause he frequently sought dimissorial letters, partly because of financial difficulties also. Finally after charges had been made by some of his confreres worthy of trust, the bishop cited him before his ecclesiastical tribunal and told to make a retreat, he disappeared and sought his dimissorial letters from Bremen. It appears that he regarded his trial and cenure as invalid and persisted in saying Mass occasionally, incurring irregularity. If (Purcell) wishes to accept this man among his clergy (Reissmann) will offer no objection, but he felt obliged to inform (Purcell) of the facts of the matter.

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1872 Dec. 13
Blanchet, F(rancis) N. Archbishop of:
Oregon City Portland, Oregon
 to Archbishop (John Baptist Purcell): of Cincinnati, (Ohio)

The enclosed letter of Father George Deshon to Blanchet will explain the object of the present. A chance is given to all Bishops having claims on Indian Reservations to present their claims to Deshon, who will plead their cases in Washington. He thinks that all statements should be addressed to the Archbishop (James R. Bayley) of Baltimore that he may give true direction by his advice. All other denominations except Catholics have an accredited agent in Washington and they should not remain without one. He asks that Purcell give his consent and authorize Spalding to appoint an agent or a committee to act for them. He will write to Deshon to have the convention postponed to enable all who wish, time to make and send their statements. (No enclosure).

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1872 Dec. 13
Walworth, (Father) C(larence) A.: Albany, (New York)
 to (Orestes A.) Brownson: (Elizabeth, New Jersey)

The portion of Brownson's letter which concerns the St. Paul Society has been read to them. They think it impossible to assemble an audience of any importance during the week, hence, he would rather have Brownson lecture on a Sunday, in January. Father Walworth wants to give him a reception, hence Sunday would be the only day. Arrangements will be made to seat Protestants. Since Brownson's Review had ceased Walworth tried many others but cannot say that he was delighted with any. Right or wrong, Brownson's articles were luminous. He does not like old articles crystalized in new forms. A copy of the Boston Investigator will be forwarded to Brownson. Walworth hopes for a reply so as to make final arrangements for the lecture.

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1872 Dec. 16
Cauvin, Father (Anthony): Hoboken, (New Jersey)
 to Father (E.J. Foltier: New Orleans, Louisiana)

Cauvin sent (Foltier's) letter to a person in Paris and its contents to another in the Province. The answer from Paris is that they can place their funds in Europe at greater advantage. Without waiting for other answer he acquaints (Foltier) with it that he might look to another quarter for the loan he needs

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1872 Dec. 16
Perché, N(apoleon) J(oseph), Archbishop of: New Orleans, (Louisiana)
 to Father (Pierre Leonhard) Thévis: N(ew) O(rleans, Louisiana)

Perché wants Thévis to communicate his letter to all the German parishes of the city. The impiety of the"German Gazette" and its slanderous and repeated attacks against the Church are a serious danger to the German population. After meeting and formulating a plan to establish a German Catholic paper, each pastor should present this plan to his local section of the Catholic Militant Union of the Cross, upon which Perché relies. A final plan should then be submitted to Perché. (Note on back): Gift of Father (John Baptist) Bogaerts, October 1, 1897

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1872 Dec. 17
McGill, Father John A.,:
St. Mary's Cathedral Covington, (Kentucky)
 to Archbishop (John Baptist) Purcell: (of Cincinnati, Ohio)

Bishop A(ugustus) M. Tobbe being absent, Father (J.) Bowe requests McGill to give a few words of introdution to Purcell. He has known Bowe for years and can testify to his excellent moral character. He has been zealous and exemplary in his ministry in the diocese of Covington. He feels confident that Tobbe will give him a very good testimonial.

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1872 Dec. 19
Elder, Bishop William Henry, of Natchez: Natchez, Mississ(ippi)
 to O(restes) A. Brownson:

It was the intention of Bishop Elder to complete the missing volumes and then sell one set at a profit but since Brownson furnished the numbers at the original cost, Elder feels he is making a profit out of Brownson's liberality. If Elder does sell at more than the cost, he would like to have Brownson collect his profit for the numbers which he sends. Or if Brownson prefers, he will sell the numbers which Brownson furnishes at the same price. The object of making a profit is for improvements in the library. Father (Nicholas) Miale is putting the Library in order. He is now arranging all the serial works. Some are deficient, among those the Dublin Review. Brownson's Review needs binding.

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