University of Notre Dame


St. Louis, (Missouri)
 to O(restes) A. Brownson: (Elizabeth, New Jersey)

When the Review ceased publication, the public sustained a great loss. The first number of the revised series pointed out the fact that Brownson has lost none of his former power. The writer merely wishes to express an opinion. He believes no ten men have done so much in elevation of the dignity of the Church as has Brownson and the late Archbishop (John) Hughes of New York.

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B(rowne), W(illiam) F(aulkner),: Rome, Italy
 to (James Alphonsus McMaster): (New York, New York)

This note gives the address of Dr. Browne as being in care of, Pietro Armelbini, at Number 8 Via S. Nicolo, Ultima Piano, Rome, (Italy).

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Catholic Telegraph of Cincinnati

Clippings from the Catholic Telegraph of 1873 containing copies of the letters sent by Archbishop John Baptist Purcell and the other Archbishops and Bishops of the country to the German Catholic Hierarchy dated Jan. 29, 1873, concerning the religious persecution, and the answer of Archbishop Paul (Melchers) dated March 25, 1873.

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Brownson, Sarah M.: Elizabeth, New Jersey
 to Mrs. H(enry) S. Hewit: (New York City, New York)

Congratulations were extended on their silver wedding. Sarah expected to visit soon. At first Sarah intended to take a copy of Gallitzin with her. Sarah wants to bring Jessie (Tenney) with her. (William) Seton sent Sarah a poem which is enclosed (no enclosure). Mrs. (Ella Ewing) Sherman ordered 10 copies of Gallitzin and Mrs. (Madeleine Vinton) Dahlgren ordered five. There were several others for one copy.

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Catholic Telegraph

Visit of Archbishop John B. Purcell to London, (Ohio) to confirm, and consecrate a new altar. Reply by Purcell to communication in the Boston Transcript by William F. Poole regarding Purcell's unreasonable actions in condemning certain literature. Account of the admission and profession of several postulants and novices to the order of the Good Shepherd. Visit of Purcell to St. Joseph's Church, Dayton, Ohio. Address by Purcell concerning the mission to the colored population of the United States. Purcell's celebration of Mass in St. John's Church for the First Communicants. Letter by Purcell condemning the speech used by actors in front of orphans of St. Peter's and St. Joseph's Orphanages. Notice of pastoral letter by Purcell at beginning of Lent.

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Dean, (Brownson) Thorina:
 to (Orestes A. Brownson): Elizabeth, New Jersey

Brownson is thanked for the $75 "for which Thorina asks that heaven bless you spiritually." P.S.—Since taking the vinegar she has had some appetite.

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Jean, (Father) Frederick C.:
 to (James Alphonsus McMaster): (New York, New York)

He has learned that towards the end of April 1872, when he left for Europe, an article appeared in a German Catholic newspaper, defaming and trying to discredit him. He is afraid that some of his friends not knowing why he left for Europe, are inclined to blame him for what has happened in Lyons, (Iowa) since his removal. In order to remove such apprehensions he begs McMaster to insert a statement (which follows) in his paper, to show that neither he nor the congregation are to blame for the confusion now existing in the parish, but that it is all the fault of some neighboring priests. To this is added: a letter written for publication in the Freeman's Journal, in which he recounts the events connected with his removal as pastor of the Church of St. Irenaeus, Lyons, Iowa, Diocese of Dubuque. Jean received two letters from Bishop (John) Hennessy (of Dubuque), one on March 18, 1872, cancelling his charge of the St. Irenaeus' parish but making no mention of his successor; the second on April 26, 1872, abrogating his permission to say Mass in the Diocese of Dubuque. After the receipt of the first letter he did not fulfil any parochial duty; after the second he did not say Mass in the diocese, notwithstanding the reports of the German newspaper. The Bishop did not appoint a pastor in Jean's place, and out of this all the confusion has arisen. On March 31, (1872) (Father) Pat McLaughlin presented himself as pastor, but, failing to have the proper credentials, he was refused admission to the church. He then said Mass at the German church and announced from the altar that Jean's Mass was not good, and all who had heard it were excommunicated, an action for which he was denounced by both Bishop Hennessy of Dubuque and Bishop (John) Ryan of St. Louis. After Jean's departure McLaughlin, still finding the church door locked against him, hired a gunsmith to pick the lock and said Mass in the church. He then took the Harmonium out of the church and to his house, but the Congregation got it back and sued him. Sometime later another priest came, announcing himself as pastor, but he also, on not showing his credentials, was refused access to the church. He left after trying to destroy the temperance society. At last a third priest, (Father) Mackey, came with the proper papers from the Bishop and was received by the congregation. In all this Jean sees no blame that can be attached to him. The law suit over the mechanic's lien for materials furnished when Jean had some work done was not settled justly. Bishop Hennessy won the case, but only after some one had sworn that Jean had no right to contract debts.

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(McFarland, Francis P., Bishop of: Hartford, Connecticut)

Five small clippings dealing with the Bishop and the diocese; mostly from the Boston Pilot.

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New York Herald: New York, New York

Notes on the progress of the Church of St. Agnes, New York.

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Paurron, Jan Bertrand: Chatonnay(?, France)

In order to repair the Church of Chatonnay the following items (listed) are necessary along with various vestments already sent from New Orleans by Archbishop (Napoleon Joseph Perché) and Father (Gilbert Raymond) Reymont and various other items which have been collected in Louisiana and are to be sent by (Perché).

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Pourtales, Countess Frederica: (Fribourg, Switzerland)
 to (Archbishop John Baptist Purcell): of (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Despite her bad eyes the Countess cannot let pass the opportunity to add a note to the letter of Countess De Castella, expressing her attachment to the friendship of Purcell. There is no longer for her any Rome or Italy. She ought to remain there but since she is on the road to the Holy See she hopes that Purcell will come to visit her at the Villa Augusta on his trip to Rome. There she has established herself and would be happy to see Purcell. She asks him to speak of her to her friend Mr. (Sarah) Peter.

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Dean (Brownson) Thorina:
 to (Orestes A. Brownson): (Elizabeth, New Jersey)

Brownson's check for $50 was received. She thanks Brownson for it but is sorry he could not write to her. "You did not say what your disease was and if you were getting any better, and how long you had been ill." "I don't get better but hope I shall before long." She hopes heaven will bless him with good health.

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