University of Notre Dame


Del Monieri, (Count): (New York, New York)
 to (James Alphonsus) McMaster and J.D. Keiley: (New York, New York)

Del Monieri is back in the Chancellery again after an absence of ten days because of rheumatism. He has no serious news but expects to hear from Estella soon. The dispatches issued by the (Spanish) Government are lies, as are the dispatches printed in the Herald. Gen(eral) Concha has entered Logrono, a small city in northern Spain, where there cannot be any Carlists, since they are concentrating their forces upon the city of Estella in Navarre, which had been occupied by the royal army almost continuously from 1833 to 1840. It seems that the victorious Republican army is marching about in circles, to avoid meeting the King's army. McMaster probably remembers what Del Monieri told him about the Prussians and Cuba. Now, less than two weeks later, two German employes in the New York Post Office have resigned their positions to go to Porto Rico, and no steamer has gone to Cuba or Porto Rico without having one or more Prussian officials aboard travelling "for their health", at a time of year when everyone else is leaving Havana for the sake of health. The Prussian Consul, Zatch, orders that he be sent a confidential clerk, who is immediately supplied by the German Consulate General and given a gratuitous visa by the Spanish Consulate General. Del Monieri and his fellow-employees received their April's salary on May 20, less a reduction of 25% as a patriotic offering to the Spanish Republican party. He does not know when they will receive their salary for May, since the Consul General of Spain has spent $400. in refitting his office. As soon as he receives the precious cash he will call upon McMaster and Keiley.

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St. Mary's Academy Monroe, Michigan

Annual catalogue for the scholastic year 1873-4 and annual commencement July 1, 1874. (Frontispiece - a view of the academy).

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T, K E.J.:
 to J(ames) A(lphonsus) McMaster: (New York, New York)

He is surprised that McMaster would allow himself to be deceived into using the Journal as an advertising medium for Father Gartner's visits to principal cities. It is a sad state of affairs when a priest becomes a show-man. The Church is disgraced by so many men. He believes that poor people should live in poor houses. These are his candid opinions, and he dares not give his name.

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(Tenney), Sarah (Brownson): (Elizabeth, New Jersey)
 to (Orestes A. Brownson): (Elizabeth, New Jersey)

Brownson would like to give up the Review and live within his income. Sarah made a rough estimate of what it would cost him. Sarah could not board Brownson for less than $10 per week. In all, the cost would amount to $624 for Brownson and $528 for Agnes. Sarah says the change would be more of a burden than a gain. However, Agnes could be discharged and a second servant could be hired and be paid by both so that the new girl would do work for both and Brownson's only expense would be $96 a year for wages. If Brownson would not consent to the discharge of Agnes, the change would be impractical.

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Eckel, Mrs. L. St. John:
 to (Orestes A. Brownson):

Mrs. Eckel can vouch that Brownson is one of the best friends a woman ever had and will remain indebted to him.

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