University of Notre Dame


1895 Aug.
Schmidt, E. M.: Nanheim, (Germany)
 to (James F.) Edwards:

She is afraid they are not to meet until they are again in America as they do not leave for Paris until next Wednesday. It seems dreadful to think that Edwards was in Homburg Sunday, two hours drive from Nanheim.

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(1895) Aug. 3
Carroll, Jeannie: Bay Head, (New Jersey)
 to J(ames) F. Edwards:

She was delighted to receive Edwards' letter. The little Church near there is attended by the Franciscan Fathers and has all the privileges for the devotion established by St. Francis of Assisi. Mass was said Aug. 2 for Rebecca (Carroll). The priest in charge of the Mission gave her a fourleaf clover and she construed it into a message from St. Francis to join the Third Order. She thanks Edwards for the invitation to the Golden Jubilee.

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(18)95 Aug. 4
Seton, Elizabeth: Bar Harbor, Maine
 to (Monsignor) Robert (Seton: Jersey City, New Jersey)

They have been there nearly a fortnight. Rex (Reginald) Jevons leaves today. She knows he enjoyed himself and will return to office work with fine brown cheeks. Nina (Prime) wants her to stay over Lady Day. They have another and younger pastor there this year, but the same Indian serves Mass. Tomorrow Helen (Sister Angela Seton, R.S.M.) goes on retreat until the 14th. Elizabeth will go to Bay View to see her on her way to New York. She is very well. W(illia)m (Seton) and Sally are not going to Europe yet a while. Mrs. Parrish is not very well and Sally does not like going so far from her. Miss Byrd called and asked if Elizabeth were a relative of Monsignor Seton. She must have met Robert and William at Seabright. Rex danced with her at the Rebo Club last night. The Frederick Couderts are there also, and they too spoke of Robert. But she thinks they see more of Seton's writings than of him personally.

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1895 Aug. 6
(Nester?), Eliza(beth): Chicago, (Illinois)
 to (James F. Edwards):

What a charming surprise Edwards' letter was. She did not expect to hear from him until his return to Notre Dame. They are ready to move from the Groveland.

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1895 Aug. 7
Winter, William: (New York, New York)
 to (Monsignor Robert) Seton: (Jersey City, New Jersey)

Winter is glad to receive Seton's letter and glad that Seton is interested in his writings. He does not know of any reason why a priest of Seton's church should not know the literature and art of the stage and find profit and pleasure in them. All that is in God's world is to be used to advance the spiritual welfare of mankind. Winter is old and ill. He has been revising his books and trying to complete his work on Scotland. He was 59 on July 15. (Seton adds on the letter): Winter, the W.W. of the Tribune, of which he has long been dramatic critic, is a very distinguished orator, poet and prose-writer.

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1895 Aug. 9
Gregori, Luigi Gregori, Fannie: Florence, (Italy)
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

Edwards' three letters were never received. They thought that he had forgotten them but were glad to see that this is not so. They would be glad to see him but he does not mention that he is taking in Italy on his trip. Miss Addie Walsh is in Europe.

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1895 Aug. 9
Schmidt, E. M.: Bad. Nanheim, (Germany)
 to (James) F. Edwards:

Edwards will be surprised to hear that they are still at Nanheim. Grandma became very ill and they had to change their plans. They hope to leave for Paris in a few days. Oscar has written only once.

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(18)95 Aug. 10
Seton, Elizaeth: Bar Harbor, Maine
 to (Monsignor) Robert (Seton: Jersey City, New Jersey)

Robert's letter reached her and she is sorry he is not feeling well. He perhaps works more than really necessary. He will have plenty of time for books on his travels next year. Nina (Prime) suggests trying muriatic tinct(ure) of iron. It acts on the digestion. Elizabeth leaves Wednesday to spend Thursday with Helen (Sister Angela Seton R.S.M.) who will then be out of her retreat. Robert need not leave any provision for Helen as Elizabeth can always furnish what she requires. Robert must come to Huntington for a visit before his long absence. Nina will surely invite him after her return in September or October. Rex (Reginald Jevons) has not thanked them yet for the entertainment. Reverend Richard Post has just come as Nina's guest, serving the chapel built by Nina and Mary Prime at Hull's cove. He is very High Church, Elizabeth was in hopes he would before this have gone over to Rome!

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1895 Aug. 11
Seton, Mgr. Robert: Jersey City, N(ew) J(ersey)
 to (James F. Edwards):

He is so glad that Edwards is enjoying himself in such a rational way and is so imbued with such sentiments of practical religion as make him alive to the conquest of pre-Reformation lands by the Church. Seton is a great stay-at-home; he gets all his recreation around his parish and among his books. So few people take advantage of all the devotions that Seton gives them. If he had a little share of the spirit of the Cure of Ars, he would draw people to God. He has read that Notre Dame is to be affiliated in a scholastic sense with Catholic University. The "Bulletin" issued by the latter is very scholarly. Seton is preparing for a year abroad in '96. He hopes Edwards will remember him on the 28th his birthday; he will be 56. He was not invited to the great Total Abstinence Convention.

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1895 Aug. 14
Huffer, Estelle E.: Billemi, (France)
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

It is a long time since they wrote Edwards but they often thought of him. They had so much anxiety lately that she could not collect her thoughts to write. "Boy" has been ill over a year and all depended on care and watching. Leo's duties at the office prevented him from writing. She asks if it is true that the World's Fair is a failure. Every day they read of new bank failures in America. A few lines from Edwards would give them pleasure.

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(18)95 Aug. 14
(Sands), Louis Joseph: Ridgefield, Conn(ecticut)
 to (Monsignor) Robert (Seton: Jersey City, New Jersey)

Today at 11:35 a.m. (Sands) became the happy papa of a bouncing boy. Mama and the babe are doing well.

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1895 Aug. 14
Wright, John: St. Paul, (Minnesota)
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

He is making a list of Catholic prayer books published in America before 1860. He asks for a list of those in the Notre Dame library with size, date, printer.

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1895 Aug. 16
Jevons, Reginald: New York, (New York)
 to (Monsignor) Robert (Seton: Jersey City, New Jersey)

He accepts Seton's kind invitation and Seton's mild rebuke for his late letter to cousin Nina Prime. He has been much pressed with work. This evening he goes to New London at the invitation of Mrs. Gordon Norrie. He He had a glorious time at Bar Harbor where he met May (Byrd?) Bird, a girl whose charms attracted him very much.

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1895 Aug. 17
Aloysius, (C.S.C.), Sister: Notre Dame, Ind(iana)
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

The results of the election will please Edwards. She gives the names. Mother Augusta has gone to St. Cecilia's, Washington; M. Proxides to Salt Lake City; M. Lucretia to Ogden. Father General (Gilbert Francis, C.S.C.) and Father Condon leave for Paris next week. She asks that she hurry Gregori on her five pictures.

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1895 Aug. 18
Beekemp, ?: Boston, (Massachusetts)
 to Joseph Jeffry Roche, editor, Pilot: Boston, Massachusetts

They were speaking of old Commodore Nottenwell the other evening which reminded him that they have a copy of his life. He will send it to Roche for his editorial glance. Roche will find in the book a true account of the "blood and water" incident.

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1895 Aug. 18
(Schmidt), Oscar: Boston, (Massachusetts)
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

When Griggs gets there, he will go on to Harvard. When he was saying good-bye to the folks, who should come up but Mrs. George Studebaker. Last night he saw Scabrooke in "World of Trouble"; it was elegant. He was over to Harvard yesterday and watched the football players. He knows he can hold his own with some of them.

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1895 Aug. 19
Alerding, Father H(erman): Indianapolis, Ind(iana)
 to Henry F. Brownson: Detroit, Mich(igan)

No. 272 Y. N. I., at its meeting on Friday, named its Council the Brownson Council, after (Urestes A.) Brownson, and now wishes to secure a life-sized portrait of their patron for their meeting hall. Father Alerding asks whether the portrait in Brownson's Works is the best available, and if not, where a better one could be got.

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1895 Aug. 19
De Vanny, Edw(ard?) C.:
 to Monsignor (Robert) Seton: (Jersey City, New Jersey)

He accepts the position of organist at $33.33 per month with $3 added for every Requiem Mass. He will make every effort to have his combined work of the choirs prove a success to themselves and a satisfaction to Seton. S(eton writes on the back of the letter): Always gave satisfaction.

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1895 Aug. 19
Huffer, Estelle E.: Hamburg, (Germany)
 to (James F. Edwards):

She is glad Edwards made the trip so agreeably. Ever since Edwards left Leo has been suffering with a headache. The doctor has found him to be nervously exhausted. He has too much to do in the office. It is a pit that Edwards should have been in Paris and they absent. Tomorrow the Lawn Tennis Tournament begins.

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1895 Aug. 21
Wentz, Dan(iel) B.: London, (England)
 to (James F.) Edwards: (London, England)

When he returned from the theater last night he found Edwards' note. He thanks him and George Rhodius for the kind invitation to the "Shop Girl" but is sorry he cannot accept. He expects to go to Isle of Wright. He saw Rhodius for a moment last night.

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1895 Aug. 22
Runciman, Mary: Phila(delphia), P(ennsylvani)a
 to Monsignor (Robert) Seton: (Jersey City, New Jersey)

She received Seton's letter of the 12th. She received her marriage certificate; she appreciates his trouble in sending it as does her husband who was particularly anxious to secure it. So far she has had no occasion to remind her husband of his duty to his Church. He gets up at 5 on Sunday mornings to attend Mass as he sometimes has business to attend to on Sunday. She has had two letters from home, one from her mother and one from Bee(?). Her mother feels and speaks kindly but says her father refuses to hear of her or have anything to do in any way connected with her. She hopes time will soften him.

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1895 Aug. 23
Kehoe, J(ohn): New York, New York
 to (James F.) Edwards:

He asks that Edwards let him know if he will write article on Western Summer School's First Session for Annual.

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1895 Aug. 25
Richards, W(illia)m: Chevy Chase, Maryland
 to Henry F. Brownson: Detroit, Michigan

Richards is grateful for Brownson's commendation of his little work in his letter of June 1st. The many excellent notices of it in Catholic papers ought to have caused a demand for it, but the publishers have sold not over 400 copies and do not expect to sell over 1000. Perhaps "seekers after truth" do not see any of the notices. When he came to think of the tremendous dressing down Father (Augustine F.) Hewit got from Dr. (Orestes A.) B(rownson), it is not surprising that Brownson cannot get a hearing in the Catholic World, especially if he puts forth the doctrine of his father which Father hewit did not accept. Richards has heard of several instances of curious action of editors of the World. Father (Walter) Elliott once wrote him a letter of 8 pages declining to publish an article of his, in which he contended that the Church ought to have 15 million people and that it is actually losing 300,000 boys every year. And afterwards Father Elliott declined his essays on "The Battle of Belief," "Nature Worship," and "The Key to Ancient Religions." Richards asks whether Archbishop (John Patrick) Ryan accepted Brownson's article, and whether Brownson has seen the American Catholic University Bulletin, which is learned, able, and well written. He encloses an article from the New York Sun for Brownson's amusement. When he read it, he exclaimed, "Oh, that Brownson were living to show up such writers!"

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1895 Aug. 25
Wentz, Daniel (B.): London, (England)
 to (James F.) Edwards:

He cannot tell him how much he is pleased with the photograph. He will put it in his study but he will not need it to recall the pleasant evenings they had together. He is sorry he did not know he was leaving; he wanted to say good-bye.

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1895 Aug. 26
Mulhall, Susan: Normandy, M(issouri)
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

She desires to place her grandson at the University but cannot afford the regular rates. Edwards knew her in years past when her children attended the college and convent. The boy's father is an invalid and it is incumbent on Joseph to make the most of the coming year. She asks Edwards to assist her in making terms with the President.

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1895 Aug. 27
McBride, D. H.: Chicago, Ill(inois)
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Ind(iana)

The enclosed half-tone picture of a historic group was once sent to institutions with a key to identify the cardinals in the group. He asks if there is such a key around Notre Dame. Mrs. McBride intends starting for Notre Dame with two of their boys and he hopes Edwards will assist in making statesmen out of them.

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1895 Aug. 28
(Wabraushek, J.) Will(iam): Manistee, Mich(igan)
 to (James F. Edwards:

He did not know Edwards was so far away and was glad to get the card. Edwards would be surprised to see the big boy of his namesake has gotten to be. Business in the furniture line has been very quiet. He has a girl who will have to begin going to school soon.

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1895 Aug. 30
J(evons), T(homas) S(eton): West Heslerton, York, (England)
 to (Monsignor) Robert (Seton: Jersey City, New Jersey)

J(evons) has half an hour to answer (Seton)'s letter of the 18th. At a quarter of three they go to the rectory from which he and Marguerite (Jevons) drive to meet their father (Thomas Jevons) and have tea. He went to York Minster and heard part of the service. At the Cathedral J(evons) witnessed an incident in which the man who was leading the crowd produced a crooked staff taken from one of the ancient Cardinals. J(evons) first attempt to see Sir Bruce (Maxwell) Seton was a failure but he called at the War Office, went to tea to be introduced to Lady Seton and he and Marguerite were asked to dinner. There were two other guests, an old Colonel and a Mr. Herbert, brother of the present Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery. Herbert asked J(evons) and Marguerite to lunch next day at his cottage at Bedford Park. J(evons) went to many other dinners, meeting James Bryce at one. They had a magnificent stay of six weeks in London. Tomorrow they leave here and while his father and Marguerite remain a week in London, J(evons) goes to Paris, staying a night at Amiens and perhaps Rouen. They will meet at Paris and wait for Uncle Will(iam Seton) and Aunt Sally. J(evons) asks Robert to send him a letter of introduction to the Cayleys of Brompton; Robert will remember them in connection with the Miss Berrys. Robert's remark was the first intimation J(evons) received that "Engl(ish?) University Life" had been accepted. He sent an article on "St. Barth(olomew) Church, London" to the C(atholic) W(orld); also a poem on the assassination(?) of Abbe Broglie. Robert is to keep the Home J(ournal) containing J(evons)'s article and send to Messrs. Rathbone, London. Does Robert know any people in Paris to whom J(evons) might get introduced? The Liberal government is done for. They return by Umbria on September 21 and will see Robert soon after arrival.

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