University of Notre Dame


1900 June 1
St. Joseph, Sisters of:
Nazareth Academy, Kalamazoo, Mich.
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

They invite him to the commencement exercises.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 1p. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 June 3
Rhodius, M(arie): Indianapolis, Indiana
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

She was pleased when Edwards invited George (Rhodius) to go to Europe with him. She would gladly pay all expenses if only he could get George to go. Lou will be up Tuesday if nothing happens; she is not very strong. She hopes Edwards is enjoying good health.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 June 4
Kilroy, Father E(dmund) B.: Stratford, Ontario, Canada
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

About two months ago he wrote Father Morrissey that Hon. F. R. Latchford, Commissioner of Public Works for all Ontario expressed a desire to see Notre Dame. Latchford in the only Catholic representative in the Ontario government. He is graduate of Ottawa University and is an eminent young lawyer. Kilroy asks Edwards to see that they get the hospitality of the University for a day or so. He is anxious to show Latchford a real Catholic University up to date in many things neglected at Ottawa.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 8vo. - {2}

1900 June 5
Byron, Frank M.: Chicago, Ill(inois)
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

He is much obliged for the invitation to the Commencement exercises. He will make an effort to attend.

XI-2-c - L.S.(Typed) - 1p. - 8vo. - {1}

1900 June 6
Rogers, C. S.: Detroit, Mich(igan)
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

He regrets to say that as he is busy with the Michigan Delegation for the Republican National Convention at Philadelphia which leaves over their line, it will be impossible for him to attend the commencement.

XI-2-c - L.S.(Typed) - 1p. - 8vo. - {1}

1900 June 6
Sullivan, Henry: Grand Rapids, (Michigan)
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: Notre Dame, (Indiana)

He should be delighted to accept the invitation but will be in the midst of preparation for his monthly trip on the road. Before long he will make a short visit to Notre Dame.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 1p. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 Jun. 7
Pelvat, Bishop Charles F(elix): Nagpur, (India)
 to Father (Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Pelvat acknowledges the draft for 5 pounds 11 in Hudson's letter of May 3.

X-4-c - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 June 7
(Latchford, F. R.): Ottawa, Canada
 to Father (Edmund B.) Kilroy: Stratford, Ontario, Canada

He now finds it impossible to be absent next week. An election contest is on in North Renfrew. The Government is anxious to increase its majority and as it is his district the work of the campaign has been placed upon his shoulders. He would like to visit Notre Dame a little later in the season. (Typed)

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 1p. - 8vo. - {2}

1900 June 8
Kilroy, Father E(dmund) B.: Stratford, Ontario, Canada
 to (James F.) Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

He encloses a letter which tells why he will not be with Edwards. He thanks Father Morrissey who was kind enough to offer him and his friend hospitality. He expects Edwards to drop in to see him this summer.

1900 June 8
Mulholland, St. Clair A.: Philadelphia, P(ennsylvania)
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

He has just returned from a week's stay at Gettysburg and was surprised to find a great deal of talk among the veterans about Father (William) Corby's general absolution. Instead of being forgotten it is becoming more widely known. Many soldiers asked for copies of the print of the scene. When he had his history printed he had a large number of the plates struck off.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 8vo. - {2}

1900 June 9
Magdalen, Sister M.:
Convent of Immaculate Heart, Los Angeles, California
 to James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, (Indiana)

As they are interested in the same cause, Catholic education, she writes to Edwards as a teacher of history. They are making some changes in text books and ask Edwards to recommend books on ancient, medieval, and modern History.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 June 11
E( ), L.: (New York, New York)
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana

There are quite a few places vacant on French Steamer on 28th, lowest is $115. On some lines there are lower prices but the accommodations are not as good.

XI-2-c - Postcard, signed - {1}

1900 June 11
Foley, Charles: (Chicago, Illinois)
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

Since his parents and the girls have gone he is kept busy looking after the house and the business. He does not know their Paris address but a letter sent to their London address will be forwarded. He drove down to the Derby and managed to lose a few dollars on the favorites.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 June 11
H(udson, C.S.C.), Father D(aniel) E.: Notre Dame, Ind(iana)
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

He tells him to see what Miss Shea says about her father's medal. He and Edwards must try to go to town together again some evening before Edwards goes away.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 1p. - 16to. - {1}

1900 June 13
F(elicia, C.S.C.), Sister M.: Jacksonville, Ill(inois)
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

She has been very busy. She has a poor priest who was burned last November and is still confined to his bed. No one but God will ever know what he has suffered. His name is Father Ryan; he was a friend of Prof. Lyons. She often thinks of Edwards and wishes she could do something for him.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 12mo. - {1}

19(00) Jun. 13
S(toddard), C(harles) W(arren): Washington, D(istrict of) C(olumbia)
 to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

A. J. Faust is going to throw his best work into that article for "Sacred Heart Review" which has been ordered to appear with a new edition of "A Troubled Heart".

X-4-c - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 16mo. - {2}

1900 June 15
Lentz, Father F. G.: Bement, Illinois
 to Henry F. Brownson: (Detroit, Michigan)

Father Lentz intends to visit Detroit during one week of the summer school, preferably the week Henry A. Adams speaks, if Brownson will find out when that is and also look up lodging at a reasonable figure. He would prefer a private house in order to save money, for there is no bonanza in giving missions to non-Catholics.

III-3-e - A.L.S. - 1p. - 8vo. - {2}

1900 June 16
Blakely, C.P., Father Aloysius:
St. Michael's Monastery West Hoboken, (New Jersey)
 to Mgr. (Robert Seton: Jersey City, New Jersey)

Bishop Wigger has given him permission to collect wherever the respective pastors shall consent to his making an appeal to their flock. He seeks charity for their poor Bulgarian mission, a mission entrusted to the Passionists by Pope Pius VI. Bishop Doulcet, C.P. desires to establish a seminary for the training of native youth as Passionists and he has commissioned Father Aloysius, his Vicar General in the United States, to collect in the U. S.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 12mo. -

1900 June 16
Edgerly, E(dwin) L.: N(ew) Y(ork, New York)
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

He hopes to see Edwards at his home if he comes east. He has some Catholic Heralds and 10 volumes of Franciscan Annals which he will send Edwards if he desires them. He thanks Edwards again for Shea's History.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 June 16
O'Byrne, J. J.: New Haven, Conn(ecticut)
 to H(enr)y F. Brownson: Detroit, Mich(igan)

O'Byrne encloses a check for $9 to cover his note, which he forgot to pay on the 5th, when it was due.

III-3-e - A.L.S. - 1p. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 June 18
Shea, Emma Isabel: Elizabeth, N(ew) J(ersey)
 to (James F.) Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

She was exceedingly glad to receive Edwards' note. She is sending him some photos. It is too bad that Edwards has such poor health; he seems to have bad colds every winter.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 16to, - {1}

1900 June 20
Lentz, Father F. G.: Bement, Illinois
 to Henry F. Brownson: (Detroit, Michigan)

Father Lentz thanks Brownson for the summer school program and the invitation, which he cannot accept because he will have another priest with him and would feel that, even if they could be accommodated, he would be intruding upon Brownson's hospitality. He will arrive on the 16th and will write ( ) Cook about lodgings; he looks forward to the pleasure of meeting Brownson.

III-3-e - A.L.S. - 1p. - 8vo. - {1}

1900 June 21
M(yers) D. D.: Dubuque, Iowa
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

He was sorry not to have seen Edwards before he left. He looked for him but was told that he had gone to the train. He has been on the jump ever since he came home. He has stopped smoking cigarettes and has not been away from the house. If Edwards does not go abroad he must come to Dubuque.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 8vo. - {1}

1900 June 22
(Rhodius), George: Indianapolis, Indiana)
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

Mother is not any better so he does not care to leave before she is. He does not care if it is later as at present he intends remaining during the winter. He is doing as well as ever and expects to keep it up.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 June 23
Doyle, W(illia)m T.: Milwaukee, Wis(consin)
 to (Henry F. Brownson): (Detroit, Michigan)

Doyle will call on Brownson next Tuesday evening. The comment of the Ave Maria on the inconsistency of the controversy with President (Charles W.) Eliot is quite apt. Doyle encloses a clipping "Attack on Labor Unions" which shows that one man is not afraid to declare the danger in trade-unionism before the public. He likes ( ) Stephenson, whose error is the prevalent one nowadays; and he is not as deeply tinged with it as most of the popular writers. Catholic commentators on Mivart are chary of all mention of Newman and his ideas on Development. Doyle quotes from the official account describing (James Cardinal Gibbons at the Parliament of Religions.

III-3-e - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 8vo. - {2}

1900 June 24
Rhodius, M(arie): Indianapolis, Ind(iana)
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

She is sorry to think George (Rhodius) is not going to France with Edwards. It is no use to argue with him. She hopes Edwards will have a pleasant journey. She has been sick.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 Jun. 25
Spalding, Bishop J(ohn) L(ancaster): Peru, Illinois
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Spalding would like to know to whom of his friends in Europe Father (John A.) Zahm, (C.S.C.), has sent copies of the pamphlet, that he may not sent them to the same persons. They are gathered for a retreat to be given by Father (Walter) Elliott, (C.S.P.).

X-4-c - A.L.S. - 1p. - 4to. - {3}