University of Notre Dame


(1900 July)
(Foley, Byrd M.): Dublin, (Ireland)
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Ind(iana)

They are sailing for home the twenty-fifth. They have had a delightful trip, but will be glad to see home sweet home once more. She hopes to see Edwards soon in Chicago.

XI-2-c - Postcard, signed - {1}

(1900 July )
(Huffer), Estelle: (Houlgate, France)
 to (James F. Edwards:

Leo (Huffer) just telephoned to say that he found a card announcing Edwards' arrival this evening. They were hoping he would be able to go with them to Houlgate, but it was only decided upon since they knew of his departure from Rome. She gives him directions.

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1900 Jul. 3
O'Kennedy, Father R(ichard): Fedamore, (Ireland)
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Yesterday O'Kennedy forwarded "The Transfiguration". He was glad to see that Longfellow's daughter is a Catholic. Father (Matthew) Russell, (S.J.), and his journal have done work for the last 22 or 23 years that could not be done by anyone or anything else. O'Kennedy sends a scoop that a Mrs. Gavin related to him.

X-4-c - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 8vo. - {2}

1900 July 4
Doyle, W(illia)m T.: Milwaukee, Wis(consin)
 to (Henry F. Brownson): (Detroit, Michigan)

Doyle encloses the copy of an article in the Irish Ecclesiastical Review. He finds nothing more than the usual arguments in favor of an eternity of punishment for the wicked on p. 315 of "Protestant Infidelity." He has asked Father (William B.) Rogers, S.J., President of Marquette College, whether Divine or human substance is done away with, and he promises an answer.

III-3-e - A.L.S. - 1p. - 8vo. - {1}

1900 Jul. 5
Fitte, C.S.C., Father S(tanislaus) F.: Notre Dame, Indiana
 to James (F.) Edward(s): (Paris, France)

It is settled that Fitte will not go to Europe this year. The annual retreat is over, so is the Chapter. Very few changes at Notre Dame. Father (James A.) Burns goes to Washington to replace Father Peter J.) Franciscus who is appointed Superior of the missionary band so far composed of Father (Peter) Klein and Father Peter Lauth. Father (John J.) O'Rourke replaces Father (John) O'Keeffe who goes as pastor to Austin, Texas with Father Jos(eph) Kirsch as assistant. Father (James) Rogers comes to Notre Dame as superior of the Professed House and assistant pastor. Fitte has seen in the papers that Archbishop (John) Ireland delivered the oration at the unveiling of Lafayette's statue. Maybe Edwards was present. No official news yet concerning the see of Fort Wayne although the prospects brighten in favor of Father John Guendling. Father (D.M.J.) Dowling, vicar-general of Chicago is dead and buried. Both missions of Father Tim(othy) O' Sullivan will soon have residing pastors. Archbishop (Patrick William) Riordan is expected to land today after an absence of ten months. Fitte is sure Edwards is enjoying his stay in the capital of France.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 12mo. - {15}

1900 Jul. 7
Harris, Miriam Coles: Nahant, (Massachusetts)
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Harris went to the little church today. They told her the Mass of Requiem was for Hudson's mother. She asks prayers for her son.

X-4-c - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 16mo. - {1}

1900 July 7
(Huffer), Estelle: Houlgate-Beuzeval, Calvados
 to (James F. Edwards):

Tomorrow or Tuesday Edwards will be at Cherbourg. They are just leaving for the seashore and Edwards can meet them there. It is much better for Edwards to recuperate first and then go on to Paris to see the Exposition. No doubt Edwards heard of the terrible fire at the N. Y. Lloyd docks. No passengers were in the ships that burned.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 July 9
H(uffer), Leo: Paris, France
 to (James F. Edwards):

He writes in case he did not receive Estelle's letter at Cherbourg. He requests Edwards to join them at Houlgate. The best train leaves Paris from the St. Lazare Station. It is the train via Trouville with cars marked direct for Beuzeval. They are happy at the thought of Edwards visit.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 July 10
Eugenie, Sister Mary: St. Mary's, Notre Dame, Indiana
 to (James F.) Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Mother Ascension was pleased to hear that Edwards was on his way to France. She hopes the change will benefit his health. She hears the exposition is grand but not as large as Chicago's. Sister Virginia has gone for a trip around the lakes. The heat was hard on Mother Ascension.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 12mo. - {1}

19(00) Jul. 10
S(toddard), C(harles) W(arren): Nahant, (Massachusetts)
 to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Stoddard is in bed with a sunburn. All the house, Senator (Henry Cabot) Lodge, Mrs. Lodge and John (Lodge) are devoted. Stoddard returned the proof of St. Anne as soon as he could.

X-4-c - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 16mo. - {3}

1900 July 11
Spalding, Sam T.: Lebanon, K(entuck)y
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

Thanks to Edwards he is himself again. He took Edwards' advice and went to the Sacred Heart Sanitarium in Milwaukee. It is a splendid place. He is going there again and will stop off a day or two at Notre Dame.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 1p. - 8vo. - {1}

19(00) Jul. 12
S(toddard), C(harles) W(arren): Nahant, (Massachusetts)
 to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

When Stoddard heard of her death the funeral was over. He begins to feel his age. Stoddard hopes the proofs reached Hudson before it was too late. Today he starts for Tuckanuck.

X-4-c - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 16mo. - {1}

1900 July 13
Randall, Father W(illia)m E.: St. Louis, M(iss)o(uri)
 to Henry F. Brownson: (Detroit, Michigan)

Father Randall asks whether the quotation he gives from the Summa Theologica, Pars Prima, Quaestio LXXXIV, is in substance a very satisfactory confirmation of Dr. (Orestes A. Brownson)'s doctrine of Intuition, or whether he makes too much of, or wrests from their proper meaning, St. Thomas' words.

III-3-e - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 12mo. - {1}

19(00) Jul. 15
S(toddard), C(harles) W(arren): Nantucket, Mass(achusetts)
 to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Yesterday Stoddard was laid up. His host Dr. ( ) Bigelow is a charming fellow. The household consists of the Doctor, Bay Lodge and Stoddard.

X-4-c - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 12mo. - {3}

1900 July 16
F(oley), Byrd M.: Paris, France
 to (James F.) Edwards:

As much as she was pleased to hear from Edwards she was disappointed to learn of his being so near and yet so far. They have been in Paris two weeks and are having a fine time, but it is fearfully hot. They would have liked to have been on the same steamer as Edwards. She met quite a few young men on the boat. One could spend months seeing the many things in Paris.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 8pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 July 16
(Foley), Gene: Paris, France
 to (James F. Edwards):

She is mad at Edwards, coming all the way over and neglectin his American friends. She will never forgive Edwards. Today they took Papa on a shopping tour and he is now mentally and physically exhausted and she fears financially embarrassed. She will be glad to get home.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 July 16
Hattemer, P.: Paris, France
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: Chalet Columbia, Houlgate Bouzeval, Calvados

They cannot say anything definite as regards the unused railroad ticket but they will do their best to get the refund. They regret that the Palatia sailing August 20th is entirely filled.

XI-2-c - L.S.(Typed) - 1p. - 8vo. - {1}

1900 July 16
Huffer, H(erman) C.: Paris, (France)
(James F.) Edwards:

He will be very glad to see Edwards and keep his letters in the meantime. He sends affectionate messages for all the Columbians.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 1p. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 July 17
Thuet Brothers: Sioux City, Iowa
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana

They send copies of their posters advertising their big sale of western horses. The horses will be sold to the highest bidder. He will confer a favor if he places the posters in a conspicuous place to attract the attention of horse dealers.

XI-2-c - TYPED - 1p. - 8vo. - {2}

1900 July 18
H(udson, C.S.C.), Father D(aniel) H.: Notre Dame, Ind(iana)
 to (James F. Edwards: Paris, France)

He was glad Edwards visited Mgr. Seton before leaving the country. The long vacation will give Edwards a new lease on life. Bishop (John Lancaster) Spalding has invited him to Peoria but he has arranged for Spalding to come to him. He does not care to go alone and he cared less about going with those who proposed to accompany him. Brother Augustus died suddendly. Father James A. Burns, (C.S.C.) goes to Washington next year; Father (James) Rogers (C.S.C.) will replace him. Father (John) O'Keefe goes to Austin. Father (Patrick) Condon (C.S.C.) is very feeble. The continuation fo the new Professed House is in progress. There is to be a new bath house. The old chimney has disappeared.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 8vo. - {7}

1900 July 20
Catherine, Sister M.:
St. Mary's Academy, Monroe, Mich.
 to (James F.) Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

She thanks Edwards for his favors. All reached them in good shape. The African ostrich egg is very fine. They would be grateful for a few particulars about the fine wooden time-piece, shoes, and glass hat.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 July 20
Heydebrand, F. C. von: Nassadel, Namslau
 to (James F.) Edwards:

He was glad to hear from Edwards. He remembers the nice time he had in Edwards' company and hopes to have the pleasure of seeing more of him. His mother welcomed him with all sorts of attention and his brothers and sisters try to do all in their power to make his stay pleasant. In consequence he was not able to write a postal. Next week he is going to hunt deer.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 July 21
(Foley), Byrd: Folkestone, England
 to (James F.) Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

As they could only stay a few days at any watering place, they thought it just as well to stop there. They crossed the channel from Calais. It makes her frantic to think of the fine place Edwards is and so near Paris. Well, there is no use lamenting the fact now. They leave Monday for Scotland and will sail from Liverpool Saturday.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 5pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 July 22
(Fox), Ned: Milwaukee, Wis(consin)
(James F. Edwards):

He thought Edwards was going over with the Foleys. He wrote to Birdie wishing her a safe voyage. He thinks he will come down is September to spend a few days with Edwards. He wishes he was going back there instead of Rush. He will miss those morning visits with Edwards when he used to skip drawing and go down to see Edwards and then they would make coffee and eat Uneeda biscuts. When he goes down there they can go to Nichols and hove one of his good beefsteaks.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 July 23
Fernow, Sophie: Berlin, (Germany)
 to (James F.) Edwards:

Edwards listened to the gossip of some of the passengers on the Graf Waldersee. Mr. Parsons is well married and has a wife and daughter living. She does not care for that gossip a bit. It shows that people were not aware of a true feeling of hers. She enjoyed all that Edwards wrote about the historical places.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 July 23
(Rhodius), George: (Indianapolis, Indiana)
 to (James F. Edwards):

He encloses something which may interest Edwards. He will try to get over if possible. Mother has been ill for five weeks. (Note: the enclosed newspaper clipping from Chicago Time Herald concerns Father John A. Zahm's (C.S.C.) silver jubilee.)

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 12mo. - {2}

1900 July 24
Coppens, S.J., Father C(harles): Carthage, O(hio)
 to (Henry F.) Brownson: (Detroit, Michigan)

Father Coppens' appointment to a retreat in Detroit has been cancelled, and with it the prospect of a long chat with Brownson, but he writes to tell him that the set of Brownson's Works which was bought for the Omaha Public Library have been read eagerly and profitably by his pupils and by Father Coppens himself, with more zeal than ever before. He will do all he can to bring them to the notice of others. He has also read with delight "Brownson's Early Life" and will read the next volume as soon as possible. On August 1 he will go to St. Louis University to give a retreat at the Academy of the Sacred Heart at Maryville from the 6th to the 15th and will then return to Omaha. He has just received "Presentimenti e Telepatie" by Father Gio. Giuseppe Franco, S.J., of the Civilta Cattolica, which he will send to Brownson to examine with the view of translating it into English.

III-3-e - A.L.S. - 3pp. - 8vo. - {1}

1900 July 24
Babson, W. A.: Hamburg, Germany
 to (James F. Edwards):

He supposes Edwards is having an excellent time. He is just wild to get there but has been anchored in Hamburg two weeks. Edwards would do him a favor if he would let him know the name of a good and cheap hotel.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 1p. - 8vo. - {1}

1900 Jul. 25
St. Joseph, Sister: Nagpur, India
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Sister gives Hudson the news of the death of Bishop C(harles) F(elix) Pelvat, which took place July 23. He fell a victim to cholera. He had been constantly to and from the famine affected districts. He was always where distress and misery prevailed. The Bishop was very popular there. He used to spare himself every comfort so as to have more for the poor. Sister asks Hudson to send donations in care of Father John Mary Crochet(?), Vicar General. Even the Protestant ministers and the native Rajahs came to the Bishop's burial.

X-4-c - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 4to. - {3}

1900 July 27
Tong, L(ucius) G.: South Bend, Ind(iana)
 to James (F. Edwards):

In answer to Edwards' letter he encloses draft for $100. All are well and also those at Notre Dame.

XI-2-c - A.L.S. - 1p. - 12mo. - {1}

1900 Jul. 28
Granjon, Bishop Henry: Tuscon, Arizona
 to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Granjon thanks Hudson for his decision to send him the Ave Maria.

X-4-c - A.L.S. - 1p. - 4to. - {1}

19(00) Jul. 29
S(toddard), C(harles) W(arren): Nantucket, Massachusetts
 to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Stoddard remembers the brother well. He often thinks of God's Acre at Notre Dame. Charlie Porter first took him there with such pride. Stoddard wishes he could learn what became of Porter.

X-4-c - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 12mo. - {2}