University of Notre Dame


 to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

The friend who wrote of the conversion of Emily Blunt points out to Hudson some errors which it would be useful to correct. She was not a member of the Blount family well known in England. The women to whom M. Rio recommended Blunt lived not at Paris but at Pau. Berthe Dartigaux plays an important role in the story of her conversion. This was not the Viscomtesse Dartigaux who came from Bagneres.

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 to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Page 3 of "A Popular Preacher in Italy".

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Klein, Father Felix: Pittsburgh, Penn(sylvani)a
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

He asks Hudson to send a sample copy of the Ave Maria to Miss Joline, Hotel Schenley, Pittsburgh. They have talked of Hudson with Bishop (John Lancaster) Spalding and Archbishop (John Joseph) Glennon. Klein goes to Washington tomorrow.

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Mannix, Mary E.: (San Diego, California)
 to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Is it not a scandal to young people? So many priests are worldly. There very few Catholics pay any pew rent.

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New York Society of Self Culture New York, (New York)

A prospectus for the three volume set of "Correct Social Usage", a course of instruction in good form, style, and deportment.

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O'Shea, Father John D., Pastor: Roseville, (Michigan)

Annual Year Book and financial statement of the Parish of Roseville and its Missions of L'Anse Creuse and Utica. (There is a note in the handwriting of James F. Edwards that O'Shea drove him over to L'Anse Creuse on August 3).

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Robinson, Teasie: Rome, (Italy)
 to (James F.) Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Since landing she has gone over so much ground that letter writing had had to go begging. They spent a delightful ten days in Nice and she thought it a paradise. They met Edwards' friend Msgr. (Robert) Seton and they are to take tea in his apartment on Palm Sunday. Edwards did them a great favor by giving them a letter to Seton.

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1903 ( )
Seton, Monsignor Robert: (Rome, Italy)

A newspaper clipping announcing the appointment of Seton by Pope Leo XIII to the Titular See of Heliopolis, in ancient Baalbak, northwest of Damascus in Palestine. It gives the news of the appointment, a short sketch of Seton's life and bits of his character, his qualifications, and the report of a rumor that Seton might be sent to the Philippines. (Note: This clipping was found among the papers of James F. Edwards.)

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Seton, Monsignor Robert,: (Rome, Italy)

A copy of the act of the Sacred Consistories proposing Msgr. Robert Seton for promotion to the Titular See of Helipolis. The paper gives the qualifications of Seton, lists his service to the Church and mentions the See, and is signed by Scipio Tecchi, acting in the name of the Sacred Consistories.

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Wilson, A(imee?) Am.(?) Ymal Oswin: Oak Hill, England
 to Father (Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Wilson is obliged to Hudson for forwarding the French lady's criticism of "The Story of a Soul". She regrets that the slight errors were unnoticed. She is sending three articles of the same nature as her historical sketch in the "Dublin Review".

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