University of Notre Dame


1905 Oct. 1
Conway, John S.: Tenafly, N(ew) J(ersey)
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Ind(iana)

His son formed a friendship with Signarino Presutti at Rome; Signora Presutti, the mother, sent a card with Edwards' address and a request that he present himself for the honor of Edwards' acquaintance. He would like to call on Edwards when he passes through New York.

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1905 Oct. 2
Hering, Frank E.: South Bend, Ind(iana)
 to Father (William) Marr, (C.S.C.): Notre Dame, Indiana

He had expected to send a check for $100 before this, for the erection of the monument to Father(Edward) Sorin, C.S.C.) representing the contributions of Mr. Murphy and himself. They may count this amount among the assets, and he will see that they get the check.

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1905 Oct. 3
Abell, Walter: Emmitsburg, Maryland
 to (James F.) Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana

He writes to let Edwards know that he is situated in the dear old East. He is a freshman in everything and hasn't opened a book since he left the West. He will take logic, ethics, then four years of theology and he shall have attained the cherished goal of his ambition.

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1905 Oct. 3
Connor, James: Rock Island, Ill(inois)
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: Notre Dame, (Indiana)

He asks how Peter is getting along mentally and physically and requests an answer.

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1905 Oct. 6
Klein, Father Felix: Ecotay, (France)
 to Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.: Notre Dame, Indiana

He thanks Hudson for the honor paid to a chapter of his "Religious Faith." Klein has great pleasure in recalling his memories of Notre Dame and especially in talking with (James F.) Edwards. Klein hopes McClurg will have cited the Ave Maria for its publicity for "In the Land of the Strenuous Life." Klein is staying just now with the Viscount de Meaux.

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1905 Oct. 7
McGrath, Father J.B.: City Island, N(ew) Y(ork)
 to James (F.) Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

He asks why Edwards did not come and spend a few days at City Island. His houskeeper will be in Chicago a few days. She Miss J. Purcell has a number of friends at St. Mary's and would like to see Notre Dame. He will give her his card and letter for Edwards.

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1905 Oct. 8
Nester, Rose Mary: Detroit, (Michigan)
 to (James F.) Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Edwards was a true friend to think of them when in the presence of the Holy Father. The picture came and they appreciate it. The children were pleased with all the postals. She expects her mother and Mrw. Burke back from Europe soon. They will be glad to see him.

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1905 Oct. 9
H(udson), (C.S.C.) Father D(aniel) E.: Notre Dame, Indiana
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

He asks Edwards to let him have Mr. Fish's letter back. He is preparing to go to Peoria this week and will try to visit Father Vattman also.

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1905 Oct. 10
Gregori, F(annie): Bologna, (France)
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

She hopes Edwards will forgive the delay. She has been busy all the time. Edwards' visit delighted her and made her feel nearer to her friends at Notre Dame. She asks if Edwards' things arrived from Florence all right. She asks Edwards to write her the news.

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1905 Oct. 11
Huffer, H(erman) C.: New York, (New York)
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

They were just on the point of telegraphing Edwards that they were on their way to Milwaukee but their Mother became sick. They are enjoying New York very much. He likes America — plenty of pretty girls, to make tip-top wives.

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1905 Oct. 14
Seton, Msgr. Robert: Jersey City, N(ew) J(ersey)
 to (James F.) Edwards: Notre Dame, (Indiana)

He has just been able to read Edwards' good letter of the 10th. His letters are under the pen name of "Tyvie". He has no copies of them. He had a pleasant talk with the President in his private office. Mrs. Baylies told his sister that she read of Seton's answer to an inquiry of whether he saw much of the Pope with the words, "I associate only with gentlemen." He has been spoken of as possible nominee for New Orleans and for the coadjutorship of Boston. He is in the hands of God and will make no effort for himself.

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1905 Oct. 17
French, (C.S.C.), Father James J.: Cincinnati, (Ohio)
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

Looking over the catalogues of that institution he found some missing. He lists them and asks Edwards to help him complete the set there. He is well and trying to enjoy his surroundings. He has had no word from the "Traveler". He asks Edwards to remember him to some priests.

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1905 Oct. 17
McCauley, V. K.: Ridgeway, Pennsylvania
 to (James F.) Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

They returned home yesterday after a delightful trip through Italy and France. Through Edwards' kindness they were accorded a private audience at the Vatican and it was truly appreciated. Edwards must accept their sincere and hearty thanks.

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1905 Oct. 19
(Salopati), Scipione: Pisa, (Italy)
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana

Many thanks for Edwards' nice cards!

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1905 Oct. 19
Walsh, C.S.C., Father Matthew J.: Brookland, D.C.
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

He had been looking forward to September in order to have a talk with Edwards in regard to the work he is doing in American history. He is floundering about in search of a suitable subject for a thesis. Any hints that Edwards may give will be gratefully appreciated by him.

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1905 Oct. 20

Dodd, Mead & Co. New York, (New York)
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Ind(iana)

They write to bring to Edwards' attention "The Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1804-16," the only complete record of the expedition that has ever been published. They give libraries a 10% discount.

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1905 Oct. 20
Lloyd, Arthur: Tokyo, (Japan)
 to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana

He thanks Hudson for his notice of his book which is being read as a textbook in a Buddhist Seminary. Lloyd is sending Hudson a few prayer leaflets of an informal society mainly made up of Anglicans and Romans. He has about 25 copies left of Imperial Songs and is sending Hudson 6 of them as a present for any Catholic charity that Hudson may be interested in.

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1905 Oct. 21
Roy, Pierre-Georges: Levis, (Canada)
 to Father (Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): Notre Dame, (Indiana)

In connection with Hudson's note in the Oct. 21 Ave Maria, p. 535, may Roy give the following facts: Bishop (Francis- Xavier) Cloutier, of Three Rivers has two brothers priests and 7 sisters nuns. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Roy have 5 sons priests and one sister a nun. Monsignor (H.) Tetu procurator of the archbishopric, has 4 brothers priests. Large families are common in Canada. There is the custom in the province of Quebec that the twenty-fourth child is provided for by the parish priest.

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1905 Oct. 22
Devine, Nan: Chicago, (Illinois)
 to (James F.) Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

They are very grateful indeed for Edwards' goodness in obtaining for them all the blessing of the Holy Father. They hope the trip benefited and will be glad to see Edwards. Her mother has not been well but is better.

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1905 Oct. 23
Franciscus, C.S.C., Father P.J.: Richwood, Wis(consin)
 to (James F.) Edwards:

Edwards' letter gave him much pleasure because Edwards had visited Rome and because it brought good news of friends. His health is good and he is thinking and working on his invention which he hopes will be a success in the near future.

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1905 Oct. 23
Helwig, Ed(ward) C.: ( , Indiana)
 to James F, Edwards: Notre Dame, Ind(iana)

He got Edwards' letter with the credits enclosed and was glad to hear from him. The credits did no good as the State Board requires an examination; he passed every subject and some of them were rather hard. He is disappointed Edwards did not call on them.

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1905 Oct. 27
S(traniero), Msgr. G(ermano): Callettes, France
 to (James F.) Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

He is in France and is going to Paris next week. He has not heard from Edwards and is disappointed. Edwards will please write and give him news especially on his beloved scheme of collecting Peter's Pence all through the world. He is in great material want.

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1905 Oct. 28
Huffer, H(erman) C.: New York, (New York)
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

He just writes to tell Edwards that they are in God's country after a beautiful crossing. His mother is feeling a little tired, but otherwise well. They all hope to see Edwards soon.

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1905 Oct. 29
O'Kennedy, Father R(ichard): Fedamore, (Ireland)
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

O'Kennedy is greatly taken by the "Irish Saints in the Breviary". If Hudson brings them out in book form, he will undertake the expense and the proceeds could go to the good ladies of St. Mary's for the Indian Missions. O'Kennedy has learned to his sorrow that A(rch)b(isho)p (Francis) Bourne of Westminster has refused to help any Irish priests and has refused to accept any Irish boy for his college.

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