University of Notre Dame


1907 June 3
(Huffer) Herman: Baltimore, (Maryland)
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

He thanks Edwards for the two letters. He would like to attend the Annual Commencement but he is broke. He thinks he may come the end of June or the beginning of July, he is anxious to see the university and Pifferario (Edwards). He asks about the Jenkins'. He has good news from Paris.

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1907 June 5
(Carroll), Frand (E.): Boston, Mass(achusetts
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

He has only heard from Edwards by the "Ave Maria" and Scholastic. He thanks Edwards for the invitation to Commencement. Miss Lillian Westervelt thanks him also. He asks Edwards to obtain a pamphlet for him and have Father (Daniel) Hudson, (C.S.C.) subscribe his name to it.

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1907 June 5
Gish, John L.: South Bend, Ind(iana)
 to W(illia)m Frawley: N(otre) D(ame), (Indiana)

Williams' glasses are ready for him; he will please come to the office for them.

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1907 Jun. 5
Ould, O.S.B., Father Gregory: Fort Augustus, Scotland
 to Father (Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Ould is a musician, composer, editor of Latin musical works and secretary of the Church Music Commission for Scotland. Ould would like to write a few articles for the Ave Maria on some Plainsong hymns to the Blessed Virgin. The first would be the famous "Angelus ad Virginem."

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1907 June 6
(Foley), Bird (M.): (Chicago, Illinois)
 to (James F.) Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

She was so disappointed not to have seen Edwards, but the train was late. It seems ages since she has heard from Edwards. She asks where Edwards will be this summer. She hopes Edwards will write and find time to come to Chicago this summer and they will call on Julia and Charlie.

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1907 June 6
Kerr, Jr., James: New York, (New York)
 to (James F.) Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

He wants to thank Edwards for the kind invitation to the Notre Dame Commencement. Patton went to Europe two weeks ago, but he has not heard from Kepler. He has a brother in Chicago; should there be a visit, he will go to Notre Dame. He encloses a clipping about Dubuc, Notre Dame pitcher; it sounds good for Notre Dame. (Note: Clipping is enclosed)

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1907 Jun. 7
(Christitch, Elisabeth O'Brien): Cpduja, Serbia
 to Father D(aniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): Notre Dame, Indiana

She has just seen them off at the station. When they get to London they will send Hudson a copy of the "Planet" in which she does the "Round and About Europe" page. They have the last number of the Ave Maria to read on the way.

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1907 June 7
Otero, Jr., Miguel A.: Pastura, N(ew) M(exico)
 to James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana

He received Edwards' letters and was delighted to hear from him. He would like to have his books and umbrella sent on and the shoe brush and mirror. He expects the "Dome" in a day or two.

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1907 Jun. 7
Small, Fred A.: Demarara, British Guiana
 to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Small will be most grateful for any help Hudson can render the poor sister referred to in his letter to "Light", February 20. She is much the same. The beings that push her are as real as the paper he writes on. Small has had so much corroborative evidence that telepathy and clairvoyance with all the straining(?) of Henward(?) Carrington could not explain that he is forced to admit some extraneous agony. Does Hudson know of any good books on the subject? He is the solitary advocate there of mental-spiritual healing.

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1907 June 8
C(herubim), Sister M.: Salt Lake (City) Utah
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

She thanks Edwards for the kind friendship. He should tell S.B. to be good to him for her sake. He must come out to "summer" in this historic spot, where a warm welcome awaits him. The spirit of the dear departed is once more felt at Notre Dame. (Note: Enclosed: an Invitation for St. Mary's Academy, Salt Lake City, for commencement.)

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1907 June 10

Appleton, D. & Company Chicago, Ill(inois)
Lemmonier LibraryNotre Dame, Ind(iana)

The acknowledge with thanks the receipt of the remittance of $4.00 which they have credited to the account.

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1907 Jun. 11
Lloyd, Frederic E.J.: Chicago, Ill(inois)
 to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Lloyd wishes to become a subscriber and perhaps a contributor to the Ave Maria. Lloyd also wishes a copy of Gasquet's pamphlet on Anglican Orders.

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1907 June 13
O'Loughlin, D( ): New York, (New York)
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Ind(iana)

They are just about settled down in their new address. They are willing to take the Brownson at the price quoted, but they want to know what odd numbers Edwards has of the same magazine and make one transaction of it. They are also interested in other Catholic magazines, miscellaneous numbers.

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1907 June 15
(Ryan), Archbishop Patrick John: Philadelphia, (Pennsylvania)
Archdiocese of Philadelphia

He begs to call the earnest attention of the priests to the collection to be taken up for the Holy Father the Pope, but the Fathers of the Third Council of Baltimore on Sunday within the Octave of the Festival of SS. Peter and Paul. (In James F. Edwards Collection)

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1907 Jun. 17
Ferrant, C.M., Bishop P(aul Louis): Kiu-Kiang, (China)
 to Father (Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Sister Xavier Berkeley of Ning Po has given Ferrant Hudson's offering of $55 for Mass intentions. Ferrant knew Sister Xavier before his nomination to the Vicariate of Kiang-si; she has often spoken of Hudson's zeal. Twenty-nine of their Christians were massacred by the Boxers, but in four years the number of their Christians has doubled. Last year one of their fathers and five brothers were killed on Nanchang, and four of their establishments were reduced to ashes. Their missionaries have retaken the post of Nanchang.

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1907 June 18
Claypool, John W.: Indianapolis, Ind(iana)
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana

He received Edwards letter of congratulations bearing date of June 8 and he is obliged for the same. This has been a hard fight but there is another fight to follow and that one is to get rid of Elma Dare. If Edwards were there he would be glad to have him call.

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1907 June 18
McGorray, Mrs. Elizabeth: Cleveland, (Ohio)
 to (James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Indiana)

It was thoughtful of Edwards to send him "Education and Higher Life.". He sends many thanks and lots of love. He hopes Edwards is enjoying himself. Alice sends her love. (Note: Enclosed is a newspaper clipping telling of the bequests of Miss Bessy Burke; one to Father D(aniel) E. Hudson, C.S.C.)

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1907 June 18
O'Loughlin, D.: (New York, New York)
 to (James F.) Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Edwards' special delivery was sent to him. He will send Edwards a check for the volumes. He will take all the manuscripts and will send a check if Edwards will be reasonable and ship them with the books. He discusses other books and magazines and their prices. He sails for Europe July 27.

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1907 June 18
(Franklin), Nathan (E.): Deadwood, So(uth) Dakota
 to James F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Ind(iana)

He had figured that it was almost certain that Edwards would spend a few weeks with them this summer, and he is disappointed. He had arrangements for some mumbers of the Crescent Club Orchestra to there. The pennant has not arrived as yet. He saw (Eugene P.) Melady.

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1907 June 19
Seton, Archbishop Robert: Rome, (Italy)
 to (James F. Edwards: Toledo, Ohio

He is preparing to leave Rome for four months. The death of M. Hartwell de La Garde Grishell has upset his original plan. He discussed what he had planned to do with Grishell as a companion, and Grishell's background. He discussed his trip. "The Seven Hills" magazine is publishing what purports to be his diary in Spain. He is feeling better than ever before. Msgr. Kennedy was very much annoyed by the ridiculous things said about him.

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1907 Jun. 19
S(toddard), C(harles) W(arren): Monterey, Calif(ornia)
 to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Stoddard has not received the books from Hudson. He is growing so homesick for New England that he is seriously thinking of returning this fall. California is not the home for Stoddard.

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1907 June 23
Frawley, William (J.): Deadwood, S(outh) Dakota
 to (James F.) Edwards: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

They arrived home safely and well. The train was 36 hours late. They were delayed in Valentine; the street was full of water. Their friends left them at Ames, Iowa. He has been riding his pony and having a great time; he is going fishing.

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1907 Jun. 24
Hinkson, Katharine Tynan: Chipperfield, (England)
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Tynan thanks Hudson for being so good to John Hannon. They have just moved to the country. They are expecting Dom Gilbert Dolan, the Benedictine, today. Tynan's father died in 1905 and she now has 3 children, two boys and a girl. Their best of fathers though he remains where he was is as careful as she that they should neglect nothing of their religion.

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1907 June 25
O'Loughlin, D( ): New York, (New York)
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: Notre Dame, Ind(iana)

He wrote Edwards two letters, one enclosing a check of $50.00 for the Set of Brownson's as specified. He also sent a telegraph about the Review's. He has not had single word of reply. He asks Edwards to co-operate. They are almost baked there. He had to postpone his trip to Europe.

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1907 June 26
Alphonsus, (C.S.C.) Brother: Notre Dame, Indiana
 to (James F.) Edwards:

He received Edwards' letter of the 21st and has sent the box to New York. In packing the Reviews he put twenty-three of them to one side and left them out. If Edwards wishes he will express them to the same address. A few letters have come to Edwards. He asks if they are to be forwarded.

XI-2-j - A.L.S. - 1p. - 12mo. - {1}

1907 June 29
O'Loughlin, D( ): New York, (New York)
 to J(ames) F. Edwards: Mt. Clemens, Mich(igan)

He was glad to get Edwards' postal card. He had paid out several thousands buying books for many months, and something has interfered with his disposing of them He is looking forward to an early arrival of the books. He discusses the offers he gets and the job of collecting books; he gives a list of the books that they buy for cash.

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