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1911 Feb. 5
Grey, Francis W.: Ottawa, (Canada)
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Grey would like a copy of the January 7 issue to send to Lady Minto, his first cousin. The (Mary) Stuart referred to by the Casket was the daughter of his mother's first cousin, Baron Blantyre. She was devotedly loved by all her Protestant relations, and was a convert to Catholicism. Grey hopes Hudson may have some good news about the "Saints of the Canon" series of which he has submitted numbers. The article on "Obedience" is as Hudson wished being revised by a competent theologian.

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1911 Feb. 6
(Bickerstaffe-Drew, Father Francis Browning D.) John Ayscough: Salisbury Plain, (England)
 to Father (Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Two months ago he sent Hudson an article. If Hudson does not think it worthy of acceptance would he mind sending it over the Atlantic.

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(1911) Feb. 6
Hinkson, Pamela: Chipperfield, (England)
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

She thanks Hudson for the stamps. It is Bunny's birthday tomorrow. On her birthday, Nov. 29, 1909, her mother (Katharine Tynan Hinkson) and father gave her an Irish Terrier puppy. They call him Michael and he is very naughty.

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1911 Feb. 8
Burton, C(larence) M(onroe): Detroit, Mich(igan)
 to Father John C. (Vismara)Dismara: (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

Burton sends the paper he spoke about, concerning the Sisters of Charityat St. Joseph's River to Bishop (Frederick) Rese. Rese was created Bishop of Detroit about that time. There is much history connected with Rese. He asks Vismara to keep it so that he can call it back temporarily if necessary. He would like to know the history of the Sisters at St. Joseph at this early time. The publication of the letter or the turning it over to a student for investigation might bring out a chapter in the early history of Michigan that is unwritten. The few words in ink on the back are in the hand of William Woodbridge, the second governor of the State. Burton wishes to thank Vismara and all at the institution for the delightful entertainment of the other day. P.S. He sends his regards to Father (Frank) O'Brien who he hopes is better.

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1834 Feb. 4
Sisters of Charity: S(aint) Joseph River, (Michigan)
 to Bishop (Frederick) Rese of: Detroit, Michigan

The Sisters hope that the Bishop will pardon their speaking to him. They are the only Sisters of Charity in his diocese and they did not know the mission was in his diocese until they arrived. It is impossible to describe their feeling the evening of their arrival. They were fatigued from their journey and bad roads and found their destination looking more like a place for criminals than for Christians. She (not named) thought her heart would break. But why had they done this but for the love of God. They are now happy and content in the participation of the many wants of human nature of which they are deprived and would not exchange it for any other situation. Theyare much edified by the exemplary life of the Indians. They are now convinced of the sincerity and simplicity of the Indians as well as that of Father (Louis) Deseille, a great missionary. They understand that Rese will visit them in the spring and they desire him to see the progress of the Indians. They ask him for any advice he deems proper. "Please inclose my letter in one to the Rev. Mr. Deseille." (There are some writings in pencil on the back that are not legible. Others in ink (by Woodbridge) refer to Francis Paul Malcher, grantor, Louis BenfaitJoseph Carre (dit St. Isaac) Benoit Chapoton, Charles Rivard & Francois Rivard.)

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1911 Feb. 8
Jordan, Elizabeth: New York, (New York)
 to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

The suffering following Sister (M.) Rita's (C.S.C.) death is worse. Sister Irma has said since her death how wistful she always was. Mother General and Sister Edith are kind, but neither of them ever understood. Jordan had hoped to get away this month but the play still delays her. Jordan has been reading (Elizabeth Amelia) Sharp's Reminiscences of her husband (William Sharp). Sydney Brooks, who was in Jordan's office the other day, told Jordan that Fiona Macleod was Sharp's little office assistant who lived, loved and died, leaving him her writings which he published and claimed!

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1911 Feb. 10
Fraser, Mary C(rawford): Winthrop, Wash(ington)
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Hudson's reprinting of some of her book in the Ave Maria is a great compliment. Her sons have been hade happy by Hudson's approval, the youngest compiled the table of contents. They are staunch Catholics. The youngest was badly wounded in the Boer War, and had to retire from service. The smile of the household is her adopted daughter and son number 2's fiancee. She thanks Hudson for the review from the "Sun". From the clippings Dodd sent it seems many important papers have followed its lead. P.S. She is glad he liked the part relating to her brother, (Francis Marion Crawford).

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1911 Feb. 11
Tiernan, F(rances) C(hristine Fisher): Salisbury, N(orth) C(arolina)
 to Father D(aniel) E. Hudson, C.S.C.: Notre Dame, Indiana

As she could sit up, she got to work. She thanks Hudson for the kind things he says of her story.

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(1911) Feb. 17
S(pearman), F(rank) H(amilton): Evanston, Illinois
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Brownell in thanking Spearman for the Ave Maria does not suspect him of having inspired as well as forwarding it. "Kimberly" appears Feb. 25. He thinks Hudson will say it is the handsomest piece of American novel making he has ever seen. Flagg's paintings are in color. Spearman is taking Mrs. Spearman south for March.

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1911 Feb. 25
Metcalf, Father Theodore A.: Brookline, Mass(achusetts)
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

It may be for the best if his fairy tales do not get into print. He has read "San Celestino" and (Mary Crawford) Fraser's book with delight. Fraser and her brother were certainly gifted in no small degree. He is glad he knew them. He has just read the Life of Cardinal (Herbert) Vaughan, and could not but contrast his unofficial side of life with its simplicity, humility and poverty with what he knows about other high ecclesiastics. Has Hudson seen Monsignor Drew's latest "Mezzogiorno?" He sends some verse. He is better in health; perhaps, because of his mile walk every morning to say Mass. His ordinary has refused him the use of a private oratory.

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1911 Feb. 28
Hsieh, Francis Xavier: Wei Hai Wei, N(orth) China
 to Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Portrait of Hsieh and his family.

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