University of Notre Dame


1915 Apr.1
Tiernan, F(rances) C(hristine Fisher): Salisbury, N(orth) C(arolina)
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

In regard to the terms offered for the book, Tiernan will accept what is offered.

X-4-h - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 16mo. - {1}

1915 Apr.8
Hinkson, Katharine Tynan: Claremorris, Ireland
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Hinkson sends the article about Mrs. Roger Bellingham whose husband has been killed in the war. He belonged to a good Catholic family. Hudson speaks like he sent a check, but none has arrived. The mails seem rather irregular.

X-4-h - A.L.S. - 2pp. - 32mo. - {1}

1915 Apr.25
Rogatian, Brother: Toronto, (Ontario)
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): Notre Dame, Ind(iana)

Brother was surprised and pained by the article of Father John Talbot Smith in the April 17 issue. It is a terrible caricature of a noble and heroic people. It is just what they might expect from the pen of a Protestant missionary. Brother spent four years in Cuba establishing schools and was connected with the diocesan seminary of Havana. In his 27 years of teaching he has never met such intelligent and grateful people. The wonder is not that they are not religious, the wonder is that they are not pagan.

X-4-h - T.L.S. - 2pp. - 4to. - {2}