University of Notre Dame


1916 Jan.7
Hannon, John: Isleworth, Eng(land)
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): Notre Dame, Indiana

Hannon has had the grippe since December. It proved less murderous than the kind they had in London which kept Asquith and Lloyd George to their dressing rooms. Hannon thanks Hudson for publishing and sending him the two articles. J.F.X. O'Brien, the Fenian and M(ember of) P(arliament), was notable for his absorption in his order-papers during hours of dull debate in the House of Commons. His widow said he possessed stacks of papers "pasted up" with pages from the New Testament and Faber's works. His pet name in the Party was Cheques O'Brien; he was treasurer of the Party Fund.

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1916 Jan.7
Klein, Father Felix: Neuilly-Sur-Seine, (France)
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): Notre Dame, Indiana

Klein read with interest the two articles in the Dec. 11 Ave Maria on their American Ambulance. The first by Miss Barry O'Delany was full of perfectly correct details; the second gives a very false idea of their Hospital in stigmatizing it as a "very anti-Catholic spot". He joined the American Ambulance as Chaplain at the very beginning. The slightest obstacle has never been raised toward his ministrations. Doctors, nurses, orderlies, everyone has always welcomed him. It is true that part of the chapel is being used for surgical work, but it is the largest room in the building. He hopes Hudson will publish this letter. He attaches to the letter (no enclosure) the printed programme of their Christmas festival.

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1916 Jan.12
Hurth, (C.S.C.), Bishop P(eter) J(oseph): Vigan, Philippine Islands
 to Father (John) Scheier, (C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

During the first three days of the New Year Mother Earth got the shakes four times. There is no news yet of the Dacca succession. An outsider, a business man, expresses himself very depreciatively on the temporary administration. From the beginning Hurth felt like accusing the Archbishop of playing a cruel trick on the Congregation by putting up that man Lafond as administrator. He got Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.)'s check for $32.00. His third year there is going to end soon and it will cost an effort to pick up and go when the time does come. (P.S.) He had a morning and afternoon session with his consultors today.

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1916 Jan.14
Reynolds, Paul R.: New York, (New York)
 to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): Notre Dame, Indiana

Reynolds has a story written by Mrs. Belloc-Lowndes, a sister of Hilaire Belloc, which Hudson might be interested in publishing in the Ave Maria. Would Hudson like to see a copy of it?

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1916 Jan.22
Douglass, Moses Hale: Newton Highlands, Mass(achusetts)
 to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): Notre Dame, Ind(iana)

A Father Hughes wrote an account of the place of "Roman" in the title of the Church in the Ecclesiastical Review for Sept., 1902, and Jan., 1903. In November an objection similar to that of Archbishop McNeil appeared. The editor of the Sacred Heart Review used a brief letter Douglass sent him after reading Hudson's article.

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