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1917 Nov.
The Exponent:

Student magazine of St. Mary College, Dayton, Ohio. Centenary Sermon by Bishop Joseph Schrembs of Toledo of 12pp. with picture of Schrembs facing title page.

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1917 Nov. 6
(Hudson, C.S.C., Father Daniel E.): (Notre Dame. Indiana)
 to (Charles V. Vickrey): (New York, New York)

Hudson congratulates (Vickrey) on securing a second appeal from the President. Hudson hopes Cardinal Gibbons will accede to Vickrey's request. A copy of Hudson's former letter has been sent to Gibbons for his further enlightenment. Hudson would prefer to have all money turned over to Vickrey without restrictions. It was a pleasure to see that onehalf page in the "Sun" a few days ago. Hudson wishes the starving Chinese could be included in Vickrey's benefaction. Would not an appeal addressed to every one represented in the American "Who's Who" be worth while? The editor of America is willing to help.

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1917 Nov. 8
Walker, Ethel M.: London, (England)
 to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

An Anglican friend has given her a bundle of letters from (Henry Edward) Cardinal Manning to her late uncle. Walker has her permission to publish, but she does not wish her uncle's name to appear. Walker also has the written permission of Canon Wyndham—Manning's Literary Executor. She has strung extracts of them together in the form of an article which she encloses. If he would like to see all the letters, she will gladly send them. P.S. The lady who gave her the letters is Miss Evelyn Pearson whose uncle was Reverend Geo(rge) F. Pearson who died two years ago at Bath.

X-4-h - A.L.S. - 4pp. - 16mo. - {3}

1917 Nov. 22
Mokarzel, N( ) A.: New York, (New York)
 to Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.: Notre Dame, Ind(iana)

Mokarzel, editor of "Al-Hoda", wrote to the American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief remarking that there was discrimination in the distribution of relief funds among Syrians. They referred to Hudson as having made the same objection. He noticed that they asked Hudson for the names of Catholic clergymen whom they could rely on in the distribution of funds. Hudson is aware of the existence of Apostolic Delegates both in Constantinople and Mt. Lebanon. It is chiefly among the Maronites in Mt. Lebanon that the severest misery is felt. He and two principal priests of the Maronites have formed a committee to collect funds to be distributed through their Patriarch. He encloses the circular they have prepared in this connection. If Hudson proposes to the Committee to make use of the Patriarch and his priests, Mokarzel thinks it will have a good effect. He is conducting a vigorous campaign for the Syrians in the daily Al-Hoda, but the funds that can bring the fastest relief are those of the American Relief Committee.

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191( )
Mokarzel, N.A., Bishop Joseph Yazbek and Father Francis Wakim:

The pitiful plight of Syria and Mt. Lebanon. Reports from Syria disclose a condition of suffering such as will constitute one of the blackest chapters of the World War. The Turks are venting their fanaticism on their Christian subjects. The Maronite Patriarch finally appealed to the world. His appeal has been acted on by Cardinal Farley and Bishop McDonnel. The President of the United States proclaimed a day for the collection of relief funds. A committee to collect funds to be distributed among the inhabitants of Mt. Lebanon. It is composed of Mokarzel, editor of Al-Hoda, the oldest daily Syrian newspaper in the United States, Chor-Bishop Yazbeck, pastor of St. Maron's Church of Philadelphia and Wakim, pastor of St. Joseph's Church in New York.

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1917 Nov. 28
H(udson, C.S.C.), Father D(aniel) E.: (Notre Dame, Indiana)
 to (Charles V. Vickrey): (New York, New York)

A letter of endorsement addressed to the Catholic bishops and priests of the United States is a "desideratum". Hudson regrets that Vickrey did not see (James) Cardinal Gibbons—Hudson now suggests a conference with the Apostolic Delegate in Washington (Archbishop) John Bonzano. The enclosed article (no enclosure) could not fail to appeal to him. If the benefaction could be made to include the starving Chinese, it would be as something new. Bonzano was a missionary in China for some years. Father Shilling can be counted upon to give all the help in his power. He encloses (no enclosure) the editorial in "America".

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