University of Notre Dame


1918 Jun. 6
Little, Edward C.: Washington, D(istrict of) C(olumbia)
 to Father Daniel E. Hudson, (C.S.C.): Notre Dame, Indiana

Little appreciates Hudson's support of his effort to show how to win the war by helping the Armenians. Leslie's Weekly, the New York Tribune, the New York Telegraph and many other publications throughout the country have spoken well of it.

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1918 Jun. 10
(Stone), C.P., Father Fidelis: Corpus Christi, Tex(as)
 to Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Hudson's note regarding the issue of a revised edition of the "Invitation Heeded" has given him much pleasure. Stone doubts whether the work of revision will ever be undertaken simply because he has grown old. 1919 will bring the 50th anniversary of his entrance into the Catholic Church. If Hudson finds an old copy of the book would he save it for Stone?

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1918 Jun. 25
Leslie, Shane: Omaha, (Nebraska)
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Leslie enjoyed Hudson's company at Notre Dame. The poor old Dublin (Review) is down under the 300 mark so he has transferred it to the Catholic Church Extension who will take it on in the New Year. Its future will depend a good deal on whether American Catholics want it. He will be at the Church Extension next Sunday and feels tempted to come out for the Summer School for a day.

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