University of Notre Dame


1919 Jan. 6
(Stone), C.P., Father Fidelis: Corpus Christi, Texas
 to Father Dan(ie)l E. Hudson, C.S.C.: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Stone sends some verses, "My times are in Thy hand", which he has loved since he was a boy.

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1919 Jan. 11
Vickrey, Charles V.: New York, (New York)
 to Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.: Notre Dame, Indiana

Vickrey thanks Hudson for the clipping of the editorial. They are endeavoring with the assistance of the United States, French, and British governments to sent a special relief commission to Constantinople composed of: Dr. W.W. Peet, Dr. James L. Barton, Dr. John Hanson Thomas Main, Hon. Walter George Smith, Dr. Edward C. Moore, Harold A. Hatch, and Arthur Curtiss James. They are especially glad to have Smith on this commission because of his experience with Catholic benevolences. They also extended invitations to other Catholics including Hon. Victor J. Dowling, John G. Agar, Nicholas Brady, Robert J. Cuddihy, and Dr. Walsh but they were not able to go. A number of Catholic doctors and nurses on their list of workers will follow at a later date.

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(19)19 Jan. 15
Bickerstaffe-Drew, Father F(rancis) B(rowning) D.: Salisbury Plain, (England)
 to Father (Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

He received Hudson's letter and a very kind one from the President of Notre Dame asking him to make Notre Dame his headquarters. He has jumped at so engaging a proposal. His namesake and ward, Frank Bickerstaffe-Drew will attend him and take care of him. Frank is a good singer, writer, painter.

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(19)19 Jan. 15
Lovat, Alice M.: Harrow, (England)
 to (Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

She sends a copy of her book, "The Communion of Saints", at the recommendation of Father Michael Barrett, O.S.B. The review Hudson gave her other book, "The Catholic Church from Within" in 1900 contributed greatly to its sale. "The Communion" was written at the request of friends who were anxious to have a book which they could give to bereaved parents or relations whether Protestant or Catholic. Many have been tempted to seek consolation in Spiritualist seances or in Christian Science. There was never a moment more favorable to the reception of Catholic truths.

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1919 Jan. 29
McShane, (S.S.) Father Gerald J.: Montreal, (Canada)
 to (Father John Talbot Smith: Dobbs Ferry, New York)

He admits his delay in answering (Smith)'s letter of Jan. 19. He read (Smith)'s message to the group in the smoking room. Since (Smith) enjoyed the visit so much they hope he will make it an annual affair. McShane will see that (Smith) receives their monthly messenger. As one lady said the parish is a volcano in perpetual eruption. Don Belford will speak against the Bolsheviki in Advent and a Dominican Thomas Barrett will speak in Lent. They are having perpetual stories in the press about compulsory education. The Bishops are opposing it because they are afraid that it will lead to a Minister of Education who might be a freemason. McShane asks if (Smith) knows a good exponent of non-compulsory education who is not a Catholic. He had his sister type up the verses of Lizzie Brown which he encloses (4 pages).

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