University of Notre Dame


1921 Apr. 5
Leslie, Shane: London, (England)
 to Father (John) Talbot Smith: (Dobbs Ferry, New York)

Let them mourn together the death of Cardinal James Gibbons. His death has caused quite an ecclesiastical emotion over there. He sends his feeble wail in the Tablet, with the last paragraph cut off. He would like to see Smith's in the Irish World. He begs Smith to sum up both Cardinals Gibbons and (John) Farley for the July number. Ecclesiastical adulation spoils both the biographies and obituaries. Smith is not limited as to space. Smith's name-sake has been made viceroy of Ireland during the octave of all Fool's. It has caused honest laughter. The Irish asked for a king-president and Lloyd George gave them Lord Edmund Log.

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1921 Apr. 21
Bickerstaffe-Drew, Father F(rancis) B(rowning) D.: Salisbury Plain, (England)
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

He wonders what terms Hudson can afford for "Letters from Home". For the book just placed, Longmans agrees to pay for British and American rights a quarter of what he received as advance of royalties on English sales. He is also glad Hudson's eyes are better.

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1921 Apr. 21
Leslie, Shane:
Dublin Review London, (England)
 to Father (John) Talbot Smith: (Dobbs Ferry, New York)

Leslie received Smith's letter of April 7. Smith probably has his asking him to include Cardinal (James) Gibbons in his article. The Cardinal (John) Farley article seems light for the Dublin. They must have something about Gibbons and he has written himself out in the Times and Tablet. Fay made Gibbons an editor for the Dublin in return for being made a Greek Bishop. Leslie's wife speaks well of Cardinal (Denis) Dougherty's labors in the Phillipines. He seems to have had a hellish berth. Leslie thinks Dougherty was made a cardinal so that there would be one American metropolitan not more advanced on the Irish question than the Irish hierarchy. Cardinal (Herbert) Vaughn has been converted to Ireland and gone as far as he can in that direction. He has chided Lloyd George on Black and Tannery. In return Leslie will answer Murphy's attack on the Cardinal in the New York Nation.

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(19)21 Apr. 29
Bickerstaffe-Drew, Father F(rancis) B(rowning) D.: Salisbury Plain, (England)
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): Notre Dame, Indiana)

He sends Letter XXIII. It is over 2500 words.

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