University of Notre Dame


1923 Jun. 2
Dutton, (Ira B.) Joseph: Kalawao, Hawaii
 to (Mrs. Benedict J. Semmes) and Mrs. J. M. Semmes: (Memphis, Tennessee)

Her last letter dealt with the death of General Luke E. Wright and Mrs. J. M. Semmes' letter dealt with her son Eustace. Sister Mary Pius' package with letters from several sisters including Sister Mary Magdalene's letter and another package from Sister Mary Stanislaus are waiting to be answered. Dutton was very glad to get Semmes' account of Wright's life and conversion. Dutton is having copies made of the fine portrait Wright sent him from Manila. Dutton intends to send Mrs. J. M. Semmes' account of the demobilization ceremony at St. Peters to the National Catholic Welfare council; it probably will be sent to Admiral Benson, President of N.C.W.C. Dutton imagines that Benson has been in part the cause of President Harding sending Dutton a personal letter. In one previous letter Semmes mentioned dear "Sister" Augusta who desired a list of the woods in a cane Dutton sent, Lavallette being in the lumber business. The excellent conditions of the family are good to hear as are the improvements in St. Peter's in Memphis.

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1923 Jun. 29
Keppler, Wilhelmine Scheppegrell: New York, (New York)
 to Father (Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

She accompanied Frau Hedwig Dransfeld, the president of the Catholic Women's Council and Frau Helena Weber to New York. These two women have been on extended speaking tours; thanking people and soliciting aid for the women and children of occupied Germany. The condition of Germany is terrible, worse than at anytime during the war. The children that reach Vienna physicians from Germany are found to be in a worse condition than the children of Vienna even at the worst time during the war. Hudson can realize how she appreciates his contribution of $50. She has used all her strength and energy and income to help these two German women and they are both full of gratitude.

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