University of Notre Dame


1925 Feb. 22
Handley, Marie Louise: Rome, (Italy)
 to Father (Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Handley thanks Hudson for his check and his letter. Cardinal (Giovanni) Bonzano visiting the Sisters some time ago asked Handley about Hudson; he always reads "Notes and Remarks". Mother Balsari is establishing a sewing school for the poor girls of Monte Mario and has named it the "Ave Maria" Sewing School. Handley has found "Renata", (Gabriella Fabricotti) at last. Her niece arranged a meeting. Some of the pictures were rather sensuous, but Renata has a profound sense of reverence in spite of a rather modern interpretation. Handley and Renata talked of old times amid many interruptions. She spoke affectionately of her second husband but is still in mourning for "Lodovico." She coughs all the time. "Renata" pointed out (Johannes) Jorgensen, who was looking at the pictures, but Handley could see he was not pleased and walked out of the show. Renata's life has been a tremendous tragedy which Jorgensen probably doesn't know. Handley is sure that Hudson will be helpful in this situation. (Sister) Mary Angelique is returning temporarily to the States.

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