University of Notre Dame


1925 Sep. 13
Handley, Marie Louise: Viareggio, (Italy)
 to Father (Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.): Notre Dame, Indiana

Handley is glad Hudson liked the little cross which she sent as a token of his jubilee. She is also glad that he likes her article on the early portraits of St. Peter. She might prepare another on the discoveries at S. Sebastiano. She has not seen Cardinal Bonzano again, except at public functions in St. Peter's. The "Laboratorio dell' Ave Maria" is doing well and gives work to many young girls. Madre Balsari is full of zeal. What Hudson says about "Renata" is so kind. Renata is Gabriella Fabbricotti in real life. She is very well known in Italy as an artist, writer, and philanthropic worker. Handley has known and loved her since she was eleven years old and knows the tragedy of her life. She is sorry to hear that Hudson lost Father O'Neill; it is too much to run the "Ave Maria" single handed. The Osservatore Romano describes it as one of the most scholarly of the Catholic magazines. Cardinal Bonzano has a genuine affection for Hudson. Mother Angelique has been made Superior of a convent in Milwaukee. Handley will be glad for "Little Soldier" to pass into the countries of German tongue. She is in Viareggio for two or three weeks; she will be in Rome September 23.

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1925 Sep. 30
James, Stanley B.: Alton-Hants, England
 to F(athe)r (Daniel E.) Hudson, (C.S.C.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

James thanked Hudson for the little gift book. One reviewer of James' book in a non-Catholic paper commented on the number of such autobiographies and the infrequency with which converts from Catholicism to Protestantism record their pilgrimage. The paean of praise which closes Stoddard's book is never found in the Confessions of a pervert. The few people that James has met who have left the faith show no pride in it and are certainly in no mood of thanksgiving. Whereas those on the opposite side, such as James, feel the language of praise well up spontaneously.

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