University of Notre Dame


1925 Dec. 2
Lathrop, O.S.D., Mother> M. Alphonsa: Hawthorne, N(ew) Y(ork)
 to Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

She has felt a great pleasure in seeing the study of her father (Nathaniel Hawthorne) by Paul Crowley. Hudson must know that she rejoiced over it and the fact that Hudson was in sympathy with his estimate and perception for there was a sharp contrast between the Protestant and Catholic thought in the matter when she left the Protestant ground. She has been very ill and at 74 that does not turn well into a glad convalescence. A message by telephone came while she was having an ill turn, from (George N.) Shuster saying that Hudson had asked him to write an article for the Ave Maria about The Servants of Relief for Incurable Cancer. She was unable to leave her room at the time so that all plans had to wait. She wonders if it would be well for her to write an article herself. Perhaps the effect would be better if it were written by one outside their work.

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 (A gift of Dr. George N. Shuster, December 20, 1971) 

1925 Dec. 15
Lathrop, O.S.D., Mother M. A(lphonsa): Hawthorne, N(ew) Y(ork)
 to Father (Daniel E.) Hudson, C.S.C.: (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Hudson's letter was greatly enjoyed and appreciated. The revelation about Paul Crowley was a surprise and will lead to great help for their work if he still wishes. Hudson is thanked for helping the Sisters, Servants of Relief for Incurable Cancer.

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1925 Dec. 28
Spearman, Frank H(amilton): Hollywood, California
 to Father Daniel E. Hudson, C.S.C.: Notre Dame, Indiana

The reason Hudson missed the advertisements and reviews of "Selwood" was because the book appeared in the early spring. One of the best reviews came from Dr. Frederick Taber Cooper in the Commonweal. Mr. Brownell did not take kindly to the story. Spearman was gratified to see the progress of "Your Son's Education". He is enclosing one important point that he previously overlooked in summing up the advantages of a Catholic education. He feels that Hudson's comments in the Notes and Remarks do tremendous good in knocking down the barriers between Church and non-Church members. Spearman has been asked to contribute to a series of articles to be written by Catholic novelists in "America" and is sending a manuscript of his article. It has a reference to Catholic editor-reviewers and will probably have special interest for the editors of "America", especially in relation to their own treatment of "The Marriage Verdict". Under another cover, he is sending a copy of the "Los Angeles Times" containing an article he wrote about Southern California.

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