University of Notre Dame


(Hudson, C.S.C., Father Daniel E.): (Notre Dame, Indiana)

Hudson is thankful for Governor (Alfred E.) Smith's writings. (Charles Clinton) Marshall made a point in saying that in the Church there is no power to forbid the teaching of former rigid opinions. Hudson is edified to find McVey has brought out such an uncompromisingly Catholic book, though it will mean many million votes against a Catholic President. Hudson knew old David Lewis, Cardinal Newman's former Anglican curate, very well when Hudson was first a priest. He was the most Catholic of the Oxford Movement converts. Used to say he was doubtful of the orthodoxy of most of others, especially (Cardinal Henry Edward) Manning. Old David went and lived in Malines for five years to imbibe the true intolerant spirit. They tried to get him to be a priest so he married an old friend, a convert, Mrs. Methuein. He maintained that the acceptance of Catholic Emancipation was a huge mistake on the part of Catholics. He used to say his friend Canon Neave at Littlehampton was carrying on a neutral school and ought to be unfrocked. He and Bishop Butt were lifelong friends. He had been thirty years his parish priest at Arundel. As a layman, he was the best canonist in England and the Bishops always used to consult him on Canon Law question referred to the Holy See. He advised them on the "Romanos Pontifices," and said they could not possibly get what the Bishop of Clifton had set out in the original claim. They got a little more.

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